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The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
Dire Wolf
Little Red Rooster
Brown-Eyed Women
My Brother Esau
Ramble On Rose
El Paso
Box Of Rain

Set 2:
Mississippi Half-Step
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
High Time
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
Morning Dew

Midnight Hour

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I was at the show, and what happened after space was weird. They played a phenomenal Dew, and then walked off stage. Was someone sick? The Lovelight encore was weak to say the least.

I was also at this show. My second Dead show. Little did we realize that this would be the last ever "Lost Sailor" to be played by the Grateful Dead. What an amazing "Morning Dew" after a mezmerizing "Space" with the Orb!

This was my first show. Over the years I've met many others who saw this one as their first too. And we all seem to agree it was a terrific introduction. I used a ticket for the next night's show to get in to this one. The guards never even looked at the date. It was also the first time I used a certain mind expanding chemical that I won't mention by name.


yep, this was an amazing show. I was sitting kindof above brent looking down at stage. the most memorable thing for me at this show was the incredible morning dew. midnight hour was fantastic too.

last lost sailor

great show - second Box of Rain - after it was broken out in Hampton - ended the 1st set and left the placing buzzzzzzin! 2nd set was intense - picking up with High Time>Lost>Saint. The Morning Dew, except for a minor lyrical flub by Jer, is my fav of all time!~! Listen to Brent, listen to Jerry. My thought right after they ended with Dew, and still to this day, is that it was so intense and so good they couldn't follow it up with anything else...Midnight Hour a strong encore. Get the tapes and check for yourself!


THE "DEW" to end all "Dew's"!

I wasn't at this show but always thought it was strong. I'm watching the video right now, real fun. Great sound and it made me look up when the last Lost Sailor was...sure enough it was here. Whoa, there's a Bob Freedom rap during Lost Sailor. Lay it down Bob. That was cool. Odd he didn't keep playing this. Woman are Smarter is smoking, waiting to get to the Dew.



Like others posting comments on this show, it was my first show and the boys blew mind (and 2 tabs didn't hurt either!). I agree that the Morning Dew was outrageous, delighting the crowd (weren't those Philly audiences fun?). The tape I have of this show actually has the crowd so loud, so raucous that (on the tape at least) the crowd noise drowned out the final notes of Jerry's solo. ONe question for you all who were at this show: I was on the floor about 1/3 of the way back from the stage--right in front of Jerry--and I swear that during 1/2 Step, he came to the front of the stage, went down on one knee, and jammed his solo--anybody see this (I know, I know it's very uncharacteristic of Jerry--but I swear I saw it--or at least think I saw it). Did this really happen or was it the acid?!?!?!

I can't say enough about this show.. The band is kicking.. I am a musician and love the band.. I am always looking for that ultimate show experience and if you really listen to the "Dew" (which I have heard quite a few) It really just creates a whole new catagory for greatness.. The end is simply explosive and the band knows it.. I can almost hear them at the end saying "guys we can't top that"
- (05/24/2007)

I was at this show and it was definitely great. There were so many highlights especially for me it was High Time, which was extremely soulful.

There is one thing that I will always remember and that was how amped the was for this show (which is saying a lot for the Philadelphia crowds)- I think it may be in part due to the late start of this show. I never heard a crowd sing to so many Dead songs as happens during this show. Listen to Dire Wolf, there are sections of the crowd that sing to pretty much every verse. I remember laughing about it at the time, and I couldn't believe that it kept on going with each new verse. It was amazing, almost like we had planned out in the Spectrum parking lot. Typically singing along with the songs was something that happened at those --- other concerts. Not that there is anything wrong with it, and it was awesome!

There is defintely nothing like a dead concert and that includes the audiences.
- (03/21/2008)

This was my first Dead show. Prior to attending, I was only familiar with radio Dead. I had never even heard of Box of Rain. When Phil started singing this gem, the woman next to me started weeping like a baby. My Dead Head buddy explained the siginificance of the song and of the moment (first or second time the song was played on the East Coast in a gazillion years) and another Dead Head was born.
- (07/15/2008)

Well, you all beat me to it. My sentiments exactly. Great Dew. High Time is always a rare catch. Midnight Hour as an encore is 1st of 2x in 86.
-rob cal (01/29/2010)

Why did they retire Lost Sailor...?
-Anonymous (11/19/2010)

bobby got lazy, forgot the words and found something?
-esaw (01/19/2012)

My second show, first acid and first and only Dew. Unbelievable experience. I also made some guy Matt's night with a ticket , it was blustery and cold. He was walking the wrong way as we were headed in. Handed him the ticket and he said "no way" and I said enjoy. He thanked me and disappeared into the dark. That was what it was all about.

- (05/16/2015)

... the last "Lost Sailor" ....sorry to see it go and was glad was at the Philly show this date ...

IKO IKO on & on ......
- (09/06/2020)

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