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Saratoga Performing Arts Center - Saratoga Springs, NY

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Bird Song
Mexicali Blues
Big River
Hell In A Bucket

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Playin' In The Band
The Wheel
Playin' In The Band
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away
Touch Of Grey

Don't Ease Me In
One More Saturday Night

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Great show! There was lightning going off in the distance during begonias/fire. Also, Brent riffed the the beginning of "I can see clearly now" at the beginning of begonias!
-rich k.

Despite the many disagreements I have had with friends over the years, this was by far the best Dew ever played.

The audience was so huge at this show. I've never seen a larger crowd at any Deadshow ever. The audience energy was so explosive and fired up that I think the band was frightened. The Dead delivered a very long and intense show. The Morning Dew is Jerry possessed. People ask why we went to so many shows? We went to a hundred shows just to hear a Dew like this one. There must be a board of this somewhere. I would give my left arm for a board for the Dew alone.

Great show - 10th row S>F and the Dew are so big - I'm remember being there - electric - and actually experiencing it

We drove up from Long Island the night before. The plan was to drive to SPAC and then look for a place to stay for the night. While we were in the parking lot at about 7pm the State Police came by and told everyone they could stay the night because there was not a campsite or hotel with space within a 70 mile radius. All night long the parking lot just kept becoming one bigger and bigger party.
Also, what a great show! Can only find an audience copy of the show. Anyone have the sbd?


my all time favorite dead show, micky dueling with thunder, jerry sharing solos with lightning , the scarlet - fire was over the top, the wheel sent me into space and the dew made me cry but jerry explained to me it did not matter anyway hell in bucket scared the shit out of me and i had vivid end of the world flashes but jerry brought me back with touch of grey , and he was rite we did survive "so far anyway" ..... the other day the album version of touch of grey was played on the truck radio while on my way home from work, and for a few moments i was back there on that lawn at spac screaming and yelling and crying and laughing ....thank your grateful dead
- (09/30/2007)

I'll go out on a limb here but this is the most laid back Brent era show played east of the Rockies...maybe ever (Brent era)! You will like, the SF almost falls apart and the Dew...
-Anonymous (12/08/2007)

My first dead show, and what a show! I sorta remember the lightning around the wheel but it coud have been something we ate.. Jerry's amp done busted in the first set, or was that SPAC 84? On top of the awesome show, spAC is one of my favorite venues in the east, like being out in the woods..
- (11/10/2010)

This show smokes, some flubs during the 1st set but a solid 2nd set. I highly recommend this show to others for the Scarlet>Fire, also the Dew is explosive.

I think at the beginning of Scarlet Begonias Brent is just playing something that fits the sound of the song. Brent often would add little splashes of technicolor sound here and there especially with Scarlet and Fire.
-me (02/14/2011)

This show had the largest attendance in SPAC's history.
-Luke (01/07/2012)

Dew is a Monster. I am unaware of another that tops this.
- (08/25/2012)

@ Luke-no it didn't--two years later in '85 was the largest crowd at the spac (i was there in '83,'84 & 85)

- (06/09/2014)

agree with all of the above, the second set, scarlet..wheel, out of this world. i swear to this day that mickey and jerry brought the storm in and also waved it good bye. either that or they just played along to the weather. truly a special night.
- (03/05/2015)

If i had a tkt sometimes i'd write the setlist on the back and this time i got most of it. But what stands out in big letters i wrote LOTTA DOUBLEDOSE FOLKS HERE TONITE!
I had so much fun at this show square dancing on the hill with 10 or 20 other friends we'd just met. Ya know how when you're tripping beautiful everything just seems to flow that's how it was all night. I hadn't squaredanced since the 7th grade but somehow we all knew what to do. Oh man what a night...
- (11/19/2020)

My best friend passed in July of 80, his little brother was like 14 years old , he pestered me for 3 solid years to take him on a trip and to go to a Dead show. I finally relented and this was the show. Needless to say he was amazed, we got so tripped out the we were separated and I wasn’t really able to talk to anyone during the show. I thought the lighting during the Wheel was in my head , I ended up barefoot and shirtless back at the car and there was Sean , saying we gotta do this again….. Good times ; Noodle Salad
- (06/09/2023)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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