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Nassau Coliseum - Uniondale, NY

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway
Greatest Story Ever Told
They Love Each Other
Little Red Rooster
Dire Wolf
Looks Like Rain
Big Railroad Blues
Let It Grow

Set 2:
New Minglewood Blues
High Time
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
He's Gone
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) Jam
Spanish Jam
The Other One
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Wharf Rat
Good Lovin'

Don't Ease Me In

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dicks picks 13, a great introduction to 80s dead!

bobby shouts out to bobby sands during this show

An incredibly definitive He's Gone. From that point on worth the price of admission alone.

holy crapola! the second set is.

It just IS.

should've called this one The Possessed Dead. :)))))))))))

the "Bobby Sands 'He's Gone'" was lights...awesome jam

Tremendous show. At the end of Disc 2 on Dick's Picks 13 Scarlet Begonias/Fire on the Mountain appear as a hidden bonus. Does anyone know from what show those songs come from? They are splendid.

The hidden Scarlet Fire on DP 13 is from 11/1/79.

I of the best all time "He's Gone" ever....

Alabama-enjoyed Brent's spooky organ

Minglewood-"Long Island girls"
Caution-last played 10.27.79
Spanish Jam-last played 7.16.76

On "He's Gone" Jerry's solo are lightening fast. The jam within is Darkstar esque. RIP & Dia Guit Bobby, one of the few political statements ever made by teh boys-many thanks.

-st. steven (05/27/2008)

Funny how the Dead played "Lost Sailor" on the day I arrived at boot camp 3-10-81 (RTC Orlando) to enter the Navy, and played it AGAIN the day I graduated from boot camp, 5-6-81. Pretty much summed up who I was and what I was to the Navy - Definitely a LOST sailor!!Pity I wasn't into the Dead (not til '98, shame on me!), because i DEFINITELY would've been into THAT song!
- (09/26/2008)

Minglewood is really laid back at first then builds weir slide solo is just sick love this version the caution jam is some intense group improv
-Stagger lee (06/30/2009)

Remembered camping out at the Coliseum for tickets and winding up in the 27th row. Show was moved up a day, due to a Hockey game. Got there early that night to enjoy the show, found $20 bucks and a couple of miracles for the Sunday Night Show, 5th Row Center.
He's Gone was the Best I ever heard. One of the Finest Shows I ever went to the whole experience from buying the tickets to the last note of Don't Ease Me In is a lasting Memory.
-WharfRat121486 (12/10/2009)

Good Gawd the Hightime is purdy! Reminds me of ballin' my wife when we were dating... beautiful.
-1x1 (02/18/2012)

As everyone here says. This is outstanding stuff. Listening to the Dick's Picks is a little weird, because the sound is so canned and the audience so muted....dunno, maybe it's due to the sheer availability of all these May '81 AUDs on the archive that listening to a board has some special significance. Love this show.
- (05/06/2014)

This was my second full dead show, third time seeing them (Snuck into Capitol Theate in Passaic NJ in 78 at the beggining of 2nd set) This show blew me completely away and started me on to 83 more shows. Miss you Jerry.
- (07/10/2014)

Met up with several friends from college who I had gone with to my first show four years earlier. Of course it was a great time and enjoyed listening again when the CD came out.
- (08/06/2015)

Was there. My setlist has Scarlet -> Fire after Saint of Circumstance....
-Skeeter (01/01/2016)

Sorry. Looking at setlist from wrong year. Believe the Scarlet > Fire is from '79. Hard to read years. Handwriting was a bit sloppy from these tiny blue pills...
-Skeeter (01/01/2016)

In my top 10 even with the Don't Ease.
The band is super tight.
Jerry is sharp.
Drumming is excellent. Listen for will notice something different this night.

-mlw (09/17/2016)

Tasty TLOE
- (12/03/2016)

A reliable show. Easily in my top ten, this one.
-Bob (06/18/2017)

High Time is indeed lovely and quite well sung.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (10/11/2017)

The Scarlet Begonias/Fire On the Mountain on Dick's Picks 13 is from 11 1 9. It's included as hidden filler on the Dick's Picks.

The show in question on this page, 5 6 81, had no Scarlet/Fire ... but it was a fiery show.
-Bookkeeper (05/03/2018)

11 1 79 Scarlet/Fire
-Bookkeeper (05/03/2018)

Dick's Picks 13

Disc 1

Alabama Getaway 5:01
Greatest Story Ever Told 4:25
They Love Each Other 7:08
Cassidy 5:17
Jack-A-Roe 4:56
Little Red Rooster 9:32
Dire Wolf 3:26
Looks Like Rain 9:05
Big Railroad Blues 3:55
Let It Grow 10:07
Deal 7:33

Disc 2

New Minglewood Blues 7:16
High Time 9:49
Lost Sailor 6:15
Saint of Circumstance 6:35
[Hidden 11 1 79 Scarlet-Fire]

Disc 3

He's Gone 11:53
Caution/Spanish Jam 15:25
Drums 7:24
Jam 3:42
The Other One 6:04
Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad 5:33
Wharf Rat 9:19
Good Lovin' 7:46
Don't Ease Me In 3:27

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

>>> thank you Sirius for sharing the 5/6/1981 Uniondale, NY show with us today for the 12:00 Noon Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day

- (02/03/2021)

Yes, really classic He's Gone her for Bobby Sands. I still prefer the John Cipollina He's Gone on June 18, 1989 at Shoreline. But I'm biased 'cause I was there for it.
- (03/20/2021)

I read somewhere awhile ago that this was the last show that linked the old way of jamming and the structured set from here on out. I kind of agree. This is a great show.
-Old School (09/30/2022)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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