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Devore Field (Southwestern University) - Chula Vista, CA

Set 1:

Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
West LA Fadeaway
Mama Tried
Big River
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Smokestack Lightning

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Samson And Delilah
She Belongs To Me
Comes A Time
Around And Around
U.S. Blues

Brokedown Palace

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Only got the second (w/ last two tunes from set one) set minus encore. Not much Drums plus it was towards the end. But a great intro of US blues from Space.

WOW!!!! Fun in the Sun.... a great little college football field to dance and shake yur bonz!!!! I remember the Satisfaction as being awesome......just would not stop...Phil and Jerry popped Truckin just like they were suppossed to....haven't heard the tape but the show was ....yyummmmy!!!!


Set 2 of this is available on

it's sweeeet.

This was the best show I ever saw. Me and some buds had let some heads make there t-shirts in our hotel room and they gave us a sheet of blotter for our troubles.
On the way in I felt a little like cattle being guided into the stocks.
And it was sooooo hot.
Both the weather and the show.
From the first note of getaway to the last of Brokedown the band was on fire.
I loved the second set opening with Scarlet into an awesom Fire on the Mountain and then back to a rocking Sampson.

Man what a show.


She Belongs To Me is included on the officially released CD "Postcards Of The Hanging."

Definitely a diamond in the rough. Easy scene, last show of that summer' end tour and boys played very well. I loved this show. The grass field was perfect for dancing and the vibe was sooo mellow. Love the She Belongs to Me here, probably the highlight of the show to me. A great tape to have in your collection.
- (01/02/2008)

You can find pretty cool video of Alabama>Promised on YouTube. Top 3 shows of '85.
-Anonymous (01/14/2011)

Tight Rockin' show...classic!

Download the concert here...


-Grateful Johnny (08/29/2012)

Rockin, but wierd, show to say the least. It definitely musta been a high time for all who attended. The highlight for me has to be She Belongs to Me, every time i hear that tune i just well up. Jerry's voice, although tattered and torn, just sounds so sincere and beautiful. you can hear the years taking their toll on jerry and he just persists on like it's nothing. Man was a soldier of the music and it will never stop.
-Murphy (01/08/2014)

This is the last show of the late summer tour. There are some sound issues early in first set. The mix settles down towards end of Alabama, but Phil is still low. Brent is up front and works well with Jerry in sharing leads. West LA is great. Jerry slips into his solo and grooves across the changes. Bobby forgets lyrics during big river, and Jerry makes up for it by ripping his ending solo. Smokestack is a nice touch (10 in '85, one of two in first set, other being 03/28.) Deal is top-notch. When Jerry takes off midway through, the band stays with him and help propels the jam forward and up. Phil becomes louder here and accompanies Jerry's flights, pushing the song ahead. A great set closer, giving the audience something to think about for the second set.

Twilight Zone theme to start is pretty interesting. The easy drop into Scarlet is a nice contrast. And DAMN what a version. This Scarlet -> Fire is up there as one of best of the '80s (11/30/80, 02/27/81, 07/31/82, 10/14/83, 10/15/84, 07/07/89 are first that come to mind, many officially released, oh, and 04/20/84.) Very odd effects in beginning of Scarlet jam, around 6min mark, glad they scrapped that quickly. This jam is so smooth and calm, Jerry is clearly leading the band and they respond accordingly. The transition into Fire is equally smooth. Bobby and Brent do a great job here of changing the colors together. Phil becomes prominent, while Bobby and Brent continue to work wonders together. When the second verse comes in near the 4min mark it feels like a short reprieve from another well-developed jam. And that's exactly what we get. Jerry extends his range to lead off a section and come back to his wheelhouse, living in that box and developing theme after theme with melodic invention. It's masterful what he can do with two chords, keeping things interesting and not repeating himself. Five-star Scarlet -> Fire, folks. Recommended for all lovers of the finest band in the land and music in general.

She belongs to me, fourth to the last ever played, 10 in total, nine in '85, is very fine. This has a spacious JGB feel to it, lots of room to breathe and an unhurried pace. From Truckin' to Satisfaction is a whirlwind of tight concise jamming. Check out the transition from Truckin' -> Comes a time (with a beautifully built middle solo), and Space -> US Blues. Very odd setlist construction, especially having drums so late in the set with Around played before, and two typically encore songs ending the set. Don't skip Space, folks. It's spooky and jerry shreds for most of it. The first set has some sound issues and a couple of high points, but the second set here is money. Enjoy this '85 beauty and pass it along to a friend.
-Ed (02/17/2017)

Caught a recording of this show on YouTube. Some say 85 is a bad year, that sherry sounded rough. I for one enjoy 85 shows and this is no exception. The only time the boys played Chula Vista did not disappoint. The transition from Alabama to Promised Land is seamless, beautiful Cowboy Psychedelia!
-Johann H.R. Pickens-Parnassus IV (02/23/2021)

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