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Greek Theater, University Of California - Berkeley, CA

Set 1:

Dancin' In The Streets
West LA Fadeaway
C.C. Rider
Hell In A Bucket
Keep On Growing
Stagger Lee
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Morning Dew
Playin' In The Band
China Doll
Smokestack Lightning
Comes A Time
Sugar Magnolia

Day Job

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quite possibly the wierdest show of all time.. i mean it sounds like the tape recorder took too much. hallucinations
are pouring out of your speakers.

quite amazing really. i got it.. you want it? email me or AOL IM: toasterT2003

First Comes a Time in 5 years.

Stagger Lee-Last played 8.10.82
-Perrinswolf (03/27/2007)

First Keep On Growing
-Dave (03/04/2011)

Toast is absolutely right. Possibly one of the weirdest shows of all time. Morning Dew into Playin to open set two. The return of Lee and Time bringin a new friend that keeps on growing made this show a very energetic one.
The Greek Theater either has some of the best vibes in the country or the audiences that made it to the greek whenever the boys showed up there had some great energy flowin through them. Probably the "Run of the year" every time it happened.

P.S. - any human show encyclopedias, please, before you go arguing my opinion, notice i said "run" not "Show"

-Murphy (12/27/2013)

The Dew is because of me. As the band walked out on stage, after the initial loudness ended I yelled "Walk me out Jerry". I was on the third step up from the pit, a bit right of dead center with everyone I knew at the time besides me. Our collective minds were blown when they opened the set with it. And any time I see any of those people (such as last night)they always say "remember when you called Dew to open the second set at the Greek?"
- (05/26/2015)

Yeah. Sure, Bennyboy. On video or it never happened. Or better yet, lets hear a band member confirm your ego-claim.
- (01/25/2017)

Hey there, Rottenclam -- bennyboy called it ... we all called them at some point. Chill out and let everyone have their day. Loved this show. As others said, it was weird -- that is, weirder than usual. Friends came up from San Diego for this run of shows. We spent the other two shows (the 15th and 16th) on UC Berkeley's astroturf field just south of the Greek, and they pumped the music through speakers so those of us who did not could listen along and dance. Peace.
- (05/01/2017)

There is a significant difference between "calling it" and saying that "it was because of me".

I'm sure bennyboy loves the Grateful Dead and all that, but it was 1985, and it was the Greek. I'm 99.99% sure they walked out knowing what they were going to do. Its not like they were planning on playing Cold Rain and Snow and then magical bennyboy in the 3rd row with his ego-centric imagination (and his buddies next to him) got Jerry to change his mind and go with Morning Dew to open a 2nd set instead.

Whatever. I'm sure some jag-off that was at the Spectrum show is convinced that because he yelled out Unbroken Chain and they played it that he was the guy that made it happen.

I love Deadheads because they are my tribe. In a similar way, I love my immediate family members. But some of them are friggin' delusional from time to time.

Again, I dont doubt that bennyboy yelled out, 'walk me out, Jerry!'. I'm sure that happened. But I'm far from sure that Jerry said to himself in the next moment, "well I never do this, but since that schmuck in the 3rd row yelled it, I'm going to play Morning Dew to open the 2nd set".

How many times have people yelled Dark Star or St. Stephen during quiet parts? As far as I'm concerned, bennyboy is just one of those knuckleheads. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. Little blind bennyboy just happened to find his nut that night. But as for being the reason it happened? No way. Until a band member or a member of the crew confirms that such an obscure pick was due to some dude in the audience yelling it out, I'm calling bennyboy a liar.

As for all of us "calling 'em at some point", ummm yeah. Definitely. By the time you hit 50 shows, listened to tapes all the time, and knew the patterns, and knew the chords / notes, you could generally start "calling" *most* set openers from the time of tuneup.

Indeed, it becomes accurate in a scary way when you got on streaks of seeing like 20, 40, or 100+ shows in a row.
- (08/06/2017)

Yeah bennyboy called that Dew.
-Bob Weir (09/24/2017)

Cool. Thanks for the confirmation, Bob.

@BennyBoy - pretty amazing that you encored at the Sportatorium 4 months later and had Jerry do it again. You must be magic.
- (10/16/2017)

Hey Rottenclam, you must be a real joy to be around, and a real sweetheart of a guy to share a show with...NOT!
What a jitbag you are.
- (01/20/2018)

Oh - you have no idea, Lisa. You would have loved having been at a show with me. You would have learned so much about the Grateful Dead during those 3 hours it would have made your head spin. Better yet, you should have ridden in a car with me to and from shows. Again, I guarantee you would have loved it.

And occasionally (perhaps at the Denny's after the show when talking to other Deadheads) you would have even heard me gently and playfully disabusing delusional people of their imagined experiences or conclusions. It was never because I was a hater. Quite the contrary. I just happen to treasure truth and accuracy when it comes to a subject like the Grateful Dead.
- (02/16/2018)

Despite growing up in the bay area, this was somehow my first show. The energy of especially set 2 is stamped into me deeply. I had graduated from UC Berkeley a couple days earlier and my brother took me as a graduation present. Got me started on some education!
-Erik (04/15/2018)

@rottenclam. In fact, the boys were going to start with PITB but that day I wanted to hear a Dew. Jerry's here next to me and can confirm.
- (09/03/2018)

Well, to quote the young boy who had a Playboy bunny fly through his window during the final parade-scene mayhem, "Thank you, God".
- (10/15/2018)

I believe you bennyboy! I remember that show and how weird that Dew opener was. The Dead never used setlists so to say they knew what they were going to play when they walked out is likely not true. And Jerry did pay attention to what was going on in the front and would listen to what people said... and at the Greek it is easy to hear someone yelling from the stone risers... so I bet he did hear bennyboy yell out "Walk Me Out" and then we got a Dew! You did more than call it, you asked for it and got it!
Thanks man!
- (01/30/2019)

Dew-11/1/73 last time set opener. 58 previous performances. Jerry gives it his best vocally and always makes it up musically and some. Phil drops a few.bombs before the first solos. My board copy has some juicy Billy/Mickey fills as well.

Btw Rottenclam is a great screen name lol>>>
- (06/01/2020)

To all the people goofing on that guy... here's a 25. Buy yourself a sense of humor

-Ray (01/10/2022)

@Erik. That was my first show as well. Loved it!
- (12/06/2022)

@Perrinswolf - you have a great screen name as well. Longtime Robert Jordan fan over here. And although I dont LOVE the Prime show, it is still good to see.

Anyway, love the Greek, folks. Love the Grateful Dead even more. And, yes, I even love Deadheads with wild imaginations. #LLAP
- (01/31/2024)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

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Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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