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Hershey Park Stadium - Hershey, PA

Set 1:
Cold Rain And Snow
Promised Land
Ramble On Rose
Down In The Bottom
Ain't Superstitious
Bird Song
Comes A Time

Set 2:
The Music Never Stopped
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
I Need A Miracle
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Day Job

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I was there...i'm 36 years old now and then i was 20...and the best thing about the show was.when they went to bird song comes a time...that was great.....a good memory

I was there as well. It was pouring rain the entire first set until the beginning of Birdsong. Comes a Time was also great. We got the Dew in the second set that we were looking for and it made the drive back to Syracuse a whole lot sweeter.

D E W !!!!!!!
where have all the people gone today?

Funny little detail about this show..
During Tom Thumbs..Phil sings
"I started out on 'Heineken' (instead of the traditional 'burgundy') and soon hit the harder stuff" Pretty hilarious if ya ask me considering Phil in numerous interviews has stated that he considers the latter half of the 70's and much of the early 80's ..."The Heineken Years" Classic Phil

I too was there and still hold as one of the best shows I have ever attended despite the pounding rain. AM Dew!! was gooseflesh-producing as always. Those were the days.
-Mike Nagle

I tell ya, it was a lonnnnggg drive from Saratoga the night before to Hershey. I think I woke up about an hour before showtime!!!

Just saw Pearl Jam at Hershey 7/12/03

I was trying to remember when I saw thw Dead at Hershey So I checked this site for the info.... Dam 1985.... wow Im really getting old..... 44 now

Well I went with my girlfriend
Puring rain trying to scramble around Hershey to find a Poncho
I remember some fans cheap tye dyes bleeding colors all over them in the rain...or was that in my mind.....hmmmmm
Jerry came out with a suit jacket over his tee.... Ill never forget that
Comes a time ...Bird Song.... 2 Jerry songs in a row YIPPEeeee
We rode the rides all day before the show...goin upside down on the looper...

Well I went to Pearl Jam with that same girlfriend my wife and my 13 year old son....
We did the same thing rode the rides
but no rain beautiful sunshine....
PJ sure reminds me of the Dead fabulous long guitar solos and many covers
they did Driven to Tears by the police also a little of..... we dont need no education.... Rockin in the free world
Eddie opened the show with the Beatles youve got to hide your love away solo...
Go check them out they are lots of fun
and dam good with lots of improv and long shows and nice tight togetherness in playing that the Dead always had
I have seen PJ three times this summer all shows were different with different songs
Im reliving my youth....starting to collect PJ shows on tape and CD just like I did with the dead

What a fuss getting there from Saratoga, NY. Finally made it to the lot when the Dead were supposed to start. Went to get in line and realized that there was no line. It was a mob of people trying to get in only two gates. The show made up for it though. The rain didn't bother me since it was warm. I remember the rain clearing during a very poinent Brent jam in Morning Dew and you could see the moon through the clouds. The audience applauded Mother Nature. The show also featured an excellent Estimated Prophet.

I thing I remember most besides the show was that the LPGA was in town at the same time and we couln't get a room. They wouldn't give any rooms to Deadheads fearing we'd tear up the place. And after the show, the restaurant that we ate in earlier that day, wouldn't let us back in when we were wearing soaking wet tie-dyes and bandanas. We went back to Queens with nothing left to do but smile, smile smile..The show was awesome and I can't believe it was 18 years ago!!!

My favorite memory from this show was during The Music Never Stopped, when Bobby sang the line "There's a band out on the highway
They're high steppin'into town
They're a rainbow full of sound
It's fireworks, calliopes and clowns
Everybody's dancin'!" I looked into the crowd and saw a swirling kaliedscope of bodies dancing to the music in the pouring rain! Those were the days!

I was 17 when I saw this show. Now 38. What a great time that was! The Boys were HOT! If only I could revisit moments like this. A priceless memory.

41 y.o. now, 20 at this show, hard to believe my life has more than doubled since this amazing show. Still remember locking my keys in my car and the kind park officers helping me break into my own car afterward, no questions asked. Mark and Steve, you guys never stopped laughing. The ride back to Rockland County, NY was a doozie!

Hottest part was opening with Cold Rain & Snow in the pouring rain. Second hottest was the dew drop falling on the band as they broke into Morning Dew. I can swear I saw it fall out of the sky. Jerry, your voice was sweet that night.

Bird Song-Comes a Time-Deal!! Unusual, "step right up" vibe. Loved the openness of this stadium. They never ripped my ticket in half.
-rob cal (01/28/2010)

My first show ever. It poured most of the afternoon and the first set. Closest I ever got to the stage at any show--made it to about the 10th row. Fun memories.
-Anonymous (01/04/2011)

Jerry wore a tuxedo jacket. Phil had the black lab tee. Rain "Dontcha ya know." Sweet Comes a Time. Speakers at mid-field. Stood before them during Terripan and Dew and felt the music.
- (03/26/2011)

We were late to the show due to a tedious drive down from NY. Got rewarded as we walked in with unprecedented three in a row from Garcia - Birdsong/Comes a Time/Deal. The last of which was spectacular. Sneaky hot second set. Music was kick ass and the Dew was strong.
-Phil (04/29/2011)

Long ride from Saratoga, pouring rain, half the crowd was wearing hefty bags, and Jerry came out in a Green blazer two sizes too small. Great Tom Thumb Blues.
-Nibs (06/21/2011)

Great memories...drove out from Jersey Shore (LBI) to see this show. Stood in line in the rain for hours and got a spot right on the wall center stage. I remember screaming up at Bobby when the crowd was silent [during Estimate Prophet, I think], and him rolling his eyes like I was an idiot (a 19 yr old idiot, I certainly was). Then headed out that night to Merriweather Post for a couple more awesome shows.
- (04/15/2012)

Dark Side of The Moon blaring out of the PA system before the show set the tone for the day...Singing in the Rain!
- (02/21/2013)

One of my favorite shows. Don't remember the rain. I was with my buddy Joey Bonghitter and we were tripping our nuts off. What stands out is the first set trilogy of Birding/Comes a Time/Deal. Jerry got noddingly.lost during Birdsong jam and stumbled into a raw soulful Comes a Time. Finds a path to Deal to finish. Very unusual and telling interlude. This was 1985. and midway through Birdsong Jerry was toast. Somehow he found his way through. Second
d set featured an energetic bouncy Music
- (08/07/2014)

It was more like a heavy mist, the rain ... which stopped during the second set (like I remember!) ... Jerry wore a gray blazer ... I heard someone say "I was freakin' out all night over that suit!" Well, it WAS raining ... To me it was a small, intimate show. What was it, the football field or something? I remember smelling grass. All kinds. The "Terrapin" was played very well, lots of care. After Set 1 Bobby said "We'll back in a few minutes to continue our singin' in the rain." How's THAT for memory, eh? We had no sleeping arrangements, so after "dinner" in Hardee's we hung out in a park and listened to the radio then went back to Hardee's for "breakfast" then got on the bus back to the Port Authority. I got thousands of compliments on the tie-dye I was wearing; alas, it was a gift for someone; had to give it up.
- (10/13/2014)

I was there and was 16 at the time great lot for skateboarding
- (01/29/2015)

Jackie said: "After Set 1 Bobby said "We'll back in a few minutes to continue our singin' in the rain." In fact, it was at the beginning of the 2nd set. I am listening to it from I cannot clearly make out what is being said, as there was some echo in the mike. It sounds like he says "...while we...before we resume our, uh...singin' in the rain." Good memory nonetheless...20 years removed.
- (08/04/2015)

Deal-Incredible solos
- (04/08/2016)

One of those great 85 Summer Shows. The phil notes on this show are sick! Killer Estimated, Terrapin. Friend put a towel over his head during that nasty spooky space.!

- (05/16/2016)

Comes A Time,,,InDeed
- (03/21/2018)

Love hearing all the tales you guys tell of the before and after the show, and how we are older now...Oh, compare this "Comes a Time" with 10 22 71, which is jerry all the way. As for me, I lived in SF in 1985 and was working in a bank at this point. 24 years old. Wanted a nest egg. See other posts of 3 23 75 for more about my Tales from the Golden Road. Thanks for reading
- (03/23/2018)

Had a ticket but missed this as my wife gave birth to our son that evening. I still tell her how inconsiderate that was. No, not really.
- (02/08/2019)

The weather was rough we bought umbrellas in the park.Good time!
I was doing this Fred Astaire style dance .in between songs Bobby made some sort of comment about continuing our singing in the rain ☔
My first show i was hooked.....
- (06/19/2019)

If they used the footage of me spinning the umbrella in touch of grey video
I would like my royalty check!
- (06/19/2019)

Vivid memories of this show probably indelible in my hippocampus (even though i was still reeling from Saratoga) due to the two sugar cubes i downed as i passed through the gate ! It got wet and hot . What a show ! Danced my ass off so hard then when i finally got pushed back out the gate after the show i had lost everything shoes shirt shorts and back pack ! so there I was in just my boxers trudging through the wet grass parking lot looking for the white van with my friends from Binghamton...DO you know how many white vans are in a dead lot lol .I kept thinking that i saw the van and would run over only to find a group of strangers looking at me like what the fucks wrong with this dude lol ..finally found my people we stayed the next day and rode all the rides !! great times !
- (06/19/2019)

Great show. I love those old open end small stadiums for sound and despite the rain the sound was spot on. The stadium was half empty at the start of the show due to an accident between Saratoga and Hershey. Jerry wearing that blazer, triple Jerry to end the first set. Phil was droppin' bombs all over the place. Music never stopped was awesome way to open the second set, followed my all time favorite version of Tom Thumb. The Dew was of course, beautiful.
- (05/19/2021)

... just melts ibn my ears hearing Brent & Jerry finish out the show with NFA.....
-Anonymous (01/21/2022)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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