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War Memorial Auditorium - Buffalo, NY

Set 1:
Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
They Love Each Other
Lazy Lightnin'
Easy To Love You
Jack Straw

Set 2:
Dancin' In The Streets
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
Wharf Rat
I Need A Miracle
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Brent Mydland totally rules and the dead were nothing without him.

really enjoyed this one. check out the second set for some hot mydland.

This is a hot second set people, Brent is burnin', the mix is spectatular. it's amazing to think that this was Brent's first year with the band, there is so much new energy in the improvisations. Compared to the other shows of the late seventies. This is woeth checking out.

hey i agree that brent was excellent and during the era he played with them i guess you could say that "he ruled"...but to say that the dead were "nothing without him" is a pretty ridiculous statement considering the incredible stuff they did BEFORE brent was in the band. have you ever checked out say 5/26/72...or 7/31/74...or 5/8/77?? if you haven't i suggest that you do...and that you do it soon!

jerry sings he's gone with such passion, makes me think keith's on his mind. he just pours his soul into the words. brent's keys are superb on estimated, along with the rest of the show

do my ears decieve me but i think i hear GLORIA after He's Gone. Good damn music lies within this show. get it. Brent is stepping on the bus for this show. Enjoy :^))

your ears do not DECEIVE (i before e EXCEPT after c....remember????;) fact, not only does a jam on "gloria" pop up but a bit before that there are some major, major "caution" licks by phil whereby the rest of the band more or less follows suit...although it never turns into a full-blown version it certainly deserves mention as the entire pre-drums jam after "he's gone" is 2 cents

....oh yeah, i almost forgot to mention the sublime transition from "dancin'"> "franklin's" is one of the most seamless transitions of their career...think "wharf rat">"terrapin">"morn dew" 5-22-77...1/2 the band is still jamming "dancin'" while bobby and phil start pumpin' out "franklin's"....this goes on for a few minutes until jerry comes around as do brent and the drummers and awwayyy we go into a dynamite "franklin's" (maybe not as good a version but a sicker transition than cape cod)....also, if possible could someone tell me if all the verses are sung in this "franklin's" because i was in the midst of herbal surfing when listening and the first verse i remember hearing was "in franklin's tower there hangs a bell, it can ring;turn night to day....if you get confused listen to the music play..." which, either way, was extremely appropos (go ahead, make fun!!)at the time.....seeeya

talk about a disco-infused dancin'!!!

Unfortuately, Brent's keyboard had to be replaced after Estimated because he set it ablaze with funky goodness. There is something seriously wrong with you if you cant dance through Dancin' -> Franklin's.

Alabama>Promised-Perfect pairing
Loser-soulful Jermone licks
Easy To Love You-Brent's butter voice. 10th of 45 times played

Franklin's>Estimated>He's Gone
1st of only 3 times this sequence was played.

Whart Rat>Miracle-spendid transition from the mid 2nd sad set to back to the boogie time.

E: US Blues-did i hear a slide?

Dancin into Frnaklin's only happenend 4 times, this was the 2nd. Normally Frnaklin's first. Boys made a good batch this evenin for the city of Butt-low.

This show was fantastic. Two chicks smoked a joint with me then we all went back to camper n screwed till morning. It was a CREAM-FEST.

Shot 10 ft. during Drums segment
- (12/02/2007)

The Dancin'>Franklin's and Wharf Rat, Miracle, Bertha and Good Lovin' are on Road Trips Vol. I No. I
-rmd (03/17/2013)

THANKS Ga-Dead Head. For the life of me i couldn;t figure out what they were jaming on. It was so familiar, now i know why> GLORIA!!!!!!!!
-Murphy (05/22/2013)

My first....and as the song goes "what a long strange trip its been" . Spent countless years trying to hear it again. While there were other equally amazing moments, there is nothing like your first introduction to anything, quality matters. What a show.
- (07/12/2013)

my first show....hooked me good
-DON I. (11/15/2014)

dude like it was totally gnarly like riding a totally gigundo wave dude
-ya bruh (08/25/2015)

Road Trips Volume 1 Number 1

Disc 1

Dancing in the Street 13:10
Franklin's Tower 12:04
Wharf Rat 11:15
I Need A Miracle 4:04
Bertha 5:52
Good Lovin' 7:08

Bonus Disc

Estimated Prophet 13:16
He's Gone 10:35
Jam 8:41

-Bookkeeper (07/23/2019)

Dancin > Franklins will steal your face right off your head
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (08/23/2019)

Embarrassed by how long I thought the lyric in Franklin's was 'If you play on ice, you're gonna harvest wind.' Of course 'PLANT ice, harvest wind' not only makes more sense, it's an amazing line/concept. Hunter does it again.
-Anonymous (10/29/2021)

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Band Configuration
(04/16/79 - 07/23/90)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart

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