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Augusta Civic Center - Augusta, ME

Set 1:
Shakedown Street
Greatest Story Ever Told
Mama Tried
Big River
Ramble On Rose
Looks Like Rain
Might As Well

Set 2:
Hell In A Bucket
Touch Of Grey
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
Ship Of Fools
Playin' In The Band
Dear Mr. Fantasy
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

Day Job

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i was born on this day!!!


Wow, no one has said anything about this show. Both of these '84 Augusta shows will hold a very special meaning to me. Both shows were exceedingly well-played. Both shows had their differences. Basically the Augusta Civic Center was a high school gym type set-up. Great lot scene both days.

Shakedown was nicely played although Jerry flubbed a lyric. A really good GSET! I am really surprised this night's 2nd set is never discussed. You can just hear the energy pouring out of the tape (yes, I still have my masters!!!). Every song is driven well during the second set; even the Black Peter. I do have an obvious favorite and it is the Playing' > Drums > Space > Dear Mr. Fantasy.

The next night is just wonderful as well. The 10-12-83 had a perfect 1st set, but I thought a somewhat disjointed 2nd set and sound gremlins would rear their head. Certainly, the second half of the 2nd set 10-12-83 was just mind-ripping with killer versions of Dew and Good Lovin.

Anyway such is lore.... Do yourself a favor and listen to 10-11-83 2nd set after liberating your mind.

- (03/07/2013)

Of note I made err in my above post. The year is 1984 and not 1983. My apology.

I also wanted to mention that 10-11-84 seems to be overshadowed by the Saturday night show, 10-12-84. Different shows like I stated, but each night had tremendous highs. Listen to that Playing' ---> one of my favorite versions.
- (03/07/2013)

I can see why the fans told them to stop playin day job, it's a good song and i know i previously defended it, but it doesn't really go anywhere now that i've heard it a bunch of times. It is just long choruses and jerry rarely gets all the verses right whenever they perform it. Whether it was intentional or not it just sounds sloppy almost every time. Don't get me wrong, there are some good tight versions of this song, but most of em have a "i'm tired, let's get this over with" feel to it that doesn't come accross in other encores. this jam definitely works better as a set one closer. Although if i had a choice between MAW and DJ, i'd Choose Might as Well. Jerry jams harder in that.

I still dig day job when it's played well, but this is definitely a good example of how the boys play a fire show, with one ridiculous musical moment after another. then they just wanna do a quick encore and go to sleep or party more. Can't blame em, they were on the road for almost 20 years by this point, but i would just have said screw the encore at that point, especially with a top notch show such as this. i don't think anyone in that crowd woulda bitched too much if the show ended with Sunshine Daydream. But thats just one heads opinion.
-Murphy (12/09/2013)

Dr. Mike is right, the 10/12 show is amazing, and it finishes the Playing from this night after a trippy little space section. Definitely listen to these two night in succession, will create a really chill vibe in your head.
-Murphy (12/09/2013)

Anonymous - you should have waited and been born the next night. Either way , Maine + Grateful Dead = !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-IM Hip (07/19/2017)

48th BUCKET was NOT born on this day.
-Yo (04/26/2019)

Love a Shakedown opener, and good energy here. A really good and beautiful Peggy-O harkens to an earlier time ('77 anyone?). I really like the Might as Well set closer too. Set second is interesting but very good. The first half doesn't segue at all until Playin into Drums. I like the two newish songs to start it. I think it's a really good Sugar Mag to end it all, too. All in all a very nice listen.
- (09/21/2023)

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