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Uptown Theater - Chicago, IL

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
Brown-Eyed Women
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
It's All Over Now
Lazy Lightnin'
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Samson And Delilah
Terrapin Station
Playin' In The Band
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance
Wharf Rat

Johnny B. Goode

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a very tight and tasty show!! the "most valuable player" on this one, in my opinion, was brent! even though he had only been with the band a few months he was truly making some sweet contributions in his rookie year! when you listen to this show you will note that he was adding some very nice "color" to each song! the scarlet>fire is one of the longest of all time!

while it is a great scarlet>fire, it is not near one of the longest ever, 25 min is a common length. Great scarlet/fire though. john

The Playin' and Lazy -> Supplication are also hot. Great sound from

A fine groove thru out, but it's Brent and Bob that keep that going. Jerry seems uninterested in many parts, and the Terrapin is one of the most lethargic versions I've heard. Jerry sounds like he drank a bottle of NyQuil before it......

Alabama-9th/142 times played. JG solo's nifty.
Althea-16/272 times played

7/7th time this sequence played.

Sailor>Saint>Wharf Rat>Truckin
Only time this sequence played.
Jerry's voice was good on Wharf, but as Daredevil mentioned, Jerry is by and large absent from the 2nd set.

1st set Brent sounds fantastic. 2nd set Scarlet's groove is Way off- just not clicking. Lethargic like someone else said about Terrapin
-Mark (09/04/2013)

As arranged on Dave's Picks 31:

Disc 1

Alabama Getaway 7:05
Promised Land 4:35
Brown-Eyed Women 5:48
El Paso 4:26
Ramble On Rose 7:44
It's All Over Now 8:58
Jack-A-Roe 5:39
Lazy Lightening 3:16
Supplication 5:25
Althea 11:33
The Music Never Stopped 8:17

Disc 2

Scarlet Begonias 11:42
Fire On The Mountain 15:28
Samson and Delilah 7:45
Terrapin Station 14:11
Playing in the Band 11:20
Drums 10:02

Disc 3

Space 2:27
Lost Sailor 7:06
Saint of Circumstance 6:11
Wharf Rat 11:05
Truckin' 9:33
Johnny B. Goode 4:49
Estimated Prophet 12:01
Franklin's Tower 10:12
Jam 10:27

-Bookkeeper (07/18/2019)

This Dave's list program is BS. Go all the way to check out and their site freezes up. Money grab plain and simple
-Ray (07/19/2019)

Too funny Ray. Maybe subscribe, no worries, sit back and let the releases roll in all year. Cheap poor fool, get a real job. No money grab, lol.
- (07/27/2019)

I was recycling cans all of last Fall being creepy in front of all the grocery stores and passed out behind the dumpster. Shit my pants too!
-Ray (07/27/2019)

Hey RMD, I have no reason to order the script. I still have over 450 - 90min Maxells so I really don't need every one they put out. My point being is their site sucks. Dealing with Deadnet sucks.
And the biggest money grab in all this is this karaoke act called The Dead
-Ray (08/24/2019)

Hi Tie-dyed Tom
-Matt (12/02/2020)

... thank you Sirius for sharing the 12/3/1979 Chicago, IL with us today for the 7:00 AM TIGDH ...

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Samson And Delilah
Terrapin Station
Playin' In The Band

iko iko on & on & on & on

- (12/03/2020)

... DEJA VU ...
thank you Sirius & TOGDH 7am...

iko iko today & 4ever >>>>

- (12/03/2021)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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