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University Of Iowa - Iowa City, IA

Set 1:
Feel Like A Stranger
Friend Of The Devil
New Minglewood Blues
Tennessee Jed
It Must Have Been The Roses
On The Road Again
Beat It On Down The Line
Stagger Lee
I Need A Miracle

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
Eyes Of The World
Iko Iko
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

Baby Blue
Johnny B. Goode

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Absolutely killer upbeat show, perfect and energized the whole way. This was my 2nd show. I didn't know what I was getting but I sure worked up a sweat! Definately a desert island choice!

So there we were, driving from Ann Arbor to Iowa City, when it hit me... it doesn't get any better than this. 4 friends [okay, me, my brother and 2 friends] on the way to visit more friends and see a show. I was wrong... it does get better... Being AT the show with friends!!! And what a show this was!!!

going down the-a-line

Amazing quality for an 80s performance. The month of august 1982 captured a swell of audacity uncompromised by only a certain month in 77. (May for those who dont know what im talking about)FLAS is flawless from beginning to end. FOTD is respectable but standard. New Minglewood is drivin by Weirs tenacious attack of the microphone. Tennessee Jed is strong with mydlands back up vocals, but contains no outstanding Jerry improv. Cassidy contains an excelent solo that has the potential to be warped into a full fledge jam, but is subsided rather quickly. During IMOBTR Brent makes an inspiring coment to the band by yelling "come on boys." Technical difficulties plagues the band with an apparent problem with the P.A. system. On the Road Again just raises the bar for the rest of the show. BIODL brings the energy from OTRA into its own composition. Stagger Lee is standard. I need a Miracle is supprizingly short but great. The bands energy turns Bertha into a fast paced frenzy of guitars, drums, basses and so on. Set II. China Cat is spectacular, but only 7 1/2 minutets long. (too bad) I know You rider races out of China Cat with the heart throb of a coke addict. Lost Sailor brings the whole scene to a hault much like morning dew does for Cornell and sets a candle-lit mood for the audience. Saint of Circumstance is just incredible, an excellent performance throughout. Eyes has the same fast pace beat as the bertha from set 1 which may or may not turn you off. Drums is standard. Iko Iko is just spectacular, even though im not a fan of it. Truckin, who gives a f*^k. Stella Blue just creeps the shit out of you. Sugar Magnolia is excellent, way above average. Baby blue and Johnny B Good end this spectacular night with the same respectivness as its preceeding 2 sets created.

i agree with pharmies


Man, do I remember this one! Of all of them, Bobby's guitar on Iko was the most inspitred I've heard! Stella pretty much made me cry.

Met some guy who claimed he was the " last Prophet" at intermission... with a peak going, you can imagine how that was. Remember pointing out undercover cops after the show; that was fun. Mostly. I think the show was summed at the end by the band... " YOU'RE the reason we played like this tonight!"

hot, hot show from start to finish. . .and fastest eyes ever?

Minglewood-Solid slide play

Tennessee-Jerry's voice is butter

Cassidy>Roses (excellent ballad pairing)

On The Road Again-38/42 times played

Funny stage banter before OTRA w/regard to Pharmie above "Stage right is about left?....Come I know you can do it...Everbody who thinks it can be done, say "I Know You can" on the count of 3... We are hoisted on our own petard. Bobby with the Shakespears reference-Nice.

Truckin' "sex change" lyrics change.

-Brianmerrilyn (12/12/2007)

This was the last show of that summer tour and one of the best. I remember as we pulled into the parking lot someone was just giving tickets away. I don't think anyone was left outside that night. Those certainly were the good old days.
- (12/12/2009)

interestingly, of all the Grateful Dead shows in history, this is only one of two shows ever played on this day. a great one at that !

real nice China->Rider
-Blair (08/10/2010)

Download the concert here...

Nice fun show!


-Grateful Johnny (08/29/2012)

"Remember pointing out undercover cops after the show; that was fun."

Three years later at Merriweather after the gig I was walking though the parking lot with several sheets and a half gram of blow...surely some weed. Some little hippy chick says "there goes an undercover cop" referring to me. I turned and smiled which she took as conformation...everything is not what it seems little girl...

-Bossgobbler (12/18/2014)

FOTD is amazing.Great sounding boards on Archive. Sailor/Saint Eyes and that FOTD. Prime Dead.
-Stagger lee (11/09/2015)

Bobby strums the hell out of Iko Iko. There's a fakeout of Around and Around before Sugar Mags starts. Good show with a strong Sailor > Saint and some great tunes in the first set.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (08/26/2018)

Garcia's turns out smoking loads of heroin and crack make your voice sound like a 9 year old girl on helium.
-Anonymous (03/26/2019)

thank you Sirius for sharing the 8/10/1982 Iowa City, IA show with us today for the 9:00 PM Hour ...

iko iko on & on & on & on .......

- (12/09/2020)

This is the Noon EST concert on XM 23 Greatful Dead Channel on Thursday December 16, 2021. I have never heard before. Excellent audio quality. The band is really in high form.
- (12/17/2021)

... Yes Sirius, also played Saturday night at 9AM EST.... appreciated 8/10/1982 ..
Bertha as set one closer was cool & unique....

test me, test me
Why don't you arrest me
Throw me in the jail house
Until the sun goes down... EVERY NITE!
-Anonymous (12/18/2021)

Generally not an 82 guy but this show rocks. Terrific Stagger Lee.
-Anonymous (06/02/2023)

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