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Starlight Theater - Kansas City, MO

Set 1:

Feel Like A Stranger
They Love Each Other
Little Red Rooster
Dire Wolf
Big Railroad Blues
The Music Never Stopped
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Eyes Of The World
Don't Need Love
Nobody's Fault But Mine
Smokestack Lightning
Comes A Time
Turn On Your Love Light

Baby Blue

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Your setlist for this show is inaccurate. Set II began with Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopement > Eyes of the World...etc. This was the first time in 11 yrs and the last time ever that this suite was performed by the Dead. Just thought you'd appreciate a note. I was there. It was an excellent show. Got a great copy of it if you're interested.

email address has changed since my comments above. Just updating things since I noticed...

This show was an kicker... and Bill i would love a copy of the show!!!

It was a great show. Wish I could remember it better. ;) But I do remember the Cryptical Envelopment...very appropriate to my state of mind..

Had a great time at this show. Bill was right in that it was the last Cryptical played. However they played it a few times during the '85 summer tour. Most notably the Greek Theater run and Cincinnati. Maybe at one of the Merriweather Post shows, too.

Little Red Rooster
Big RXR Blues
This little C&W sequence was only played once. quite nice.

Old School set
Don't Need Love-11th/16 time played
Nobody's Fault But Mine-last 5.4.81
Truckin'-"eversince she had a sex change..
Comes A Time-gem through and through

E: Baby Blue-perfect ending to old school set.

These 80s Crypticals are like trying to get a fat chick in a mini skirt.
-80s head (02/07/2013)

I was at this show. One of my all time favorite shows. This show was not heavily attended. The boys came out and just ripped from start to finish. As close to a warlocks show as there was to that date. A great SBD circulates.

-Bryan (04/17/2013)

Eyes of the World was my peak Dead concert moment. This was my second show ever, and Starlight is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater. It was a pleasant late summer evening, and as they launched into Eyes, a sweet breeze started blowing from the direction of the stage. I barely knew the song, and as they settled into the groove all time stood still in a slice of perfection.
- (11/29/2013)

Cryptical was played in Ventura in 85
-Anonymous (05/03/2014)

The final, and best attempt at Cryptical. Jerry sings the lyrics more clearly, and they rip the reprise
-Anonymous (09/22/2015)

some shows are great because of the band being "ON". Some because of You being "ON". Yet others just seem great because of special moments, special friends, special memories. Magical substances. Memories of unique happenings. For me, this one had ALL of these things. First of all, this pace looked like a middvil castle with a stage in front of it. vines growing up the bricks. Plus, it was SMALL. Just the right size. then there was the amusement park next to the venue. Special songs were played. For the second time on this tour, after 11 years they played Cryptical Envelopment. Even though Jerry muffed the words, it blew my mind. They played the Brent song Don't Need Love, which Jerry left the stage for. A pretty chord progression yet seemed to say the opposite of what the GD were about. Garcia wore a red t-shirt. There was a symphony pit. For the 1st set, it was as close to Garcia as I think I ever got. During'Stranger I could have reached out and touched him. Well, almost. There were these very special blue/purple tells that came attached and were super thick. You would only know what they looked like if you saw one. Some of the greatest acid I ever had the pleasure of taking. SOOOOOO clean. I took two and danced the fuck out of my mind for the entire set 2. I wish I wasn't so young. Another hard core dancer gave me the most beautiful smile after the show. I should have hugged him, but I still had youthful inhibitions
The only better encore would have been Brokedown Palace. I think Jerry was not feeling so hot. But being so close for set 1 was absolutely magical. The weather was absolutely perfect. Low 80s with ZERO humidity. This may have been the first show I snuck into before it was dangerous. I had a ticket, but there was only a wire fence that was about 7 feet tall. I jumped the fence then sold my ticket through the fence. I thought that was cool. But it was probably not too cool in retrospect. Considering how out of hand sneaking into shows became.
Friends I was with will never forget the innocent behavior after the show. We drove a friend 1/2 way home and let him out on the highway where he hitched back to college.
all in all, a safe, clean drug, perfect weather, great friends, perfect song selection show and one of the greatest places I've ever seen the GD play:
I'd sell my soul to be able to press reset and start my life back at this night in June of 1985. I could have had a simple yet great life. I expected too much. I thought I deserved more. don't thunk that way kids. We are but mortal humans. love each other and be happy with what God gave you! Thanks for this night Jarry and all
- (08/07/2016)

many wrong facts about the Cryptical suites played in 85. Don't have my Dead Base out, but the 1st one was at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. Not Ventura. This here was the second one and Jerry flubbed it BADLY. He also left the second set one song before drums (Don't Need Love) so he was "under the weather" for sure. Third and FINAL version was a week or two later at a blissful and small stadium called River Bend in Ohio where they also did Comes a Time before putting it away for about a decade. Cryptical never did appear during Jerry's lifetime again, so it was just those three. Comes a Time came back in the late 80s, I think it may have been the Warlox shows. But they would break it out every so often after that. So, now that we have that straight, this really was a great show regardless of Jerry's withdrawal which I do believe was taken care of during drums.
- (08/14/2016)

Well, the setlist is STILL inaccurate after all these years, regardless whether the CE>TOO>CE was 1st 'revived' at the Greek or here in KC. It still should read Cryptical Envelopment>
The Other One>
Cryptical Envelopment>

That is all.

- (11/02/2016)

My first show!Labor day. My first day of sophmore year was the next day. They played OkC the day before. Both venue were in parks with zoos and there were threats of releasing animals I heard.The whole show was great! Big RR Blues was great. Nobody's fault, Cryptical, Eyes,every song was great. Don't think it sold out. Plenty of room to groove.
-Hodsie (08/19/2017)

Gotta love the anonymous clown who said there are so many bogus facts in here, then proceeds to spew more bogus facts. The second Cryptical one was in Cinci, and nobody here said Ventura was the first even though he acted like it. The internet has produced so much stupidity it is mind boggling. '85 was a great year to be at Dead shows, we should restrict comments on this site to only those of us who actually were there and saw these shows and know this band and don't treat their reviews like a duran duran show. There would be a lot less non facts and therefore a lot less mythology and less stupidity.
- (07/16/2020)

Actually the setlist should read That's it for the Other One>Eyes, but who cares, other than some dude who actually whined about it twice. Spare us the silly MASH reference if you do it a third time.
- (07/16/2020)

06/16/85- Greek Theater, University Of California - Berkeley, CA
06/24/85- River Bend Music Center - Cincinnati, OH
06/30/85- Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD
07/13/85- Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, CA
09/03/85- Starlight Theater - Kansas City, MO
-Bossgobbler (11/12/2021)

-DR STIFFINGTON (09/03/2022)

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