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Folsom Field (University Of Colorado) - Boulder, CO

Set 1:
Uncle John's Band
Playin' In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Me And My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Samson And Delilah
Easy To Love You
Looks Like Rain

Set 2:
Feel Like A Stranger
Ship Of Fools
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
Saint Of Circumstance
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

Alabama Getaway
Brokedown Palace

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good chance this is the only time they started a show with UJB>PITB>UJB

gonna give this one a listen today!

many blessings and well wishes to all you deadheads out there on earth and beyond!

jerry christmas and happy new weir!
- (12/25/2012)

yes it is the only UJB> PITB> UJB opener
- (06/08/2015)

First show with my best friend, he and I were 14, his mom put us on a bus for the 4 hr. ride to boulder, I miss the 80's. We just got back from the Dead & Co. show at Folsom field, 36 years after the magic began...
- (07/05/2016)

This Walker-Scotton AUD is Phil-heavy and even across channels, despite the nonstop clapping to start. Luckily, the crowd tires out eventually and the musicians are more audible. The drums are surprisingly low in the mix, while Jerry, Phil, and Brent are way up front. A great introduction by John Scher--"I guess this is the beginning of the second fifteen years; ladies and gentleman, the Grateful Dead!"--leads to a unique start with UJB -> Playin' -> UJB. And talking about unique, check out these odd setlist tidbits:

Samson appears midway through the first set
Saint comes out of space (no Sailor)

For a second set comparison, look at 05/29/80 and 6/14/80. To open the second set, both gigs also have:

Estimated ->

And after Drums/Space, they each go into Sailor -> Saint followed by a ballad (Comes A Time and Stella Blue, respectively). In this show, we go directly into Saint and then Black Peter. Yet another reason to hear multiple shows from the same tour. Here we see how their thinking and setlist planning takes shape and the changes they make on the fly.

Back to the music!
Set 1: Playin' is on point, the band is free and loose, and Jerry plays off of Brent's organ to great effect. To begin the show like this is really special. Brent playing the UJB reprise melody, and you can hear it take shape beneath the band before they all drop into it. Going into MAMU hints at their tempo for the night. There is nary a slow or pause in this set, save for the slinky groove in Althea. Highlights are a sharp and blistering solos by Jerry everywhere, from the ending solo in Tennessee Jed, to more great solos in Samson and Althea, and ensemble perfection in Looks Like Rain.

Set 2: Stranger is hot and a great set opener. The dip into the outro riff is kind of bungled, but doesn't diminish the great interplay that came before. Special note to Jerry's sensitive solo in Ship and the band's responsive playing. Phil's playing in Estimated is inspired, and the outro jam is very cool. It's about two minutes of focused ensemble work, each musician listening intently to each other. Jerry's trill near the end signal to the band to speed up the tempo so they can drop into Eyes. There's a great moment about midway through where Brent is climbing the register, while Jerry is looping around him. It gives the uncanny feeling of moving upwards in expanding circles. The Devils are doing great work here too. The last five minutes gets away from Eyes and swirls into other shapes and colors. Post-Drums gives us Saint->Peter[very good!]->Sugar Mag, and the encore is worthwhile too. Especially Brokedown. Dig this very good 1980 show and pass it along to a friend.
-Ed (05/30/2018)

... thank you Sirius for sharing the 6/8/1980 Boulder, CO show with us today for the 12:00 Noon Hour ...

iko iko forever & a day

- (01/22/2021)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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