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Hampton Coliseum - Hampton, VA

Set 1:
Touch Of Grey
Little Red Rooster
Friend Of The Devil
It's All Over Now
Row Jimmy
Me And My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Box Of Rain

Set 2:
Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

U.S. Blues

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This was my first show. only knew FRiend and Not fade away (buddyHolly only) But they did a lot of sing alongs and I figured out when to sing "we will get by" "row jimmy row" "hey now" and "ashes ashes all fall down" went by myself so nobody could help. Met some cool friends and had a blast. Saw about 50 more shows before it was done and never missed a Hampton show from then on.

"hey now?" wouldnt that be iko iko?

"we will get by?" wouldnt that be touch of grey?

Who could forget the boys pulling out the first Box of Rain in like 13 years. I love Hampton!

Wheeee. First Box of Rain since..... Whatever. Sorry, but as a singer.... Phil sucks balls.

Hampton was the best,the boys always broke out with great shows there and always a treat thrown in. THE BOX on this night, Visions Of Johanna the night before, and the Roadrunner opener the final night.

what about the smokin Estimated.
Hampton my fav to see the boys.


Right before Box Bob says "Practice makes perfect" Then the first few notes of Box come out. It takes the crowd a little bit to realize what we were hearing and then the place erupted. Hampton was an awesome place

Hampton was always like a spaceship...that "box of rain" was like rocket fuel.
Awesome show

Man o man. That show was something else. We could hardly hear BOR over the roar of the crowd!

Touch-Couple of lyrical flubs "I vs we get by" yet excellent way theme start to the show.
Rooster-Crowd howls after Bobby sings same
Row Jimmy-Solid all around
Uncle-False start, Brent interesting chords
Box of Rain-Very well done considering how long it had been. Don't complain about Phil's voice, does not get better with age.

Iko Iko-Bobby flubs lyrics left and right where Jerry usually singing.
Estimated-Kent, your spot on, check out the mind melt trippy reverb after "Well I know..." Bobby loses his mind and you can hear the echo from the matrix tape
Wharf Rat-top notch tranistion out of Drums, with Jerry doing a chord bending cosmic chords.

Hellavah good shoe.

-Brianmerrilyn (04/23/2008)

My 3rd or 4th show and my first show while trippin - wow, unreal. Does any else remember the blotter goin around there - tiger striped paper. My buddy Carlos (who I met a few days earlier at O.U in Athens, OH) and I kept dancin all night looking at each smilin sayin "tigered out". When Box of Rain began the roar was so loud you really couldn't even hear the song too well. Then that Iko and Estimated seemed especially tailored for the trippers...
After the show, I was still so UP that I was just boppin around the parking lot meeting people, hanging out and must've lost track of time because before I knew it the parking lots were emptied and I had know idea where our car was. Never did find and my crew left w/o me, so I said fuck it - I'll just walk back to the hotel....I think it's, ehhh, that way! Down the road I go - in a city I've never been, still dosin out big time, walkin down a major busy road w no sidewalk, thinkin, hoping, I was going in the right direction. After about SEVEN FREAKIN MILES some kind female heads picked me up and drove the final mile to the hotel (yeah, I WAS going in the right direction). My buddies were like "where the hell were you??". I couldn't even begin to explain. I ended up ditching them the next day and driving up to Philly when those two east coast girls and met up w some other friends...what a Spring Tour
-Mark (12/13/2010)

Last song, first set - tripping wildly with my brother in front of the sound board. Little Jerry guitar noodles drift back, followed by a wave of crowd sound like I have never heard before or since.
"Box of Rain" - holy shit!!
Phil had to step back from the mic: I think he was not expecting that intense of a reaction. An utterly out of body experience, as I was descending from the ceiling, my body floated on an extended, loud ovation that lasted after the house lights came on for intermission. I timed it from the tapes: there was a full 3 minutes of *loud* crowd appreciation.
Short 2nd set was predictable, but Box of Rain was indelible and made up for any shortcomings.
- (10/11/2014)

just listening to the roar that greeted Box of Rain still brings chills to my spine. What a magical moment!
- (10/29/2015)

A very special night indeed. This tourr was the beginning of the end. By summer it was stadiums and the dylan/petty tour, '87 was the touch of grey thing and our world as we knew it was gone. But the band was still good, until Brent checked out anyway.
- (07/22/2020)

Hampton VA what else can you say
-Kdead (04/28/2021)

Got on the bus on 9/2/1978 Big fan of the scene before and after the shows. The Mother Ship is an awesome place to see a show. This show for me was electric. To here box of rain being for the fist time in 13 yeas was epic will
never this show
- (12/01/2021)

Stayed at the days inn right across the street. Saw all 3 shows they were always magical at Hampton.
- (01/01/2022)

The Dead are magical.

True story: a number of my Deadhead college friends got tix for this show. We drove up in a few cars up from Durham, NC. My best buddy rode with me and one other. Killing time, we mused what songs we'd most like to hear. The girl with us said, "Sugar Magnolia". Then I turned to my buddy, and he said, well, the song he wanted to hear was rare: Althea. I nodded and suggested, who knows? I was ready to let the conversation die, but he pressed me: what song would I most want to hear? I said, "it doesn't matter. My favorite Dead song they haven't played in ten years. Box of Rain. That's what I'd most like to hear, but it won't happen."

Well, they didn't play Sugar Magnolia, but it was a common song and our sister had heard it many times. (If they had played it, NO ONE would believe my story!) On the floor of the arena, it was festival seating, and my buddy was a big guy, so we were able to nudge our way to what would have been maybe 10th row on the floor, right in front of Jerry. When they started Althea, my buddy went nuts. What happened after that you all already know, but I will remember to the day I die: I realized before the crowd did, that they'd started BOR. After all, it's my favorite Dead song. I screamed to my friend, "It's BOX OF RAIN!" He looked at with a look of 'Huh?' and then Phil stepped to the mic and the roof of the place blew off.

I can't believe they played it as well as they did, hearing it on sound board tapes afterwards. In the arena, you couldn't hear anything except the crowd going nuts. I doubt the band could hear each other well at all. Then the funniest memory: all this was before cellphones! So the long lines at pay phones at intermission of EVERYONE trying to call EVERYONE to tell the news!

What were the odds, hours before, that two friends making the long drive to the show, dreaming of getting to hear one rare and one almost unplayed song, would hear them both consecutively?

The Dead were magical.
- (04/23/2024)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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