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The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Franklin's Tower
C.C. Rider
Ramble On Rose
Tons Of Steel
Mama Tried
Big River
Desolation Row
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Touch Of Grey
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
Uncle John's Band
I Need A Miracle
Stella Blue
Around And Around
Turn On Your Love Light

Brokedown Palace

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May be one of the best shows at The Spectrum... EVER! Got me an FM tape of this shit and it STILL rocks! Sah-weet!!!

I need this show!!! This was the first tape I ever received & what started it all for my love of the Dead. The other two nights of this amazing Spectrum run are just as good & easily available. Does anyone pleeeeze have a copy of this show to trade?

this show was broadcast on wmmr, and all three shows had speakers set up in the concourse so you could hear the show everywhere you went! the jack straw>franklin's opener was unreal, just crazy. ramble on rose and candyman were the other two standouts of the first set. the estimated>terrapin station was outstanding! great versions of both. a rare post-space uncle john's band was nice and the brokedown encore was just what we needed.

This was me and a few friends first show. I remember just lovin the vibe. And Touch of Grey was just starting grow on people before it went totally commercial.
- (12/31/2008)

Is that a Bruce solo in the middle of Mama Tried? Can't be!
-billy sunday (03/24/2012)

Best Jack>Frank
- (01/11/2013)

This is the show! If u listen to the broadcast, the dj not only says it's the Equinox (it wasn't) he also says the date as March 31, 1987 in the beginning, then says its 1989 in the end. Someone dosed the dj!
-Powilly (02/12/2013)

The show was broadcast on WMMR-FM in Philly which the band often referred to as their "East Coast Flagship Station" for the enormous amount of airplay they gave the group. The "Franklin's Tower" in the set was by a special request for WMMR DJ Pierre Robert. If I remember correctly, this was the date that "Blues for Allah" was first released on CD. Pierre asked the band for something from the album to mark the occassion. Soon after they launched the song, Dennis McNally came up to Pierre in the press box with a big smile on his face as he had relayed the request to the band.
- (08/21/2013)

One of the best shows I ever went to. Plus I have copies of it directly from WMMR If anyone needs a copy just let me know
- (10/14/2013)

I had been listening to the Dead for my whole life by way of my(10year) elder brother, but this my Fist show. Iím glad I got to enjoy the scene a few times before it went crazy. Great show all around, I had come to love Jackstraw from listening to a red rocks show, so the opener was killer for me. 32 years later for me and 42 years for my brother and you know our love wonít fade away. BillyO from Delaware, my brother, I love you!
- (09/20/2019)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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