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Manor Downs - Austin, TX

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Little Red Rooster
Tennessee Jed
New Minglewood Blues
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

Set 2:
Feel Like A Stranger
Bird Song
Playin' In The Band
Not Fade Away
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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only bobby could screw up the "leavin' texas 4th day of july" lyrics on jack straw...considering it was a texas show on the 4th of july would we have expected anything less?? beyond that little miscue this show is red hot and worth getting...great summertime dead from a summer day long ago!!

The Greatest One More Saturday Night EVER! A special rendition for this July 4th show. Playing: C Attitude & Goofiness: A+

"One more Fourth of July/Everybody get high!"

"One more Saturday Night/Fourth of July/Ah-hah!

"When the rock and roll music meets the rising shining sun/And that will be the FIFTH of July!"

"Hey another Fourth of July!"


Location of Venue is WRONG...

Manor, Texas
-Sinjin von Hoogstraaten (07/03/2008)

Long walk. Hot. Jack Straw on the Fourth. Smoked turkey drumsticks.

- (05/10/2009)

I have little doubt that Bobby's "T for Texas, T for 4th of July was totally planned. He was giving the T sigh with his hands around stage prior to the opening. Additionally, right after they sing "Jack Straw from Wichita cut his buddy down", Jerry is so emphatic with his next six guitar notes that I think he even surprised himself. It is like no other Jack Straw at that one moment and if you listen to the tape carefully, I appears you can actually year Garcia chuckling to himself about the outburst.....still knocks me out!
- (07/28/2011)

This show was magic. This was my first show. i'd been listening to europe '72, Live Dead, and everything else i could get my hands on. i'd aquired a couple of bootleg cassettes (I think felt forum'71 was one). i wasn't yet 17 and my brother had turned me onto them in '79. Drove down from Dallas with my brother, my best friend and a friend of my bro's. We were one of the first hundred or so folks there waiting to get in. Hung out there all day - it was a blast. This was also my first trip. We got tabs of what we were told was mescaline after we got into the Downs. Later I learned that these tiny tabs were much too small to be mescaline - must have been acid. All good. I had no idea what to expect. Crowd was really up and ready for fun. Noticed a LOT of Hell's Angels there. Show started, and I was fully immersed. After a while I had forgotten we dosed. Reality started to bend in the middle of the first set. By the time China Cat started the band, the music, and myself were beginning to fly apart and together in kaleidoscopic fragments of wonderment. Yet, at the same time it seemed I could see every movement of Jerry's fingers. I was with people I loved tripping my ass off at a hot magical Dead show. What do you think was gonna happen?? During drums-space the universe started getting a little scary. I had to sit down (the Downs are like a big open field). It was already kind of dark, and I was seeing a sea of thousands of legs all around me, with one hand raised holding onto my brother's belt which was a kind of reality anchor. I reentered a place of joy before drums was over I think, and found myself back on my feet. From there the universe went from wonderful to magical to a state of permanent smilehood. I remember virtually every note they played as each was was reflected in my breathing and the rhythm of my thoughts and feelings. By the time the bluesy NFA morphed through Rat and into Sugar Mags I was dancing my ass off and as
high as I've ever been. I was hooked to this experience and this music for life. Never counted my shows, but somewhere between 60 and 100 would be right. Had many many other great shows, good shows, fair shows with great times and great people; but this day at 'anor Downs was one of the best days in this boy's life.
-jw (09/02/2012)

One of the most memorable experiences of my life. My brother and I drove over from New Orleans and stayed w/a buddy of ours who was going to UT. Partied on Sixth Street Friday night with a bunch of friends, eating enchiladas and sucking down margaritas. Got up early Saturday, drove out to the venue and partied in the parking lot all day. Skinny-dipped in the cow pond across the road, then went into the show (already tripping our asses off), and promptly lost all my friends. No matter. I ended up about 6-7 rows from the front and just groooooved all nite long. Ended up back at the cow pond after the show with one of my buds and we hooked up w/a couple of hippie chicks. Absolutely unbelievable! BTW, I downloaded this show a while back and it is just as good as I remember. Best Bird Song I've ever heard, among many other highlights.
-stan (01/30/2013)

After the show in the parking lot was the first time a man put his penis in my mouth.


-Anonymous (05/03/2015)

I have always been pretty fond of all the Manor Downs shows from the playing, to the AUD recordings, to hearing the stories about peoples experiences at this venue.

Man, I miss GD, JGB.
- (04/06/2017)

Response to the following comment:

Location of Venue is WRONG...

Manor, Texas
-Sinjin von Hoogstraaten (07/03/2008)

I was there! the location was definitely MANOR DOWNS - it is (was) a horse race track - Sorry Sinjin - but you are incorrect!
- (03/20/2019)

When I came across this show I was intrigued by all the comments about Bobby "blowing the lyrics" and I couldn't wait to hear what that was all about. Now, after listening to this 4th of July show's rendition of Jack Straw, all I can say is you people who think "Bobby blew the lyrics" are incredibly fu*king stupid, and maybe also ignorant of the fact that "T For Texas" is practically the unofficial state song of Texas going back to the 1920's - or that "T for the 4th of July" could also be taken as reeferring to some other special form of T being passed around inh the crowd. For a band famous for such interactive audience banter like "take a step back" and "we'll be back in a few minutes," I think Weir's clever acknowledgement of the significance of the place and time with his play on the song lyrics is nothing short of epic, and certainly seems to have been appreciated by those present judging by their roar of enthusiasm. Of course this was back before the epidemic of public stupidity had overtaken our society, but it's a shame that people who don't know enough to know what they don't know should be criticizing Mr. Weir in this way. You wouldn't by any chance be Democrats woould you? Oh, I thought so.
- (07/03/2019)

I really enjoyed reading the comments here about how Bobby supposedly screwed up/[]/ exchange lyrics for Jack Straw. r

Reminded me of reading from the book by Rock Scully where he recall Jerry yelling at Bobby post show, saying "how could you fuck the song didn't you write it"
- (11/16/2019)

Location of venue: Manor Downs, a Horse Racing track outside of..... Manor, TX
-Charles Watt (10/29/2020)

This was my first show and right from the start it was a blast. does anyone else remember the two skydivers landing in the field next to the venue just before the first song? It was really only one skydiver the second one appeared to be some two by fours wearing clothes and when the first diver pulled his shoot,he let the other one go to the ground and freak everybody out but it was really not a person. We camped at Hamilton Pool for a couple nights west of Austin what great memories. Been in the bus ever since!
-Mike (01/28/2021)

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