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Richmond Coliseum - Richmond, VA

Set 1:

Dancin' In The Streets
Cold Rain And Snow
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Brown-Eyed Women
Jack Straw
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
High Time
He's Gone
Comes A Time
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
Gimme Some Lovin'
She Belongs To Me

Day Job

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Just released as Dick's Picks 21

bad cops, great show!

My first show; a doozy! Great Lost Sailor/ Saint, beautiful "He's Gone" and check out Bobby admonishing the crowd during "Gloria". A must have! Treat yourself and get the Dicks Picks version!

Prime Show! I was surprised at how many songs they played in the second set before the drums. Gloria was special considering the fact that hurricane Gloria followed the tour up from Altanta. It was only fitting.

True about the cops. They forced me to miss this show but I still caught the 11/2 show

My first show; we drove down from American U. in Washington. A clutch "Jack Straw" near the end of set I. Second set is legendary; first time "Lost Sailor/Saint" was separated by drumz/space. "Gloria" rollicked, and "She Belongs To Me" is far overlooked. For my first encore, I enjoyed "Day Job" but as history will show I was outvoted by far...
- (03/26/2009)

My 18th of 85 shows, and this is by far is in my top 5. Then, after, now, in hind-sight and forever. Sailor and Saint split by Drumz!! In my opinion, they were on that night! 1985!!!
-rob cal (01/28/2010)

Brown Eyed Women was the best song they played this night. Always loved Comes a Time.
-Anonymous (09/05/2010)

Interesting choice for DP21 - first set isn't terribly memorable except for that wicked-cool Dancin' opener - rest is all right, but rather take-it-or-leave-it.

Second set here is the goods - this pre-drums suite is strange, swamp-molasses blues dirge: High Time > He's Gone > Spoonful > Comes a Time (that meltdown!!!!!)> Lost Sailor > all slow, never breaking out of that bluesy rhythm and carefully controlled style - it's this section that obviously makes the show unique.

She Belongs to Me has never sounded lovelier, and check how endearingly flailing the band gets while trying to keep Gloria together.

- (08/28/2013)

There is an amazing recording, hailed by some tapers as the BEST AUD, on archives that sounds better then dick's pick's. The crowd doesn't drown out the music at any point, yet they are still very present in the mix. It feels like you are standing at the board with Danny-boy. It's the one at the bottom of the page with about 26,000 downloads. Get it and enjoy it.

Also, The Dancin' and CRS at the open of the show will give you a good idea of where the rest of this night went. All up hill from there. And then Day Job... A better version then most, but still, it just doesn't have that same Dead vibe to it. Even the covers they do get that vibe, but not Day Job. Besides that, i don't i've heard two versions with the same lyrics. Either Jerry doesn't know his own song, or he was tryin to be slick, but either way, not one of their greatest writing ventures.

But hey, they can't all be winners, the ones that don't work make the ones that do shine just a bit more. So thank you Day Job, for making other jams sound better.
-Murphy (01/10/2014)

I remember the show well but my old man wouldn't let me go because of my grades. I kept the ticket for years afterwards. But a buddy of mine hooked me up with tapes the week after the show. The most memorable show I never went to.
- (01/28/2014)

I with Doug here, I am not sure why this is a Dick's pick. The first set is pretty ordinary. Even Dancin', which is cool as an opener for that time, is surprisingly brief and Weir really butchers the words. The 2nd set is cool especially first half and I LOVE Comes a Time, but Garcia seems to get out of synch toward the end with a solo that seems to want to lead somewhere and the band starts to transition, but then comes back to Comes A Time in a sloppy, clunky way. Then Garcia really struggles to get into Lost Sailor. High Time, He's Gone > Spoonful are great. She Belongs to Me is sublime. Saint out of space is cool, But Gimme Some Lovin is not particularly sharp. I don't know all in all I would think there are much better shows from '85 for a Dick's Pick. What about the Greek show where they broke out Keep On Growing?
- (03/20/2015)

I saw about 50 shows. Most of them between 83 and 89. This is my #1 even over the breakout Hampton shows a few tears later.
I was at the Columbia SC show the night before this. No problem being RIGHT next to the stage and the speakers there with the usual suspects who could actually deal with being so close to the high volume, it wasn't a popular spot. This was the first crowded show for me and also the first show that was a giant dose fest. Doses were plentiful earlier for sure but they were consumed in a 70s way by experienced folks. This show was way different and in my opinion fueled the Richmond scene for years, including Phish and GWAR. I had nothing to do with this.
the electric craziness started with big river continued thru the set break ,kicked in to full gear with the high time out of Samson, followed by another Jerry song (taking turns was the protocol these days) ,followed by a rare trippy weir song. Jerry growling through "only love can fill" for the 3rd or 4th time was the hardest trippin thing ive ever been through in public.
On the let down its more great Bob and a special Visions of Johanna.
To me this is the best show ever. I'm sure there are some bigger mind benders 68-71 but its this for me and I was very fortunate to be there now for this and when I was.
- (02/13/2017)

Rockaroo - you are spot on.
In Golden Road magazine this show was rated the 2nd best of 1985. Behind one of the Greek shows. Questionable

Wharfrat67 - you weren't there. Take a dose and listen to the whole show again. It's an amazing show of an amazing year. The whole 1st set is incredible. We were there slackjawed. It was a high time indeed.

The second set is probably the best 2nd set of 115 shows I attended. The whole show is in my top 5. Hands down. Bobby would speed it up, Jerry would slow it down. The Sailor drums space Saint well played! Both sets were long. The Comes a Time was exquisite.

And you had to see Bobby climbing up the speaker during Gloria. Our hippie rock star. It was a blast. FAR from ordinary. Best set list show I ever attended. Except for Dead and Co last summer in Eugene.

It's clear as to why this was made a Dicks Pick. It was the best show of 1985. The only thing the Greek show had on it was weather and place.

I was there too.

11 1 85 is one of the finest mid 80s Grateful Dead shows. Period. Everything about it was unique. I'm grateful to have made it!
- (06/28/2019)

Drove there with no ticket from Lynchburg College. Hung outside with hundreds of other Dead Heads waiting for people on the inside to push open the doors from the inside. Was able to scramble in before the horse cops hit us with their buttons! We screamed with joy as we were in for free. We were tripping and it was crowded but what a night I will never forget.
- (02/19/2020)

Gate crashers suck
- (07/16/2020)

This was one of those nights they caught a massive wave. The summer tour was so hot this fall tour gets overlooked a bit but it was a phenomenal tour. Mickey had back surgery about 6 weeks before the tour started. The '89 Hampton shows were pretty tame compared to '81-'85.
- (07/19/2020)

This was my 10th of just over 40 in the 80s. By far my favorite. Even if Warlocks Hampton. Even the first set was long and good. Agree with those above. My favorite Lost Sailor. Lot of first time songs for me and after being at Halloween show it was when I “got on the bus”. Smooth transitions. Great moments in the quiet parts before Drums. My favorite versions of several songs I heard. Got lucky to get a ticket as we pulled up 15 minutes before show. Walked around half the night after in the rain and knocking on random bite doors at the Marriott looking for tickets to next night and got another miracle. I will be paying back in Bristow this year at Dead and Company if the right person finds me. ;)
- (07/13/2021)

I'm slacking
-Bookkeeper (01/20/2022)

Why the hell they chose this boring, un memorable show for a dick's pick will forever be a mystery to me.
-Anonymous (03/16/2023)

Great show!
-Kdead (05/23/2023)

I wonder which show the person with no name would choose.
-Kdead (06/02/2024)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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