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Golden Hall - San Diego, CA

Set 1:
Funiculi Funicula
Beat It On Down The Line
Dire Wolf
Looks Like Rain
Stagger Lee
Me And My Uncle
Big River
New Minglewood Blues
Tennessee Jed
Lazy Lightnin'

Set 2:
Shakedown Street
From The Heart Of Me
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
Wharf Rat
Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

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I CAN NOT believe I am the first person to write a review of this show!! This show is like finding a one hundred dollar bill on the side walk! A true Gem! "Their ain't no place I'd rather be", than listening to this show. Tennessee Jed rocks, Shakedown Smokes, and one of the greatest 'Estimated->Eyes" combo!! A very fast, funky and HOT version of 'Eyes'. A one of a kind EOTW, a must listen! Enough....find this show immediately and listen to the music play!!

This is perhaps the craziest, hottest, tightest show ever (yes, I know...that's a bold statement).

"Shakedown" is noodly splendor, most of Jerry's leads comprised of runs of 64th notes. They hit this note at the end before the final reprise that just shakes the earth.

The lead during "Estimated" is more of a grand, pround, head-smacking anthem than a guitar solo. Hard to imagine that audience members survived this song without their faces exploding.

Sugaree-Nice and relaxed version but builds grows steadily towards the end with incredible sizzeling Garcia solos. Boys took their time getting warmed up with the C&W first set, bookended by the "no pocket pool" Sugaree/Lazy Lightning/Supplication.
-Perrinswolf (06/30/2007)

If you listen to Wharf Rat, at 5:01 you hear Jerry yell, "QUIET!" to Keith who was doing some inappropriate, loud, piano jangling during the emotional "good lord willin', if he says I may" part of the song! In Phil's book he stated that Keith's playing pissed Garcia off a lot in 1978 and that was one of the big reasons he got booted from the band. Due to the haze of drugs his playing got less inspired and he began just mimicing Jerry's solos during the jams which really made the band mad! He wasn't gelling with the band like he had before and his playing was becoming very boring. I love Keith, even till the end, but you can tell his playing isn't up to '72-'77 par. Some shows he's just sitting there like a zombie banging out chords and trills. I'm not a big Brent fan but I will admit his playing took the Dead into a much needed new direction!
-Andrew (10/27/2009)

This show rocks, the energy is much higher than usual for late '78. Similar to the 11/18 show, Keith is playing very loud and bluesy stuff. Some may find it overbearing, but I find it at least as tasteful as Brent's early stuff. Keith lovers should hear this show.

This is one of the most inspired shows not only of late '78, but the whole year. The new material here, Stagger Lee and Shakedown, are ripping. The whole night has a jittery energy to it and its full of hot leads by Jerry and great Keith and Bobby embellishments. In comparison, 12/31 is a very mellow affair - setlist aside..

Top Quality versions of: Dire Wolf, Stagger Lee, Candyman, Lightening - Supplication, Shakedown, Estimated, Wharf Rat.
- (03/20/2020)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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