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Greek Theater, University Of California - Berkeley, CA

Set 1:
Greatest Story Ever Told
Dire Wolf
C.C. Rider
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Hell In A Bucket
Might As Well

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Touch Of Grey
Fire On The Mountain
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
The Wheel
I Need A Miracle
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

Dark Star

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One of my top 5 Runs of all time 7/13-7/15/84. Awesome Dark Star, Scarlet> Touch> Fire. Whaa....
All Three nights are tight and well played.
a must have for the collector.

here's what i'll trade for this show: legion of mary (JG side pj) from 4.19.75 - one tape
5.25.77 - two tapes
10.26.89 - one tape from set2
JGB - 12.20.75&12.31.75 on one tape

please PLEASE email me at


Just got this show and it is Saaa-weeeeeet!

Scarlet>Touch>Fire, Dark Star Encore, WHAT????
-Riggy Magee

Friday the 13th with a full moon at the Greek UC Berkeley. Really hot show. Prior to encore, Phil stepped to mike and said "hang out, we're going to set somethings up, do something special, one time only." (or words to that effect). A couple of screens were brought down and scenes of stars/constellations were projected there. Then, Dark Star. Yeow.

Awesome show...looks like they really wanted to show those students at Berkeley what real music is. Scarlet fire with touch of grey was great!!I need a miracle into stella was great. Jerry has an echoe on for his singing. A great dark star as an encore!

I have the first 3 songs from the second set..I do acid and listen to them, last show i saw was 7-2-94 and the first was 9-3-77. What a great time I have had tripping and listening to the Dead

I have secod set and encore, thanks Betty!!
-B Real


why do so many kids feel acid is the key to unlocking the deads inter- spiritual magic. its fun, but you can still listen to the dead straight.

In response to "fan"
Refering to people as kids only reflects poorly on you. And, don't go generalizing about the keys to unlocking this that and the other, especially when the band has said, and those who were there in the earliest of days have confirmed, that acid was the catalyst, the spark plug, the oil, the gas and the seat belt, so of course there is going to be a relationship between acid and the band, even if they were blowing rails 3 feet long at this point doesn't change that. I don't think there is a key, b/c I don't think there is a door. It's more like a window that appears as if not there and you can either hop through it or not...acid helps some hop through...nothing wrong with that.

CC Rider has some great slide work done by Bobby.
-Perrinswolf (05/30/2007)

Dark Star-last performed on NYE 81 epic show.

-Brianmerrilyn (07/10/2007)

saw grate shows on acid, saw grate shows sober.
the best of the best were sober, and most of the truly TRANSCENDANT moments were sober.

i dont regret the mind blowing experiences i had on LSD both at and away from shows, though im thankful i stopped when i did so i could REALLY become one with the music. IMHO the easiest way to do that is sober, and i recently had my first truly transcendant POST jerry show with 7/24/07 ratdog at red rocks. a show that brought me to tears twice and made me dance harder than i have in years. about 12 of 'em :)
-gdjake (09/04/2007)

ps- ....and while its unfair to say "kids", if you read nicks comments enough it does give you pause. literally EVERY review has a comment about him tripping. do we really need to know that? we're here to discuss the quality of the shows, not the acid nick took. just my .02.

pps- this is a WONDERFUL show. uptempo and jerry out in front. the "touch" snuck inbetween "scarlet" and "fire" was a nice treat, bobbys work on "cc rider" was fantastic, and a "dark star" as an ENCORE? what more could you ask?
its a smokin 17 minute dark star at that. check this one out people!!
-gdjake (09/04/2007)

Ok, so Im sitting eating my fruit Loops at 8am in NYC wishing I was in Cally for the Greeks... So I get the wind storm of an idea... call the airlines... 10am Im at La Guadia boarding a flight into Pittsburgh en route to SF. 12noon.. Plane takes off, plane slams back down onto runway... panic... emergencey evacuation... fire engines and all. Somehow, I wind up on another flight 2 hours later and wind up landing in SF at 5pm. So I get into this cab and what else... all traffic is stopped going over the Bay Bridge. So the cabby says "Why not take the Bart" Ok, so now Im zipping under the Bay and as we pull 1/2 way into the Berkeley station the train stops.... for like 20 minutes. I can see the platform and people scurrying for a Miracle. I am reserved to sitting in a pub on Telegraph if I ever get off the train. Did I mention I had no tickets? Train begins to move... I get off...saunter up the hill onto campus step into the street across from the Greek and this girl almost runs me over, I mean misses my by an inch. She asks me if Im alright and would I like a ticket for the show... So I find myself walking through the gate at the first stroke of Bertha... AND THEY WANT TO KNOW WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO!!!!
- (05/20/2008)

wow i love this show one of my first board tapes i loved to listen with head sets great stereo seperation they should put this on cd for sale.
- (07/29/2008)


-Anonymous (06/14/2009)

What a GRATE show!
I was zooming on 300 mics of Purple Pyramid. This was my first Cali show,
and most memorable. I peaked at The Greek in '84 and I'm STILL yippin' in '09 at 50 yrs old!
-Anonymous (08/28/2009)

First of all, if you think that acid is key OR being sober is the key, then your completely relying on your own self interest to control the experiences of others. some people need doses to transcend the first few times, others don't. but to say that one way is better or more correct then the other is to say that you know better then everyone else (you can argue this all you want, but psychology doesn't lie). If you think like that, your no better then the government was back when the dead formed, or even now for that matter.

If someone wants to talk about their acid experiences, who are you to complain, especially when i know most of have done it before. People have different experiences and describe them in different ways, even nicks comments, although they may be perdominantly drug oriented, it is still his experience and your complaint only tells me that you believe yours to be more important, or at the very least, better.

The dead is about the freedom to be you, no matter who you are. If your a sober headd, good for you, but please don't go the way of Straight edge douches complaining and looking down on people who do drugs, it's just pathetic and it shows your arogance front and center. And Acid heads, don't look down on sober heads either, they know whats good for them and as long as they don't attack your way of life, it is in good karma to give them the same curtisy.

I personally have never seen a show live (too young) but through LSD i was hooked after listening to 5/28/77 and haven't stopped listening since. If it wasn't for L, i would never have understood things the way i do. But that was a long time ago and i have since stopped it.

I still would encourage people to do it, because it allows you to see past the preconditioned prorgaming that we all go through in our adolesense and toddler years, between school and parents feeding you bullshit, you get a view of the world that is fantasy and based on what could be instead of what is. Acid and other psychedelics (acid just being the most compatible with your endorphine receptors) help to break those preconcieved notions and break the bonds society has shackled you in in order to keep you in line. The dead are just a musical example of what you can do once those bonds are broken.

The dead rarely did LSD after the 60's to early 70's, with Veneta '82 being a good example of why they didn't do it as much. They already knew what was good and how to lock into that vibe that is the dead without LSD, instead, prefering to smoke Ganj and do Blow, and unfortunately Jerry and Brent doing Heroine, but LSD is one of those things that shows you the path to walk on, after a while the path shines through clear as day. So all this discussion about whose right, sober or tripping, is irrelevant to the more important fact, who gets it and who doesn't.

This is a good show btw, sorry about the rant, but i really hate when people think they know better then others, none of us do, we only know whats best for us, if we all realized this, we'd be alot better off.

And one last note, this show has a great first set, which is definitely out done by the second and DS Encore, but i still feel it deserves some praise.
-Murphy (12/04/2013)

I had a tape where you could hear someone in the audience going "Scarlet Touch Fire Oh My Oh My God"
- (07/15/2016)

44th HELL IN A BUCKET came and went with a loud bang.
-Yo (04/26/2019)

Would be cool to get an audience at the Greek and then blast this show over the PA system. Maybe use a Grateful Dead slideshow for the first set and then a psychedelic light show during the second set.

Might be a fun idea. We could do it on the anniversary or find when the next lunar eclipse is happening.
-Will (05/08/2019)

I have a soundboard bootleg in my collection that was converted from my Maxell Gold Cassette to a Phillips CD Recorder that I bought
back in 2004 that would blow the socks off of any one listening to it. Just got done listening to Sugar Magnolia...Dark Star and discovered this site. Long Live Jerry!
- (05/15/2020)

Great run, no venue like the Greek. The online generation gas created their own mythology around certain shows being good. This run doesn't get mentioned enough, in fact too many kids whop never even saw the dead just go by tapes, and actually bash 1984, which is just silly.

Who's the poor soul above giving the long narrative about calling kids kids? He needs to go see a shrink. And stay out of people's lives.
- (06/26/2020)

Listening to first part of show on XM right now. The Scarlet is good (as expected), but I like the Touch of Grey even more. Great version! ....I knew about encore Dark Star which must have been mind blowing to those present, but now I want to listen to entire show.

Regarding the previous comments about being on acid at shows or listening to Grateful Dead tripping , I am just going to add my thoughts....First, to be clear, whether or not anybody chooses to try acid or not (or any drugs for that matter) is completely personal. I have never recommended that people should try tripping because even though most people I know have had great or at least not harmful experiences, a few I know did not enjoy it at all. I tripped on acid and magic mushrooms many times in college and a few years afterwards, and I still believe my outlook on life has been altered in a mostly positive, profound way, BUT I had a deep curiosity about what tripping would be like before I tried it so was somewhat cautious about potential "bad trip"going into first time trying it. I was around two friends night of my first time, one of who had tried it before, so I thanked it was helpful to be tripping with people you can trust and we all tripped, staying up all night, having a good time (for most part - a few weird things happened but like in life I managed to stay on course and kept myself in safe, happy place most of the time). I remember hearing Morning Dew from Europe 72 in car on cassette late in night (morning actually) and I realized what a beautiful song that is when you can listen to it with the attention it deserves.......anyway, I know this is getting too long but just want to comment on a few more things:

I saw Grateful Dead shows in 80s and last show was 1990. My first show was 1980 (5/10 in Hartford) and I was straight because even though 17 but hadn't even starting drinking alcohol yet (very innocent compared to my friends). I thought the whole concert scene was pretty crazy then but was enjoyed the music......I went to two shows in late 80s on acid. First time was in Atlanta at Omni in 1988 or 1989 and I was scared several times because I felt completely overwhelmed, kinda like when I was innocent kid in 1980 but this time the strong acid made simple things like walking down aisles in dark seem impossible. My senses were overloaded, so it took hours before I felt comfortable enough to relax and actually watch concert and appreciate fantastic and playing. It wasn't a bad trip but it was a "long strange trip" that could seem like a nightmare to someone not open minded enough to ride out bad or unfamiliar parts and back into zone. That's why I can't say if wise to take acid or not listening to Grateful Dead shows or if their music better listening to when tripping or not. Its all based on personal experiences, and luckily I had friends around me tripping too, and we made the best of the experiences.
- (07/13/2020)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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