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Oregon County Fair Site - Veneta, OR

Set 1:
New Minglewood Blues
Tennessee Jed
Me And My Uncle
Big River
It's All Over Now
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

Set 2:
Day Job
Man Smart-Woman Smarter
West LA Fadeaway
Far From Me
Playin' In The Band
The Wheel
The Other One
Black Peter
Playin' In The Band
One More Saturday Night

Dupree's Diamond Blues

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I arrived at the start of Althea, the proceedings were bizarre, the band never seemed to settle in, I sensed a certain spaciness in their playing, like they couldn't sync up, I don't remember the encore, Dupree's, I always felt there wasn't an encore becuase I remember Artis the spoonman playing after the Dead left the stage, people kind of milled about like they didn't think the show was really over...

The scuttlebutt is that they droped acid for this show.

I was backpacking in the Three Sisters. We got rained out, and went to breakfast in the town of Sisters that morning.

We met people coming through who had been to this show, and one guy said "they played for like EIGHT HOURS, man!"

Veneta Ten Years after
The boys were thought to have dropped some paper for this show, which may explain the relaxed and longer than usual country and western 1st set until China>Rider. Minglewood had some good highlights and Jerry was beautiful in Althea.

Day Job-1st/57 times played...before they over did it.
West LA Fadeaway-1st/141 times. Lyrics different from future versions.
Far From Me-Short version
Playin'-Fast. Must have been a "team peak"?
Wheel>T01>Truckin-Only time played other than 4.27.85. "Sex change" line in Truckin'

E: Dupree's-Last played 4.14.78

Supposedly show was cut short due to dust from crowd with hands out of the pocket pool. There was supposed to be a 92 reunion show, but either it was Jerry following his MD's advice to get off the road, and or the local God fearing folk that utilized their 1st amendment rights.

-Perrinswolf (03/28/2007)

A spacey show indeed. It rained incessantly the night before and the night after this show, but the day of the show itself it was sunny and warm. The band was decent, but nothing like their visit during their peak period, 10 years prior. I remember watching John Cippolina (Quicksilver guitarist) dancing on one of the towers near the middle of the crowd. Wavy Gravy was there to MC and to cajole the crowd into cleaning up the area after the show was over. Not sure if the band was dosed for this show, but I know many of us in the audience were!
-Grateful Dave (03/07/2010)

Pranksters were spraying people with DMSO and LSD. Quite a potent mixture too. I was sprayed and was lying on abandoned blankets during the best China/Rider ever! Phil's bass notes during Althea drove me back. I was no longer ascending for the 2nd set and Keasey came out and talked about how "the music will go on!" I thought Music never stopped? Nope, Day job. Never heard it before or West L.A. Fade Away either. At that point I couldn't even tell what song it was. The only thing that mattered was that they kept playing! OMG don't stop! They finally did The Wheel is totally sublime. Some really beautiful sweet guitar work there by Jerry to keepme from totally freaking out!
- (01/24/2020)

Must hear Althea for '82! very hot outro jam.
-Anonymous (03/04/2020)

Perhaps an ignoble attribute of this show, but it was also the first-ever Day Job.
- (06/02/2021)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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