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Robert F. Kennedy Stadium - Washington DC, DC

Set 1:
Ramble On Rose
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
Baby Blue
Desolation Row

Set 2:
Box Of Rain
Playin' In The Band
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Around And Around
Good Lovin'


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this show is a train wreck...a real stinker...a total disgrace...of course since jerry was most likely near death when he was trying to play that day it's amazing that the show went on at all...100 degrees hot and 100% humidity and jerry about to lapse into a diabetic coma...not a pretty picture...don't listen to this one it's depressing!!

i think this might be the shortest and worst show the dead ever managed to play. Weak, 5 song, first set and a pathetic, dreary terrapin/other one/drums kinda jam in the second set. Satisfaction was cool though. Jerry was pluckin' out notes that made no sense. A pathetic show indeed, Jim.

Horrible show! Worst Ramble on Rose and short first set. Wharf Rat was truly depressing hearing jerry trying to project his voice. Honestly, an awful show. The night before looks so much better.

did someone say "pathetic"...that would be too kind...this one is an absolute mess!

i think that Jerry was already in a coma as his playing is awful!
-Jack Straw

let me add my two cents...i agree! it was the worst show i ever saw, hands down. the guy who wrote a positive review in deadbase should be flogged.
-wascally wabbit

My first show...I had heard the Dead since I was in Jr. High brother was a Dead Head...I could not believe how bad it was years before I recovered enough to see another show - caught the Midwest swing in April 1989, saw them the second night in Ann Arbor and was so moved by Brokedown Palace that I bailed on school for about two weeks to go to Cinci, Louisville, Chicago, and Milwaukee for 7 shows in a little more than a week (and damn glad I did)...the RFK show was with Petty and Dylan, which was the reason I got the tickets...Dylan was aweful too, but he has been all 4 times I have seen him...I was dosing but distinctly remember as the sun went down the temp continued to rise...105 degrees was the highest number I saw on the display at RFK...I was on the field about 20 yards for the stage for the first set...second set we sat behind the stage...Jerry looked like the heat was getting to him...I remember my friend George saying "that fat guy isn't handling to the heat too well"; oddly, I saw Brent's last show and JGB's last show...a friend later commented that I should have been banned from shows after the RFK show...managed almost about 60 shows between 89 and 95 and saw JGB 6 times in the year I lived in SF...was there when Jerry passed...and the eternal drums...well they went on forever...he's gone but the trip continues...if you haven't, check out website to keep the trip alive

Say what you will about this one...Jerry was real ill and it was 100+ degrees but the Satisfaction pull out encore and band intros were rare indeed. Makes it all worth while!
-Jon G (08/01/2007)

Three cheers for Jerry's blood sugar.
-Anonymous (05/22/2009)

The Satisfaction alone makes this show worth a listen.
-Zeroenvy (07/09/2010)

Awful. Not surprised to hear Garcia fell ill shortly after this one. It was extremely hot and deathly humid, they were spraying a fire hose over the crowd. Probably the worst conditions possible for someone in seriously poor health like the Captain.
-Phil (04/29/2011)

Everyone's has their opinions...but I remember the bumper stickers saying 'the worst GD show was better than the best day at work'. I know we all liked to critique the scene since we were high-holy hippies but me being 2nd gen and this was my 1st show; let me just say it was enough to fall in love with a man I never personally talked with, a band that taught me to appreciate your closest relations and to love an extended family of brothers and sisters I had given up on. I dreamed that reality for 10 years and I'll never get over it. The LOVE was there make no mistake-'nuff said!
- (11/01/2011)

It's great that you fell in love with this this show Steph, really, I mean that. People come to the Dead for many reasons, some like to trip out and dance in the hallway,some like to get as close as they can and scrutinize every note, I'm the later for better or worse. For heads like me, this show was horrible. That means musically. We had a great time, good friends, and love the band at least as much as you. But the show sucked. And frankly summer 86 pretty much sucked, I know because I was there. And we all know why...Jerry got better and so did the band 1987.
-Bossgobbler (11/17/2012)

It was dangerously hot at this show. Jerry left the stage to puke a few times. He still made it through the show. True, this show is a strinker but it is better than the bulk of the stuff on the 90s garbage heap.
-80s head (02/10/2013)

Actually Garcia looked like he was leaving the stage but he was walking behind speakers and cases to a barrel they had for him to pee into. His Diabetes was already setting in. Rumor has it he ate only birthday cake and ice cream back stage before the show.
- (01/14/2014)

I read an article from a san francisco news paper done a few days after jerry woke up, and they made it sound like he was immediately going back on tour. Like, "oh yeah, the sturday and sunday shows will be postponed to Shoreline." I don't think jerry shoulda played either night here, he was an inch from his coma and if the above "rumors" are even remotely true, then he was in a real bad place and shoulda known better. The playing wasn't that bad, considering what the 90's holds, but in comparison to '85 and the beginning of '86, it was a bit depresing. Can't blame people for raggin' on this show, it musta been a wierd vibe for everyone there, specially with the heat.
-Murphy (02/03/2014)

... we have all heard the comments on the 7/6 & 7/7/1986 shows.. Just appreciate that Jerry was actually there and playing in the band....

We started on 7/4/1986 @ Rich Stadium and flew to DC for the 7/6 & 7/7/1986 shows. We were surprised when Tom Petty flew on the same flight & was hounded for autographts the entire flight. So it was an eventful flight to say the least.
The DC area was in a unbearable heatwave & that made RFK Stadium a living hell. But we all enjoyed & the two day shows ended with... wait for it, wait for it ... " SATISFACTION". This was the 28th time played since the 1st time 11/26/1980, so a real treat. Satisfaction was only played three more time in 92 & 94....
SO MY POINT IS ...... There is never never never a bad show and we as fans will always have "Satisfaction" in being at any arena & spending the day with our Beloved Grateful Dead...

So remember: We ain't always right, but we've never been wrong, seldom turns out the way it does in a song ....EXCEPT WHEN The sky was yellow, and the sun was blue ... iko iko till the end of time...

- (08/04/2021)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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