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Brendan Byrne Arena - East Rutherford, NJ

Set 1:

Touch Of Grey
Hell In A Bucket
Stagger Lee
It's All Over Now
Row Jimmy
Feel Like A Stranger

Set 2:
Mississippi Half-Step
I Know You Rider
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Comes A Time
Around And Around
Good Lovin'

Baby Blue

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Average>1/2 Step>Rider>That was kinda cool>Average

best 'half-step' i've ever heard.

Cassidy is on So Many Roads. 1/2 Step>Rider totally unexpected.

this was one of the last great shows in NY pre-touch of grey.closing w/feel like stranger supplication>d/s truckin.comes a time not to many comes a time played after that

Rider-Last time not played with Chinacat was 3/31/73 Buffalo, 220 shows!

Perrin, check your facts, it was 783 shows from 3/31/73 but i enjoyed using this site to figure it out nonetheless.

Supplication and Comes A Time are relatively rare songs only performed a few times per year and coupled with the big heavies at the start of the 2nd makes this indeed a noteworthy show before the duluge of the "yutes"

E: Baby Blue-perfect book end.
-Brianmerrilyn (06/29/2007)

Unexpected 1/2 step->Rider indeed. Was it Supplication?? Or just the Supplication Jam?? I'll have to check that. Comes a Time is always a treat to hear.
-rob cal (01/28/2010)

This was my first show and I'll never forget it... such good times. My "ahah" moment for sure! Miss you Jerry.
-Kyle (08/27/2011)

One of my favorite 1985 shows! Miss into rider was classic. Once in a lifetime Dead event. Who can complain. Listen and enjoy, it rocks! Anyone who say's differently is full of $$$$ and has no ears
-Whocarers (09/10/2012)

Out of the 50 or so shows I attended between 85 and 95, this one has always stood out as one of the best. The Feel Like A Stranger has to be one of the best ever performed, Jerry just goes nuts on the guitar solo. The Uncle John's/Playing jam is really epic, great stuff. Someday I'd like to see more than just the Cassidy from this show get officially released. I feel this show is much better than the November 85 Richmond show, that was released as a Dick's Pick.
- (12/25/2012)

"average 1/2 step-rider", you must be fuckin' deaf man. The 1/2 step-rider simply shreds!!!! My favorite show from the 85 fall east coast tour.
-Anonymous (04/02/2013)

Definitely a unique GD show and so glad I attended both 85 Meadowlands shows. As I recall both shows, the 3 big standouts were, of course, the Miss > Rider and the massively, hotly played 1st night 1st set. Every song was perfect or near perfect and played with incredible energy! Yes, the Stranger has to be one of their best renditions. The 3rd standout was the band overall was trying to shake up their setlists from the '84 staleness. Thus Walking The Dog > Deal, Comes A Time, etc. The GD performed different setlists for most of their 20th Anniversary year and really continued this fall '85 tour. Take a look at just about any fall '85 show. Despite the dislikers of GD eighties shows, this negative criticism is really not justified for most of '85. The 2nd night 2nd set was more typical song selection, but incredibly well-played.

By the way, do we all remember the bitter cold and snow during this run of shows. I remember sitting in the car in the parking lot, trying to keep warm and wishing the doors would open soon.

I do believe both of the Meadowland '85 shows are worthy of release. They are not my favorite all-time GD shows but they are solid, hot performances with interesting setlists. That's pretty good for 1980s GD!
- (09/19/2013)

The first one for me. Best $13.50 ever spent. Mom had to drive me to the ticketmaster in the sporting goods store in Long Island...I remember seeing this dude there buying tix as well...his comment, "cool man, i can get my dead tickets and tube socks at the same time!" 15 years old and i remember it like yesterday. Thank God I discovered the Grateful Dead! ; )
- (12/21/2013)

Most people who give shit to the 80's, especially the early to mid years just haven't listened enough. "85 is a great year, they brought back some old friends and retired some too. But all in all it is one of their finer years. It's a pitty that so many people hate on brent's years. man was a fine keys player and jerry's playing got more complex and his phrasing just got so controlled. remember, the heroine wasn't always a hinderance, it was once a huge boon to his playing.

Mistakes... who gives a rats ass... the real talent is in the mistakes and how you react to em. Jerry just blew em off and got right back on track, like nothing ever happened. The whole band could read each other so well and it shines through in the music, despite all the complaint's about jerry being this or that and the shows being too short. I have a question to anyone who has ever bitched about a jam or a show being too short for your taste (including phish heads)... DID YOU ACTUALLY LISTEN TO IT? The reason the jams and the shows were shorter is because the boys were human. Who the hell wants to spend their whole musical career playing extended jams. This band is WAAAAYYYYY more then just extended jams. But, you would know that if you actually gave your ear and listened to the music play. and on top of that, these boys were old, hell, they were old when they were young. people can't push themselves for as long as they get older. Just a sign of a seasoned artist plying his trade the way he wants.

God bless the 80's and god bless Brent.

And god bless the haters, may they find their way to this headiness and enjoy it as much as the rest of us.
-Murphy (01/13/2014)

Murphy, hear hear, I agree, great comments, As I get older and having no Dead around for almost 20 years, hearing even what I thought at the time a bad show, I would give my right nut for a live dead show on thier worst night right now Miss them terribly, Form 1977 to 1995, exvept for 1979 and 1994 I have seen at least Jerry (only once in 1977) or the Dead at least once a year. About 86 Dead shows, 30 -40 Jerry shows and about 30 Bob Weir shows, yes I even saw the Jerry Garcia Band and Bobby and the Midnights play together in 1982, I think they only did that 3 times and that is the night I was backstage. You are right, if you listen, these guys were the best at what they did and thier music stnads the test of time for there is a younger gerneration that is appreciating them even though they never saw them live.
- (07/23/2014)

i pulled a neck muscle when the Rider appeared out of no where. Hurt for a week or so. Maybe someday the sirius dead channel will realize there are other shows from fall 85 besides Richmond. you can hear Garcia calling tunes before 1/2 step
-Brian Damage (08/31/2014)

@dheaddan I am one of that younger Generation. This music has blown my mind for years, but i've only ever heard Tapes. Seen Bobby and Phil a bunch including FTW last summer, but i'd still trade it all to have seen one Jerry show in person. His energy, even through tapes, is magical.
-Murphy (11/10/2016)

I remember it was awesome weather for November it was mid to high 70's!!
- (11/05/2020)

Right on Murphy!
- (01/19/2023)

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Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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