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Richmond Coliseum - Richmond, VA

Set 1:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Dupree's Diamond Blues
C.C. Rider
My Brother Esau
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Iko Iko
Estimated Prophet
Uncle John's Band
China Doll
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Turn On Your Love Light

Baby Blue

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Great show it was. Encore could have been better but what csn you expect from the most amazing band already 20 years into their careers. Bertha was a great openener as always, and uncle john's and lovelight rocked! Peace

Continued in the same vein as the night before; Excellent! I will never forget a moment during the drums. They had that wave multiplier going and some of the drum beats were so low you could only feel them. At one point they caught the harmonic frequency of the building and made it ring like crystal. The entire crowd was stunned in amazement. The drums and jam into Morning Dew was Prime.

Made a three-day road trip of Halloween in Columbia, and Richmond on November 1 and 2. Three fantastic shows in three nights. "It's all over now, baby blue," rang very true because a three-day GD jamfest was over, and it was back to college. Helluva Thu-Fri-Sat!

I enjoyed the 1st set Althea Esau, great storytelling songs combo. 2nd set starting off with Iko always reminds me of 12/31/81, and no Eyes after Estimated but rather UJB followed by the always soulful China Doll. Dew started quickly and w/out a bang but the Baby Blue made up for it.

Besides the great show, I remember nearly being trampled when the crowd rushed the gates. (As I didn't have tickets and got forced through the doors with the surge, I can't complain). My frat brother had me by the collar of my hoodie and was being pushed/pulled in another direction. The near decapitation makes the show pretty memorable.
- (08/01/2008)

Thats part of the reason they were banned from Richmond
-Anonymous (05/05/2009)

Was there for both nights. Last times I saw the dead with Garcia. My husband took me to C'ville in 2009 to see them without Jerry. Richmond in '85 was my last youthful hurrah. Great shows, great crowds. Really upset the politicians in this old southern town.
- (12/03/2011)

at least they had the Hampton
-Anonymous (07/28/2012)

hahaha, can't believe they got banned from another city. guess they were just too heady for the richmond town council to handle. Too bad they weren't at the show, might have convinced them otherwise.
-Murphy (01/10/2014)

You can't be serious....

-Bossgobbler (10/07/2014)

no, i'm not, just playfully hopeful. Ya never know, this music could do wonders for uptight small town politicians. XD
-Murphy (11/02/2016)

This is the day after the much lauded ballad-heavy DP21 release. Near the middle of a great Oct-Nov southeast/northeast tour, with Sun Dome through Richmond commanding special note. Attention Philheads: He is crushing it this show, very high in the mix too. I recommend the Chappell matrix.

Set 1
Jerry goes twice thru in Bertha solo section. Band is dialed in, and drummers are on point. Bobby encouraging band to hit off accents during jam is very nice. GSET in the two spot is an inspired choice, keeping the energy and pace up. Dupree's is bouncy, Jerry riding that envelope filter in his middle solo before switching to clean for the ending one, very plucky and C&W. Wish this CC Rider would have been Cassidy or LLR. The slide playing is atrocious as ever. Alas. The blues shuffles have a consistent tendency to ruin any built-up momentum. Althea through the end of the set is an inspired run. The extended outro to Althea deserves to be heard many times, and their drop back into the verse groove is excellent. Esau does its thing with a slinkier lope than expected. Candyman comes out of nowhere. Played only four times in 1985, previous one in Red Rock 09/05, and this is the last for the year. It’s a sweet version with a strong, patiently paced solo by Jerry. The middle jam of LIG is special and Jerry whips out a growling tone to complement it. It’s a great ending to a set, mixing all their eras up to ’85 in one four song cycle.

Set 2
Scraggly Iko kicks off set two. Once Estimated blasts off, we’re officially in 1977 land. Look at the rest of the set through Dew. Add a NFA and a St. Stephen and we could be somewhere in the northeast tour in May. Jerry’s middle solo in Estimated takes off from the get-go, pushed ahead by excellent work by the Devils. Check out Brent keeping everyone grounded while Phil went off to join Jerry. The entry back to the verse is expert and very well handled. The outro section is great too, Bobby playing a strange lick during the ensemble section. It feels like the group is breathing together, locked in to an idea and listening intently as they move forward. Very nice stuff! By comparison, UJB suffers in vocal unity and verse confusion. The instrumental passages are strong though, and Phil does a great job taking the lead. Special note to Jerry’s second time through the solo in China Doll. Reminds me of how often he used his first solo to set up the second one, a la Loser or Bertha. (Don’t miss the Playin’ tease just before Drums.) The Other One teases in Space are turn out to be for naught when the familiar opening of Morning Dew rings out, urged along by Bobby (?!). Phil is fantastic throughout the whole song. A transition into NFA is averted by a smooth segue into driving Lovelight. Vocal delivery in Baby Blue is excellent all around, with Bobby contributed backgrounds, minor flubs notwithstanding. Overall, a worthy tape to add to your collection from the unique Fall 1985 tour. Enjoy and pass along to a friend.
-Ed (02/12/2019)

The Dew that slowly melts out of space ..... like lingering last drops. Sorry, just had a flashback
- (10/28/2020)

Dark Star orchestra just did this show last night in DC! Keeping the music alive.
-Kdead (03/26/2022)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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