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Stanley Theater - Pittsburgh, PA

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Easy To Love You
New Minglewood Blues
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Looks Like Rain
He's Gone
Gloria Jam
C.C. Rider
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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First CC Rider

Good show.My favorite version of c.c.rider. Jam after C.C. Rider is really sweet.Beginning of not fadeaway is really good. Dont stop throughout the whole second set. I like that. WHO EVER WANTS THE SECOND SET I CAN TRADE.

great show! do my ears deceive me or did i actually hear a little "feelin groovy" jam in the china>rider??


Incredible show.
Ran into Phil afterwards and he was astounded at the jamming that night. Also, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend were there as The Who played the next night at the Civic Arena. Tenth row. Senior year in college. Enough said.

i have to chuckle alittle at that last one....not the first CC, not by a long shot

Chuckle all you want Wolfboy but this was indeed the first show in which CC Rider was performed by the Grateful Dead.

Matt. This is the first C.C. Rider performed by the Dead. Get off your high horse.

The second set alone is good enough to warrant getting and listening to this show. He's Gone>CC rider is so tight it just sparkles. This show changed my life. I think Rob would agree with that.

Sugaree-Splendid prolonged solos.
Althea-15th/272 tims played (whispered)

Gloria Jam-only time played.
CC Rider-1st of 127 times played Matt...use this site to "check your facts"


My first show when i was in 10th grade...I had NO IDEA what I was getting into.
- (07/04/2008)

it's a possibility that matt thought CC Rider meant "China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider."
-dr. doug e. fresh (07/30/2010)

i took my soon-to-be wife to this show. She was not impressed, didn't get it. Marriage lasted 3 years. Her reaction to the show should've been a "dead giveaway." (pun intended.)
-Rich (09/23/2011)

Even though it's not listed, the "Gloria Jam" was actually done first on 11/9/79. Can't believe Perrin missed one. Either way, i don't know why this site doesn't list it on the Buffalo set, i guess you can't get it perfect when your spacin out while tryin to keep track of every jam. This show is great, but the gloria jam from 11/9 was way more intense and purposeful... kinda sounded stuttered this time.
-Murphy (05/24/2013)

You are aware those comments your commenting on are over 7 years old.....GET OVER IT....
- (01/21/2015)

Wow, the fat man dies and everyone turns on eachother. Pssh!!! Humans... always fightin about somethin.
-Anonymous (10/11/2016)

Perrinswolf i always enjoy and trust your comments
-Jeff (11/30/2016)

Perinswolf. Me too, he adds something here and I don't think I've seen him pick a fight. Decaf guys.. decaf.
-JJF (11/30/2016)

See-See Rider first played in the 1920's,,(recorded),,Get over It
- (08/19/2017)

There were a number of "Gloria's" around this time after He's Gone...I know I saw one at Nassau in the Fall of 79 on this same tour.
- (03/07/2019)

Got to agree with the others.. perrin's not hurting anyone and contributes something. EdBlack69, really?
-jj walker (03/09/2020)

First off thank you Perrin. He is the real Deal Head. I sent a email earlier this year to thank Mr Wolf for contribution's to this site. His show facts are always on point. Now to this show and 79 Fall tour. Brent is finding great space this tour. This is one of the great Sugarees 5/22/77 another that comes to mind. He's Gone Gloria jam was one I burned up on the tape I had. Fall and Winter 79 has some real jem's. Jerry's huge runs of scales and 15 min jams well worth your time. ☮️ NFA 65-95
- (12/01/2020)

Jack Straw- I love the way this show opener starts off with the levels being adjusted by the sound board and then it just keep rocking and doesn't stop. reminds me of one of my friends said "dude. It's only the first song." This is one of my new favorite. Jackstraws.
-Perrinswolf (12/17/2021)

Oh yeah, special show and tape. The SB recording is so just beautifully perfect-perfect, one of the first (&best) DATS I received back in the early 90’s. Special mention to you High Altitude Flyers …out there….that He’s Gone >Gloria Jam pairs just exactly perfectly with 200mg and a few balloons. Transportations guaranteed, a true before/after kinda dealy, yo!
- (05/05/2023)

What a special groovy mood these guys were in hat evening. The 2nd set is especially chill. Unbelievable He’s Gone and Black Peter. Probably my favorites.
- (05/09/2023)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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