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Carrier Dome (Syracuse University) - Syracuse, NY

Set 1:
Greatest Story Ever Told
West LA Fadeaway
C.C. Rider
Ramble On Rose
My Brother Esau
Bird Song
Jack Straw

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
Samson And Delilah
He's Gone
Smokestack Lightning
The Wheel
The Other One
Black Peter
Turn On Your Love Light


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This was my first show. Yes I missed the sweet sounds of the 70"s but, we had lots-o-fun in the grand eighties.
Bless you all, rochester bound!

Is that you Notebart?

da da da da da daaaaaaa
i did not know they changed the first verse to shakedown


My first show.What a great time! Glow in the dark frisby behind the stage was fun to watch from a distance. Smokestack was on it.

Agree with your comment about Smokestack. Bobby sang it with a passion this night that was unmatched.
-Tony Masiello

Great show! I was one of those folks by the stage that Bob was asking to "take a step, take a step, take a step back." It was very easy to get down to the floor at the Carrier Dome (its a huge place). We did it for the 1983 show, and in 1984 tons of other folks did it too, which caused the crush at stage. I was never a huge fan of "space/drums", but the proximity of these Syracuse shows to Halloween inspired a good "spooky space" from the boys.

Not nearly enough said here about this Fall 84 Tour Closing Barn Burner!

Some bonafide epicness went down on this eve. For me the Jack Straw and Shakedown Street go down as possibly "best of" versions. The energy in the Carrier Dome was what kept the roof afloat this eve. Saturday Night Mayhem with 50,000+ students and deadheads.

A spirited Bertha out of the gates, the crowd went nuts when Jer unleashed that first lead. Into a rockin Greatest Story. Yeah, we could feel it, it was going to be a big ride in the big dome. Ramble On Rose, strong wah solo from the fat one massive sing a long. A fantastically drippy Birdsong. And to end the crowd smashing first set was the most rocked out long ass Jack Straw!!!!

Good Lord I was almost toast myself by this point in the show, this JS cratered me. Only to have my puddled self picked up back off the floor by my most absolute favorite Shakedown ever! yeah Jer flubs the lyrics but on the other hand what follows is the most articulate bluesy booty shakin Shakedown lead to ever pour from the masters fingertips not to mention a great vocal round between Jer, Brent and Bob. I've listened to most of em and this Shakedown takes the crown. Man and we've just started the second set!?

High energy Samson keeping with the evenings tone. Then comes a splendid He's Gone, more great soloing from Jer into as someone mentioned a very strong Smokestack but what is more memorable is the fantastic Jam to follow, great stuff in here from Bob et al.

Very Huge and Loud Drums into indeed a Spooky Space out of it with a nice Wheel > TOO. TOO had great thunder. I love this Black Peter it's almost as if when Jerry was in his deepest with the junk which would be errrr... pretty much 84, his Black Peters seemed that much more fitting and soulful with his voice the way it was I really saw him as the narrator in these mid 80's BP's. I think this one is superb.

They were just pulling Lovelight back off the shelf at this time so it was hugely received by the crowd at this HUGE show. A strong and spirited version, Bobby is loving it.

Perhaps the only low point of this show comes at the end because the encore didn't reflect on the rest of the eves energy at all. Jerry must have shot his load or was in serious need because this Revolution is a dribbler with Jerry truly at a loss for words or energy for that matter. But alas it takes nothing away from these two rock solid sets and (did I mention?) SMOKIN SHOW!!!
-augustwest (12/05/2007)

After Ramble on Rose Bobby goes "you people in front have to move back, you have to, the people up front are looking pretty bug eyed..or just waddle" then into a very long "take a step back 1,2, gotta move back....and stay there"
-Perrinswolf (06/27/2008)

Due to high ticket demand, I had to wait until the encore, and snuck in - too see one song.
- (08/21/2013)

Dank Show for the last one in the Cuse ever. '84 was the last year for a few stops, like New Haven and Iowa.

They didn't play Nevada til '91 and Hartford also had a break in appearences for a few years. I guess this was right around the time when the MTV dead heads started to flood the scene and screw things up with their rash behavior.

Heads from the 70's were so much chiller, A lot of the people who cam around during the 80's brought some real bad vibes with em, but definitely not everyone. which is why i'm glad i can enjoy the music without all the bullshit. Seriously, it was like the end of the 60's all over again, with the riot up north on the Festival express tour. People bustin down a fence cause they thought they were entitled to see it for free.

During the take a step back, bob weir sounds pissed that people aren't listening. This used to take a few seconds in the 70's, and bob weir sounded happy to do it, now... he sounds like after the first few times he has to force himself to be calm and not scream at people. He even says "and STAY there". This used to be playful and a musical game between the crowd and bob weir. This sounded more like bob weir was playing papa and the audience was the children not listening to a word he said.

Pitty what the scene turned into as time went on. '74 was probably the peak of what the dead scene was truely about. As much as i love LSD, people put too much focus on it instead of the music, this show was good, but the boys don't sound too thrilled with what they're seeing. Just one heads opinion, i prefer to focus on music and use L as a boost every once in a while. I love listening to shows sober. it gives me different perspective, but i would never tell anyone how to listen to a show, just that you should change your viewpoint every once in a while... it's good for you.
-Murphy (12/11/2013)

I was just curious about what I was doing 30 years ago today. Sounds like I had fun!
- (10/20/2014)

My 3rd Show. The acid was strong at this show. It was like being thrown in a rough sea.
- (11/22/2015)

My first show, shortly before my 15th birthday. Definitely life changing. Heavy into the Dead through my teens and early 20s, saw about 30 shows, plus a couple JGB gigs. Then I kinda fell out with the Dead for a long time. Just recently getting back into their music. Great to listen again with more experienced ears.

Anyway, I am perhaps not entirely objective as this was my first show, but I agree that it was a barn burner, especially Shakedown Street and the whole second set.
Garcia's soloing on Shakedown truly is ferocious and musical all at once. And the jam after Smokestack is unique in the way only the Dead could be.

Oh and for the record I was way up in the stands somewhere. I wasn't one of the people on the floor that Weir was getting annoyed with.

- (01/03/2017)

Amazing Jack Straw--Bobby:Will be right back, Everybody move back!
-fz (09/05/2019)

I really appreciate some of the earlier, lengthier reviews of what was no doubt a very memorable evening in Syracuse. The Bobby banter is interesting and he certainly does seem pissed. The Jack Straw absolutely kicks ass. The Other Ones have been slapping this tour, and this one is up there with the good ones from this era, I think. I actually really like the Lovelight, too. Thought Bobby really started getting into the pseudo-Pigpen role. Fun stuff.
- (10/10/2023)

Ricky, I appreciate your comments on the East Coast shows from the GD Fall 1984 Tour. Maybe read your comments elsewhere on TSP. Taper Mike
-Taper Mike (04/22/2024)

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