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The Centrum - Worcester, MA

Set 1:
The Music Never Stopped
C.C. Rider
Cumberland Blues
Ramble On Rose
My Brother Esau
Big Railroad Blues
Promised Land

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Uncle John's Band
Playin' In The Band
Wharf Rat
I Need A Miracle
Touch Of Grey

Johnny B. Goode

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Great show. Music Never Stopped as an opener is pretty sweet!

great scarlet
-rob kane

Jerry sounds like he is about to die.
-80s head (10/22/2013)

This show has the best Scarlet-Fire of all time. Jerry had a rough night the previous show and this was a strong comeback for the best show of the fall tour.

-CJC (02/04/2015)

Will be officially released on 30 Trips Around The Sun Box (SEPT 2015)
-M C (06/10/2015)

Lots of great improv in set II. Love the Space segment from this show.
-Broseph (11/12/2015)

Truckin-Serious kick ass version
- (01/17/2017)

"Happy Birthday" tuning for Brent by Bobby before Scarlet > Fire.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (02/12/2018)

30 Trips Around the Sun

Disc 1

The Music Never Stopped 9:33
Loser 7:02
C.C. Rider 9:07
Cumberland Blues 7:46
Cassidy 6:11
Ramble On Rose 7:34
My Brother Esau 5:21
Big Railroad Blues 7:37
Promised Land 4:45

Disc 2

Scarlet Begonias 13:29
Fire on the Mountain 16:05
Uncle John's Band 8:23
Playing in the Band 11:29
Drums 9:23

Disc 3

Space 15:19
Truckin' 7:57
Wharf Rat 9:57
I Need A Miracle 3:33
Touch of Grey 6:31
Johnny B. Goode 4:11

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

Super solid show. The accolades that this Scarlet/Fire received are well placed. In my opinion, it is definitely a top tier version.

Beyond the Scarlet/Fire, the song that I definitely recommend you give a serious listen to is Big Railroad Blues. Jerry has an itch to scratch on this one, and he is not stopping until he has taken care of business. Fantastic extended jamming...great stuff. I'm not sure that he is completely satiated by the time the Big Railroad has rolled into the station because the following song, Promised Land, is almost and extension. I, like many, look at Promised Land as simply a quick rocker, but this version is a cut above as Jerry continues this pretty amazing jam session.
- (07/03/2020)

Well said Mr. Paco. Personally love ‘83, so much dynamic energy to be absorbed. 4/23/83 Philly Spectrum many years ago solidified the love affair once again. My brother Esau is my brother from another mother always welcome to step inside. Of course and as mentioned before, this scarlet fire is one for the record books. Hope y’all enjoy it , peace
- (09/19/2021)

Sage & Spirit “tease” in Space.

- (10/22/2022)

The Scarlet Fire is not even in the top 50.

- (11/06/2023)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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