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Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD

Set 1:
New Minglewood Blues
They Love Each Other
Little Red Rooster
Hell In A Bucket
Tennessee Jed
My Brother Esau
West LA Fadeaway
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Samson And Delilah
He's Gone
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

Baby Blue

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This may be the most AWESOME show I got to be at, out of about 60 Dead concerts. Minglewood,LR Rooster, They Love Each Other(it rocked!), Bother Esau ...The WHOLE SHOW ROCKED! It was Rainy and muddy as hell...The place was flooded and there was water over the footbridge to parking. Lightning struck near the stage during Wharf Rat and there was a momentary power failure, but the Boys kept on playing.A wonderful show.

The rains came and did not let up. This show was visited by a monsoon of Biblical saturation. Almost everyone in the entire lawn section stormed the covered seats just for a reprieve from the deluge. It was packed. Lightning strikes briefly knocked the power out of the PA several times. But the highlight of this show was Bob Weir, taking off his guitar and singing Sugar Magnolia stalking the stage with just a microphone. I think he was scared getting shocked, so he discarded his guitar. I remember he tried to climb the scaffolding. He was ranting about "aborigines" I'm not joking. Listen to the show for proof. The bridge to the parking lot was washed away and the whole audience had to wade through three feet of water to cross a gulley back to their cars. So much fun.


Bob Star before The Other One.
- (07/09/2008)

This remains my favorite show of the 130 plus I saw back then.
The venue, the rain/lightning, the energy of the crowd and the band, my particular mood.....
The planets were in alignment for one of the best Dead shows of the eighties.
I will never forget the Wharf Rat ...Holy shit !!!!
The China>Rider was absolutely sick.
The best Sugar Mag. I EVER saw.
- (09/07/2010)

This was my 1ST Dead show! I was so taken by all the Moon-doggies mud dancing/surfing after the rain, but they kept playing! I went w/ a dude that was the clerk at my local 7-11 & the Good Humor man from my construction job (He made/sold pipes out of wooden tent pegs & our 3 PM was way more enjoyable because of him!) dating the clerk's hot sister! I told him there were little pieces of paper in that gallon jug of lemonade somebody passed down the line into the arena! When I got on US#29 to leave I was confused which way to go as I didn't live in Baltimore or Washington! I got to see Jerry Band later! : )
- (07/08/2012)

I can testify to Steve Everett's description, he is Dead accurate in all he said. I met my future wife at this show which we have always called The Grateful Drench !!!
- (06/19/2013)

Without a doubt this was my MOST unforgettable show out of the 50+ I attended. Coincidentally it was also the first show I dosed for. The venue seemed so cool, mellow and park-like on the way in that evening. My friends and I had lawn tickets. Let me tell you, what everyone else has said about the rain is absolutely true. We were soaked to the skin in no time once it started, and the rains just kept on coming harder and harder. I remember watching all the "mud puppies" sliding down the hill on their bellies on the lawn during the first set. I recall getting a beer but it got watered down because of all the rain falling into it.

Then it got dark and the storm and the lightning became downright fierce in the second set. Several times the P.A. sound was knocked out by lightning strikes but it just kept coming back on. I can remember at one point in my tripping mind I thought Jerry and God were doing battle. Yeah I know - the things that can go through your mind when you're tripping your balls off at a Dead show while standing in a monsoon of biblical proportions!

When it was all over we had to leave through the opposite side of the venue from where we had entered because the little creek we crossed on the way in had become an angry raging river, and it had swallowed the bridges across it. And go figure - me, the only one in our group who tripped that night - was the one who was able to navigate back to the car.

I actually still have the tattered remains of my ticket stub from that night. It almost totally disintegrated just from being in my jeans pocket in all the rain. I think I recall hearing back at the hotel that evening that it had rained something like 4" during the storm.

I surely wouldn't want to do that again, but I also wouldn't trade that experience for anything in the world. And yes, it was definitely a rockin' show. There was an electric energy in the air that evening!
-Lightnin' (10/06/2013)

An epic show. It was hopeless trying to stay dry, so I embraced the storm. Dancing down front, fueled by a pint of whisky, I helped churn the mud until it was knee deep ... and the music never stopped because of the storm. That storm was the best special effect that I ever experienced at a concert.
- (12/22/2014)

A formative Grateful Dead experience if there could have ever been one. Such great vibes. A true treat. My first show and I am privileged to have experienced the band early enough that the whole scene was still an "cosa nostra". Truly it was like the Gypsy circus came to town and some would get swept up and be gone, others touched down for a spell. New old friends everywhere. What a time for a HS freshman! Others talked about the biblical weather - all true. The new turf was just a few days old, so it just slid down the hill with the rest of the crowd! Great memories.

- (12/30/2015)

Slight setlist correction here. Esau and Bucket should be swapped:

My Brother Esau
Tennessee Jed
Hell In A Bucket
West L.A. Fadeaway

Great show, amazing AUDs out there. Jerry is feeling it throughout and Phil is inspired. SPAC two nights earlier is great as well. Enjoy this gem, and pass it along to a friend.
-Ed (01/25/2017)

"And it's T right here in... wherever we are" -Bobby during "Minglewood"

Great show. Still trying to get the ol' time machine fired up...
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (12/07/2018)

I was there with several friends, it was a Dead show I will never forget. Before the show I bought a tie dye t-shirt from a Deadhead vendor girl near the mall parking lot. On the front of my shirt is printed Please Donít Murder Me. I will come back to the t-shirt later. I remember entering the venue and asking a group of skilled deadhead hackysackers if I could hack in and I hit the hackysac so hard it flew out of sight. Later during the show we were on the lawn and it was raining hard and then it stormed. I remember standing there between two beautiful girls I had just met. It was amazing when the lightening knocked out the power and the Grateful Deadís music stopped and the crowd all said awe at once then the power came back on and the music started back up and everyone was cheering. After the show the small creek we crossed on the way in was now a small river. People were falling in the creek and washing downstream. Once we got to the grass parking area some of the concert goers were shooting fireworks and a few of them were being shot off horizontally and we had to dodge the fireworks. Once my friend and I left we drove north somehow to a motel in Columbia MD. Once I got in the room I went to take off my wet tie dye t-shirt to take a shower and my chest and back was stained in tie dye colors. Thank goodness it rained so much that I didnít have to go to work the next day. I still have that t-shirt from June 20, 1983.
- (02/20/2019)

My brother Rob was at this show, I remember hearing about all the rain. He told me when the power blew it was so brief that the boys didnít miss a beat, playing through the 2-3 second lapse. Sounds trippy and truly GD. I was in Portland Oregon during this close to home rain fest rain fest (saw my first rock concert, ever here in summer 73). Saw a bunch of late summer dry sunny shows in August in Portland Seattle Eugene and didnít quite make it to Santa Fe. Back in time for Richmond in the fall.

- (09/01/2019)

6/22/73 only other time they played

He's Gone >
Truckin' >
Drums >
The Other One >
Wharf Rat >
Sugar Magnolia
- (07/20/2021)

The Sugar Magnolia doesn't touch 11/11/73.
-You (10/22/2021)

Haha - You

That comment on 11/11/73 was what brought me here as well.
- (11/25/2021)

Ditto to all the above commenters. I remember the lightning strike during Wharf rat, it only took out the PA for a millisecond. But in my dosed head I thought it was like five minutes, and was AMAZED that the band came back in on the same beat that took them out, lol. I was absolutely scream-laughing!
-Chris Learned (02/13/2024)

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Keyboards: Brent Mydland
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