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Augusta Civic Center - Augusta, ME

Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
It Must Have Been The Roses
On The Road Again
It's All Over Now
Cumberland Blues
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Cold Rain And Snow
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
Don't Need Love
Uncle John's Band
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Morning Dew

Good Lovin'

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Good friends and I were in 1st row this night. On a quiet time, we encouraged Bobby to do On the Road Again. He obliged!! Great Lobster in the campground that night!

epic dew...what a night...

One of the greatest post drums of the entire 80's! Everytime I listen to this Morning Dew I envision a mushroom cloud exploding and ending the world, then the rockin Good Lovin encore brings me back to life!

I love the echoeing on 'Stranger'!! Very cool.

Definitely a peak/epic/spiritual Dew. After Jerry died, I smoked a fat one while cranking this Dew perched on a WV hilltop while Jerry's sweet notes filled the valley.

The best Dew ever invented! What a great two days!!

MAINE - The way life should be...

Tims sez, this Dew sucks. You are On the Road again. Jerry was close to dyin this day.

Tim. I do believe you're talking out of your ass.

youtube has this show..enjoy:^)

Could not find on youtube, may have been since removed.

Roses-sweet as reisling.
Don't Need Love-rare song, never heard it, only played 16 times, majority in 84, tapered off before coma in 86.

Playin' in the John backwards...nice and spicy fellas.

Tape goes aud during the Dew, which is a shame, cannot hear as well and appeared to be very mellow verision. Bobby's voice is shot by Good Lovin' but the band played on.

-Perrinswolf (06/13/2007)

On The Road Again-last time played out of 42 performances, once in 84 and 83, couple in 82, most from 80 Warfield/Radio City run. Farewell.
-Brianmerrilyn (12/13/2007)

It's been my experience that 1984 has a lot of surprises. This show is one of them. The Stranger opener is fucking amazing.
-Andrew (07/08/2012)

Just DEW IT!!!!
- (02/21/2013)

The first set was wild, from roses to Cumberland, it was like an electric version of the first sets at Radio City or Warfield '80. The music never did stop from one night to the next with the boys reprising the Playin in The Band started the previous night. What a show, the post drums section is just mind melting fire from the first Pluck of a Stranger to the final orgasm of Dew, this show should be in any respectable heads collection. The Lovin' is just LOUD!!!

Seriously, the tape i have, it comes in very clear, but it's loud as fuck, guess the boys wanted to send the crowd home with their faces truely blown to bits.

And i think tim has just been listening to too much Phish.
-Murphy (12/09/2013)

This show was special to me. YouTube user axwell21 has posted some vids of the show. The video is amateur but the audio is pretty good. Enjoy.
- (10/21/2014)

First Jack-A-Roe since 4/17/82.
-bl002e (01/07/2015)

Ignore the Tim's of the world. This venue was tiny. Epic stuff. The boys loved Maine. I miss it all . Keep it positive Tim, life is too short.
-Brian Damage (04/04/2015)

Will be officially released on 30 Trips Around The Sun Box (SEPT 2015)
-M C (06/10/2015)

This Dew was transformative. You could hear a pin drop. It felt like you were under water, the arena turned into a submarine.
- (06/17/2015)

Grate Stranger!
-fz (04/29/2017)

"We aren't all bad"

-Tims who are not all bad
-Anonymous (12/20/2017)

Jack-A-Roe for the first time in a few years for Phil, who had recently married Jill. Per Phil's book, Jerry winked at him while singing "this couple they got married, so well they did agree."

All comments on the power of this Morning Dew are quite accurate.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (12/26/2017)

Happy 34th bday to this sublime show. Highlights to my ears:

Set 1
Cumberland (!!)

Set 2
Cold Rain
Saint (!)
Dew (!!) Best of '80s contender*

Notes: Final "On The Road Again"
*09/02/1980 (GEM!), 06/18/1983, 09/18/1987, 07/04/1989, 07/19/1989 are all beasts

I'm on record stating how great this October tour was, and I'll repeat it here again. The band warms up in Charlotte and Richmond before kicking it into higher gear at the Centrum, before levitating in Augusta.

10-11 is good, 10-12, 10-14/15, 10-20 are great. Jerome didn't look so good (see YouTube videos for evidence), but damn his guitar was scorching on this tour.

Enjoy this prime 1984 gig, and pass it along to a friend.
-Ed (10/12/2018)

30 Trips Around the Sun

Disc 1

Feel Like A Stranger 10:42
It Must Have Been the Roses 6:21
On the Road Again 3:11
Jack-A-Roe 5:51
It's All Over Now 7:53
Cumberland Blues 6:30
The Music Never Stopped 8:55

Disc 2

Cold Rain and Snow 7:15
Lost Sailor 6:43
Saint of Circumstance 7:24
Don't Need Love 6:20
Uncle John's Band 16:21
Drums 11:01

Disc 3

Space 6:43
Playing in the Band 8:03
Uncle John's Band 2:03
Morning Dew 13:06
Good Lovin' 7:40

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

On my deathbed I want to be listening to this Dew...and I want to extinguish during the final solo...go out just before Garcia sings the last line.
-77isOverrated (12/08/2019)

The Oade recording hits my sweet spot. My favorite 84 show

-Doug (02/08/2020)

Aside from the Shakedown Street from So Many Roads 10/12/84 was the first full concert from 1984. As a fan of 1967-1974, I have to say that this show is number one on the 30 trips box for me with 11/10/67 and 10/27/79 close behind.

This show is scary good. In a very dark year full of drug addiction, paranoia, and personal demons, this show gives me an image of some Carpathian village where the folk are dancing their hearts out while Dracula's minions linger just over the walls waiting to strike.

Feel Like a Stranger makes me think of Pink arriving in town in Pink Floyd's "Young Lust"

Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance is perfect for this night, no doubt being sung for Jerry or maybe the whole of the Grateful Dead.

The Morning Dew, while generally a sad song is the darkest version I've heard.

A very dark show with moments of starlight.

-Shannon Dupree (05/03/2021)

This is certainly solid all the way through, but from Uncle John's Band on, this is a really special show. There's a little extra jam to the UJB before Drums, and then I just love how they find their way back into Playin and back into UJB and then BAM into Morning Dew. Stuff like that is exactly why I listen to this band. This is a really fun listen.
- (09/28/2023)

Calling BS. No fan of the early years would say this is the best show in the box. Great show for the era though.
-Anonymous (02/25/2024)

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Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
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