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Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, CO

Set 1:

The Frozen Logger
Mississippi Half-Step
New Minglewood Blues
Brown-Eyed Women
My Brother Esau
Dupree's Diamond Blues
One More Saturday Night

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
Crazy Fingers
Samson And Delilah
Uncle John's Band
Playin' In The Band
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Hey Jude Reprise
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Comes A Time
Turn On Your Love Light

Johnny B. Goode
Baby Blue

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Best show I ever saw. But at the time,
Who knew?

the greatest show in the history of the world. We should throw out every other show except for this one

I was born on this goddamn day. Whats better than a rocked out shakedown street as your comin into the world? Besides havin a special little place for me, this is one amazing show. Too bad I never got to see the Dead in action............

I agree with Rich - best show I ever saw, and it was only the 12th one I'd ever seen - put me permanently on the bus!! After 115 or so, still number one in my book. Red Rocks is a truly radical venue - everyone should check it out someday!

this is a good show but i think that some of your guys praise is a bit overblown...i thought that the first set was a little weak...the frozen logger is a complete joke and the half step lacks any serious jamming...the second set is good though...just not great in my opinion but that's why they make chocolate and vanilla i guess...

the praise for this show is waaaaaay over blown. the boys just didn't do the set list justice. it was a good show, but certainly not a great show. after the previous two nights it was a major upgrade. the boys were tight but the xfactor just never quite kicked in......

this is certainly one of the finer shows the dead ever played. comparing early dead to mid dead, to late dead, is always tricky. the band constantly reinvented itself and in turn did not change on a via the common scale of degree, but rather, they changed kind. there is something phenomenal about this show that would have been impossible for the dead to duplicate at any other time in their careers. it's a good thing. they were on fire for this show. from start to end, i'd like to take that ride again. grab this show if given the chance folks. it IS all that it;s cracked up to be.


by the way,
this show is by no means overblown. the whole band is tight, transiitions are smooth, garcia is fucking ablaze, and the setlist informs us of the type of fun the boys were having. the logger was supposed to be a joke. everytime weir sings that ridiculous cowboy song it's an inside joke. there is nothing serious about the tune. enjoy the show! fro christ's sake, even the lovelight smokes and that's something i have rarely ever said post pigpen. this has that free flowin' type of energy. it's spontaneous, not the canned shit of the late years lovelight, but something authentic, genuine. they were playin this night. yheh, grab this one.

dream setlist!

I can only imagine what the fans thought when they boys start off the show with the sound of bicycle horns and kazoos (FROZEN LOGGER)Hightlights as well as solid ESAU and always like any DUPREES

COMES A TIME-rare tune and gem of the show.

-Perrinswolf (05/03/2007)

The whole band had taken the stage except Jerry so while waiting Bob did the Frozen Logger. It was hilarious. For what its worth this was the first time they played it since 1972!!!, the last time they ever did it, and its the most complete version they ever did.

During the kazoo madness that followed they tease star spangled banner. At the time it struck me as just like a baseball game, but with a psychedelic GD twist.

Mr Fantasy > Hey Jude > Mr Fantasy blew everyone away. Duprees, Shakedown, Uncle John's > Playing, Comes a Time all smokin'. Nice soft landing with Baby Blue to close the show.
-Dave (04/09/2009)

I would love a copy of this show!!! Really anyone who's got a top 10 must have shows list and wants to share I would be in your debt.....thanks guys
I am a collector just getting back into his collection and I hope someone can relate
- (06/10/2009)

I was on this summer tour. This was up there with the Starlight in KC a few day before. It was also up there with the Merriweather shows and the Greeks. Hersey didn't suck either. This is one of the shows that doesn't hold up as well on tape as it did live. The DMF>Hey Jude>DMF was the 1st and it just blew people away. The entire year 85 was explosive with its playing and song selection. Jerry's voice was hurting all year but his playing was OFF THE HOOK> This is all imho of course.
-Bryan (04/17/2013)

Bobby even says at the beginning, "maybe i'll remember all the words this time" or somethin along those lines. The song is a joke, just like Funiculi Funicula, or Frere Jacques back in germany in '72. Just some noodling fun to distract people while equipment is getting replaced or people aren't done getting their buzz ready for a show... jerry. But i thought it was funny, the Half-Step afterwards was not so funny, little dull actually, but then Minglewood pushed the vibe up to where it would stay the rest of the show.

And btw, considering they didn't do it again til '88, i think the whole Dear Mr. Fantasy -> Hey Jude Reprise -> Dear Mr. Fantasy was an accident. If you listen very close to the transition, some of the boys are playin Fantasy and Jerry fuck's up a lick which ends up sounding like hey jude, and then everybody jumped on board within a few seconds. But i would venture to guess that they had no thoughts of playing that until it just sorta happened. Unless of course jerry was just so smacked he decided to fuck with everyone and the rest of the boys just went with it, but no one will ever know for sure. Just some funny scenario's that came to mind when i heard that transition. One of the best shows of '85 so far too.
-Murphy (01/07/2014)

I found a tape of this show outside a thrift store in Lafayette ca., with about 35 other dead shows. I tracked the tape to probably being off the radio out of Worchester (?) Mass., cause one of the other tapes had the station id on it. listened to it again last night on a whim, it is good. funny, I have found two boxes of dead tapes, to add to my 500. this may have been the parents cleaning the garage. anyway, I leave most of the writing intact, sometimes do a sharpy to update the readability. taped over a couple that were sub par quality. and, I found one beautiful blank tdk 90 that I filled with kpfa "dead to the world" gems (thanks tim lynch). also one mix tape, did not make the cut. bye bruce etc

- (12/11/2017)

At the time, we thought all three of these shows were okay. Not great, but we had a great time. The shows were early afternoon and it was hot for Colorado. I think the afternoon sun played a big role in how the band played, especially Jerry. We hit happy hour every day after the shows at our hotel. Tons of fun at one of the best Dead venues there is.
- (08/12/2021)

Absolutely immense Shakedown. I mean holy shit.
-Phil (02/20/2022)

Pure Jerry bliss.

A quartet of beloved first set Jerry songs: Half-Step, BE Women, Loser, and the rare Dupree's Diamond Blues.

Two instances of double Jerry tunes (Loser & Dupree's and Shakedown > Crazy Fingers), neither of which is Scarlet > Fire or Help > (Slip) > Frank.

The rarest of the second half second set Jerry ballads, Comes a Time.

And finally one of the two perfect encores in the regular encore rotation, Baby Blue (the other being Brokedown of course).

I didn't even mention the song played that literally describes who Jerry is... Dear Mr Fantasy, play us a tune. Something to make us all happy. Do anything, take us out of this gloom. Sing a song, play guitar, make it snappy.

-August West (07/17/2022)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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