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Pine Knob Music Theater - Clarkston, MI

Set 1:
Iko Iko
Little Red Rooster
Brown-Eyed Women
Mama Tried
Big River
Tennessee Jed
Hell In A Bucket
Might As Well

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Samson And Delilah
He's Gone
China Doll
I Need A Miracle
Sugar Magnolia

Baby Blue

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Video of this show? Shitty ass shows released and no grate ones. The FUCK HAPPENED????

- (10/13/2009)

This was a pretty good show. Hell in a bucket really comes into it's own light around this time and the china doll out of space was a suprise, considering they brought it back as an interlude between playin' and drums. Or at least that was most of the time.

Set 1: The Iko opener just rocked, really good vibes layed down through the whole jam, then LRR was not too bad as well. The mam tried -> big river transition was flawless. Tennessee made me go all spacey and get lost in my own head. but bucket brought me back before a mighty might as well.

Set 2: China -> rider was a little rough in spot but fire in others, really sounded like the boys did some good shit back stage before coming back out. just settling back into the crowd i guess. The Samson is a nice "Sunday Tune" as bobby put it. Which i guess is pretty acurate, since they have a saturday tune, the bible song would definitely hold for a sunday tune. He's Gone was standard, with the exception of the ending jam, which sped up and got pretty strange before disintegrating into drums. The space section wasn't as weird os athers from this period, but the way the boys came back to earth with china doll was a beautiful touch. The ending three, Miracle -> Bertha -> SugarMag, what can i say, it's a rocking way to end a rockin show.

And then, before you know it, it's all over now. Not the best version, but definitely a good rendition, no major screw ups. Boys sounded tired by the encore, jerry was doing some melow solos instead of the fast paced shreading that usually occurs in early 80's versions. No complaints though, it relaxed me outta my trance with ease.

If you don't know all that much about the dead, this is a good example of why people loved them, and still do to this day.
-Murphy (12/02/2013)

Clarkston '84--end of a fun, entertaining weekend starting at Blossum and finishing at Pine Knob. 3 above average shows; I like each show on their own merits. By Sunday, and the drive up to Michigan from Indy, the crowd had thinned. Their was still a good crowd, but nowhere near sold out. Also a lot easier getting in and out and walking around. Overcast day, but I do not recall any rain.

We got into the pavillion seating and managed to remain. Murphy gave a good review above; I will add the following:

1. Solidly played 1st set, but no major revelations other than maybe Iko. MAW good as well and Jerry gets most of the words.

2. Set 2 once again is where the action is at. Interesting sounding China > Rider. Unique for '84 He's Gone. As I watched the stage, Jerry was looking for a convenient spot to rest. Bob with everyone else in hot pursuit decided to lay down this brief, but intense strumming rhythm riff thing. I do remember myself and others standing to watch and see what came next. Of course, drums was next. This was the 80's and both the band and the fans slowly searched for ideas to keep the shows "fresh". This is one of many examples. 1985-1986 would have others and in particular breaking out new material and reviving some older stuff.

He's Gone onward was just great; nice China Doll and well-played. China Doll > Miracle > Bertha was the "cream of the crop" for this show. A bedazzling release of energy all are really well-played. Sugar Mag is fine as well. The transition of the songs were wonderful and you can hear these on tape. China Doll into Miracle had this "suspended notes in the air" and bright lights flashing into the crowd like this was some Las Vegas act. Then they formally launched into Miracle and this was just powerful and slick. Miracle into Bertha was intense with this compelling momentum building until Bertha is started. Jerry does a fine job with Bertha and everything else.

When I got back out east, I would often just listen to these transitions and smile, smile, smile.... Still do.

Honorable mentions: LRR, Hell In A Bucket, China > Rider
- (05/09/2015)

41st BUCKET! Are my allergies flaring up? I have a runny nose.
-Yo (04/26/2019)

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