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Holleder Stadium - Rochester, NY

Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step
Franklin's Tower
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Friend Of The Devil
Looks Like Rain
Don't Ease Me In
Lost Sailor
Saint Of Circumstance

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Wharf Rat
I Need A Miracle
Good Lovin'

One More Saturday Night

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One of the truly great Scarlet-Fires, and the opening Half Step-Franklin's makes this show worth seeking out. Also, Jerry belts out "anymore" 17 times on the Bertha, (for those of us who are keeping track).

i have an audience copy of this show. the audience sounds like they were all sloppy drunk...yelling...hootin' and hollerin'...the dead play kind of sloppy as well...maybe they were toasted too! in the midst of this drunken party scene...the dead's loose and sloppy playing begins to have some real appeal as you listen to this show...for example the half step that opens the show kind of lopes along and then towards the end the band literally catches fire and brings the jam up to an incredible level...they then crank into a smokin' franklin's that drives the drunken crowd nuts...this is fun stuff to listen to! the scarlet>fire that opens set II is nearly 30 minutes of wild jammin'...not the best show in the world but a fun one to have...pass me another beer please!!! ha ha!!

It was wonderful. Beautiful sunny day, old
outdoor minor-league baseball
stadium with wooden bleachers. Fantastic

It was indeed a warm and sunny day. My 1st dead show, and I only went to see the Good Rats!
For history's sake, it was as former High School (Aquinas) football stadium, not b-ball. It was also the home of the NASL Rochester Lancers. They didn't have a beer truck, like they had at some of the old Silver Stadium shows (that's the baseball stadium in Rochchacha you might've been thinking of), but there was sure a lot of good stuff going around. I slept through most of the second set. Does anyone remember the Lancers?

it was a hot day and i asked someone if i could have a sip of his lemonaid. he said "sure! you'll really like this stuff..." it wasn't lemonaid and the crowd wasn't drunk.

I remember the Lancers Froggie.


Best outdoor GD show I was ever at.
I recall the beautiful sunny day and then the single small cloud that appeared during Looks Like Rain, then passed by. From tuning, the band rushed the microphones for a blast into Don't Ease Me In.
- (05/23/2007)

I was 14 at the time tailgating behind the stadium with my stoned friends. Man was it hot that day.
- (09/29/2007)

more cow bell!
-Anonymous (12/20/2008)

Opening acts: Greg Kihn, The Good Rats. Kihn was well received but by the time the Rats got on everyone was tripping and ready for the Dead, so they were pretty much booed off. It was high 90's and blazing sunshine this day. The crowd was loose because the parking lot was full of very good liquid acid dispensed from an eyedropper - lets just say that portions were generous!
- (02/18/2010)

Didn't care for being forced to drink Genesse Beer.
- (10/30/2011)

First show, just starting second semester at MCC. High school bought a bunch of tix @ $10.00 per and we hung out all day. A cloud did arrive and sprinkled a little rain during LL Rain. Seemed that Jerry commanded it. really weird.Joe B. walked around naked and had a reporter show up at Friday's near Bishop Kearney because she wanted to date. Freakin hysterical. He thought she was a cop and took off out the back door. It was a really hot day and a great show.Back in the days of 10 dolar tickets and crowds of 3000 people.
- (06/27/2012)

Great show memories: 1. Greg Kihn does a version of Not Fade Away and is booed. 2. The Good Rats started whipping rubber rats at the crowd during "Mean Mother Fucker" It was epic and the 1st time I experienced Dead Heads become somewhat violent. 3. Orange Sunshine was in abundance for $2.00 a hit. I might of had 4 or 5 hits witch I'm sure made the show memorable!
- (09/24/2013)

Jerry misses a few words during the otherwise glorious Half Step > Franklinís and the proceeds to play fiery leads throughout the show in the early days of Tigerís tenure. Bobís vocals are strong (Looks Like Rain, Lost Sailor). Theyíre still finding their footing with Saint of Circumstance. Terrific Scarlet > Fire and Space > Wharf Rat, with Brentís organ beefing up Scarlet, Jerry and Phil shining on Space, and strong Jerry vocals on Wharf Rat. Miracle > Bertha > Good Loviní is well done, sounds like Jerry breaks a string in there. Encore is pro forma. AUD tape sounds good.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (01/13/2019)

Glens Falls>Rochester>Augusta>MSG I think.
Left the car in Glennís Falls I think. The guitar player from the Good Rats ran past up the aisle to solo at the top of the stadium to be outdone by the singer beating a metal garbage can with a baseball bat. The Grateful Dead. This show just emphasized the fact that any show within a 300mi radius was a go to. Beautiful day, droppers, see set list. What fun. Lots of stories retrieving car and on to Augusta...
- (03/28/2020)

... growing up in the Rockin Chester, I was able to see 12 if the 15 Rochester NY shows 1976 to 1988. We also traveled thru New England, NYC, Philly, Baltimore & DC... those were the good ole IKO IKO days. Sure do miss Jerry & Brent ...

IKO IKO on & on .......
- (10/10/2020)

Hey I just had to mention that one of the first comments was a dude talking about an AUDIENCE he had of this show where "They're loud and drunk and playing sloppy" how did he never consider that it was THE CROWD who were loud and drunk and that you have to adjust your ears to even the best aud tapes to get it...but then again some people are morons...
- (04/16/2021)

For only 20 or so show's in Brent is finding his space and singing real good. Mississippi-Franklins killer and outstanding 2nd set! NFA 65-95!
-Chris (09/01/2021)

Yeah the crowd was drunk and it was a very weird show with the Good Rats throwing rubber rats at the audience out of a garbage can butÖ. Something happened right in front of me that was just a WTF moment. We were on the field sitting on a blanket and there were two guys sitting half on our blanket and half in the grass. We had just eaten a few sugar cubes and the guy in front of us pulls out a big mirror out of his backpack(security didnít used to be like it is) and he sets the mirror down. My friend and I were just watching not saying anything when this guy pulls out a rock of something that was easily a few grams. He dumped everything in the bag ourÖHe gets in his backpack and gets a razor blade and right as he was about to cut it in half a huge wave of water comes out of nowhere and it was gone (the rock). There was a puddle of water in his lap and on his mirror but said white rock was gone. PoofÖ, el disappear-o. I donít think Iíve ever seen such a look of confusion and sadness and anger and then hopelessness all at once like that ever before or sinceÖ. Oh yeah it also freaked me out seeing Brent up there. I had just seen the Dead in Nov of 78 at the Cleveland Music Hall with Keith and Donna. At first I couldnít figure out why Keith was singing and sounded like Donna.. lol
- (12/12/2021)

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Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Brent Mydland
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
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