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Alligator Alley Gym (University Of Florida) - Gainesville, FL

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
New Minglewood Blues
Row Jimmy
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
The Other One
Stella Blue
Good Lovin'

Casey Jones

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amaaaazing show kids!!! run don't walk to your friendly neighborhood trader and get yourself a copy!!
you want highlights?? ok...a HUGE row jimmy...SMOKIN sailor>saint...the entire second set is real "mind melt" stuff...shakedown>franklin's>estimated>hhe's gone>truckin' is truly a stellar set of jammin'

Yeah, the second set has some good stuff... but I wouldn't say it was mind-blowing. For example, the transition from Shakedown to Franklin's was sloppy.

This was my very first Dead show ever! I was living in St.Augustine, FL, at the time & had heard that The Boys were coming to Gainesville, a mere hour+ ride from the First City. So, like the other guy said, I ran - I didn't walk - to the nearest ticket vendor! It was a great show. I was familiar w/ many of the songs in the Dead's playlist by the fall of 1980. I had become familiar w/ the band around the time of Blues For Allah and Terrapin Station and, after the release of Shakedown Street, the band was summarily thrust into the national spotlight w/ the major smashing success of the title track. They wouldn't see that kind of radio play again until the release of the After Dark album when the unbelievably-popular tune, Touch of Grey, thrust our Bay Area Boys into the international limelight once again! Anyway, I've become VERY familiar w/ the setties since this `80 show and had taken in numerous shows by the time August of 1995 rolled around. I've also watched other incarnations like The Other Ones, Phil & Phriends & now The Dead w/ great delight & renewed enthusiasm. It's does the heart good to see the music surviving so long after it first commenced in 1965. I guess, truly, The Music Never Stopped, eh?! Anyway, this UF show is a great settie: there are definitely better, there are also certainly worse. But, it will always be a special settie to me `cause it was the nite I popped my Grateful Dead cherry, so to speak! Well, as Pierre Robert from 93.3FM/WMMR in Philly was always fond of saying ... "may God Bless the Grateful Dead." Oh, and ... GO `GATORS!!! Take care, ya'll! Hoz

Couldn't disagree more with the previous submitter's noting of the Shakedown > Franklin's transition as "sloppy." All of the November 1980 shows are well above average, with Lakeland 11/28 being the weakest of the bunch. This show is extremely under-rated. Much more laid back and groovin' than the typical east coast fare. They find a solid pocket to groove in for the entire second set and stay there. The Truckin > Drums > Space > Other one is of the best Drums ever, and the Space is magnificent.

I had this show when I first went to Florida as a 16 year old kid. It has remained the soundtrack to every Florida vacation ever since. I would be thrilled to hear more personal accounts of actual attendees of this show as well as the rare possibility of a photo from this show.


I have taken classes in the building where they performed which is no longer a gym, but is now divided into classrooms, The building has a good vibe. The Transition in not sloppy, Brent had just joined the band and you could tell he was feeling his oats with the boys, pressing on that organ with the rythm of Franklin's, brent really took it into that song IMHO.

Whenever my band play Dead tunes, we'd always play Shakedown into Franklin. Never realized they actually did it! Very cool. Any other good Shakedown>Franklin performances?
-Dave (03/24/2008)

Awesome, just awesome. A million miles away from home, feels good to hear a Florida show, this Shakedown is my shit!!!!

Thats all, and oh yeah...

- (06/15/2010)

Hey Now! Yours wasn't the only cherry popped. The amazing spark of this show triggered a gotta have more attitude. The Florida Gym had removed the seats on the floor and replaced it with a throbbing mass of loving humanity. My date and I had second tier seats right above Phil with our own private speakers. We were having a grand olde tyme. Then I left to go to the bathroom which was across the court. I wasn't seen until I was back at the house. I was a terrible date, but I just had to dance. Back then Gator football went 0-10-1 but we had so many great shows come through town. Of course we had the 'Gainesville Green' to lift our spirits. Gay Goaters!
- (09/14/2011)

No brainer dont go home for thanksgiving. Was at the show second row sence buds threw out show added to great performance.
Gainesville also had snow flurries that thanksgiving weekend cool vibes awesome show.

- (02/25/2012)

To Anonymous, Listening to this show on SiriusXM right now. Shakedown RARELY transitioned into anything because of the unique sound of the song. For the same reason, it was most often at the start of a set as getting the instruments and effects setup just right was a chore for the song. I give them Kudos for transitioning out of Shakedown into Franklin. There is a video on YouTube somewhere of the transitioning INTO Shakedown, but the Shakedown did not have the full effects on it. But for that show and this one, it was never about being perfect, but about being fun and taking us for a unique ride every night.
-Steve (05/10/2013)

I just finished listening to this show at the library here on campus at UF, just a block away from where this show took place.

This is easily one of the strongest early 80s shows I've heard. Great energy and playing all the way through. Love the song choices. The Shakedown>Franklins transition is a little sloppy but it was well worth it.

How has nobody mentioned the Space > Other One yet? That was FIERCE. He's Gone and Candyman were also notable standouts, as well as Truckin' and Sailor > Saint.

I have heard this show before, years ago and I think about it every time I walk past this building, and it brightens my mood. First time listening since transferring here last year though. What a gem!
- (12/04/2015)

What? No Alligator??
-BillySunday (11/30/2016)

Shakedown>Franklin's-pretty sweet double Jerry 2nd set opener. One & only time played too...
-Perrinswolf (12/20/2016)

Went to this show as a freshman at UF. Remember being in an nice altered state waiting to get inside and a bus full of Hare Krishna unloaded in front and they started their own jam session. I had never seem Krishna before and just watching them jam was a fun diversion.
Anyone else remember that?
The place only held about 10k and the bleachers were shanking.
"Double shot of whiskey and those Gainesville girls start looking good"
- (02/04/2017)

This was the last concert in Florida Gym before they moved basketball (and concerts) to the new teflon domed arena. Contrary to what someone said earlier, the floor (basketball court) was filled with folding chairs. All tickets were general admission. I was there doing setup of sound and lights as a part of Technical Services. A student group that worked all the concerts on campus. After sound check and just before they opened the doors, we took seats on the 3rd and 4th rows. 1st and 2nd rows had been reserved for Student Govt VIPs, local radio station wonks, and promo tickets. I took my girlfriend and was blown away by the show. I told her it was the best f*cking concert I'd ever been to. She replied, it was the worst concert she'd ever been to. Needless to say, I never took her to a Dead show again (did end up marrying her though).
- (07/31/2018)

My first tour, started in Hollywood, then Lakeland, Gainesville and on to Atlanta. What an amazing time. This show was the best of the tour and maybe the best Dead show I ever saw. The 11 song first set was hot right out of the gate and that smokin' Lost>Saint was the highlight IMO. When the band came out for the second set and hit that first note of Shakedown, the music never stopped until the encore break. The Other One featured one of the most amazing Phil bombs ever and He's Gone into Truckin', OH MYYYYY. One other thing, I usually stay pretty tuned for space, and I believe that this was the best space of the many shows I saw. Great show. My buddy recorded it and I have had a copy of the tape every since. I listen to it often.
- (11/30/2019)

...Sometimes the light's all shinin' on me, other times I can barely see, EVERYDAY it occurs to me, .....What a Long Strange Trip it's been .... and CONTINUES 2b...iko iko ....
-Anonymous (02/05/2022)

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(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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