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War Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo, NY

Set 1:
Shakedown Street
C.C. Rider
They Love Each Other
On The Road Again
Ramble On Rose
Looks Like Rain
Brown-Eyed Women
Let It Grow
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Playin' In The Band
Estimated Prophet
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Not Fade Away
Morning Dew
Playin' In The Band
One More Saturday Night

Johnny B. Goode

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My 2nd Show...and f**ing unbelievable! Still looking for a decent sounding copy of this show after all these years...

The old war memorial was a straight up and down set up. First note of "shakedown" nearly blew the roof off the old joint.

16 yrs old, first show, it blew me away. been diggin it ever since. gone are the days...

Does any one remember that this was the night befor the Rolling Stones played at Rich Stadium. Nothing like a little competition to inspire the boys. Great weekend!!
-Monty (05/29/2007)

I agree with the prior post, the first note of shakedown is still ringing in my head. Im not saying I was chemically influenced this night, but the boys were serving it up. I have a pic of me at this show, during peek, and my now 17yo son saw it... he just shook his head LOL
- (05/20/2008)

What a night.I'll never forget to remember this one. Or is that remember to forget.
- (02/08/2009)

This was one for the ages! Estimated was off the hook....and, Morning Dew drew first tear! Will never forget this one!
Boys, re-master and release...please...
- (05/30/2009)

Listening to this show on Sirius today. Long long, crazy crazy night. Does anyone remember seeing a short guy posing like a statue -- butt naked -- in one of the parking lots by the arena? One sip too many of the apple juice.
-On the Bus from Cleveland (12/08/2011)

Awesome show. I was at Univ. of Buffalo at the time and quite altered. For contrast, the next day was a massive Rolling Stones concert at Rich Stadium. It was one of the biggest blow out weekend of my life.

No complaints!
- (10/12/2013)

this one sounds great. nice AUD tape and they almost always got it right in Buffalo for some reason. Interesting placements for Bertha and GDTRFB. Love it when Let It Grow flows into a short one like Dough Knees to close the first set. NFA into Dew into Playin reprise is magical.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (03/14/2020)

Wow what a underrated show for an underrated year!!
-Kdead (06/09/2020)

... thank you Sirius for playing 9/26/1981 @ Buffalo today ...

IKO IKO on & on ......
- (09/12/2020)

great posts everyone...nice seeing comments about the actual show and the weekend, instead of some clowns in their 30's who weren't their writing more useless and unqualified "reveiws" about how the Grateful Dead sound.
-American (12/18/2020)

American can't spell but he is right on the money. I always laugh at these kids who never saw the Dead trying to comment on show recordings... they sound like wannabe columnists reviewing a Springsteen show.
- (12/18/2020)

Show 18 out of 242, a great time was had by all. They only did three shows that fall in the US before the Europe tour, they were all real good, this was the best. I still listen to this show at least once a year. I loved central/western NY shows. Utica in '81 and Binghamton in '79 and '83 come to mind. And Syracuse '84 - wow.

(Just Exactly Perfect Band? Geezus, the online generation never ceases to entertain.)
- (12/18/2020)

It's just as delusional to say these were among the best years of the band as it is to write them off completely. The 80s were cheesy AF. Plinky keys. Jerry's voice sounding like shit. Arena Rock vibe. Yuck. Sorry that people criticize your youth b/c they don't wear the rose colored glasses.
-I Was There crowd are just as bad (06/02/2021)

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