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Capitol Theater - Passaic, NJ

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Me And My Uncle
Big River
Stagger Lee
New Minglewood Blues
From The Heart Of Me
Promised Land

Set 2:
I Need A Miracle
Good Lovin'
Friend Of The Devil
Estimated Prophet
Shakedown Street
Ollin Arrageed
Fire On The Mountain
Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

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Was this a King Biscuit Flower Hour?

I noticed chanting during drums and it sounds great but who is that chanting?

Great show! I have never seen a live GD show but I am a dedicated listener of This was my first hearing of Freind of the Devil and it is shweeet. 2nd set is honey. I am a PHISH head that hated the dead but I love them now. Thanks!

hey michael that's ollin arageed chanting. i think they met him in egypt.


I second that emotion Mr. Anonymous
-the cool cat

great show, you can download it through a torrent on right now. and phish doesnt 'suck dick'. if you wanna attack a band, first of all have the balls to not be "mr anonymous" and second back up your opinion.

actually, the person chanting is hamza el din and yes, they did meet him in egypt. the tune that all of the members of the dead join in on is called ollin arrageed.

one of the great ones, jerry's lung problems can really be heard, good thing they took some time off, even if it meant some cancelled shows phish is a good band too

if you like the hamza chanting try out 12/27/90 in oakland.he came out with mickey and the two of them stood at bobs misrophone and did an amazing hand drum thing with hamza chating that blew my mind...they literally entranced the whole colesium..yeeha

This was a mail order only show that was a "network" radio broadcast to promte the Shakedown album, as is suggested by the setlist. Jerry was ill, as can be heard in his vocals, and they cancelled the balance of the tour. (The next night in New Haven, they let the audience in, and told them the show was cancelled at around 8:00 for a 7:00 showtime.) I am surprised to see the positive reviews here, as those in attendence, and the radio audience, pretty much agreed at the time that the show was lousy, typical of the band's failure to rise to the occassion when it was supposed to be a special show. Tickets were impossible for this, leading to an anticipation that the band did not live up to. The Hamza al din portion was novel, but not engaging at all live. I have not listened to this in many years, but remeber the transitions in the second set to be among the band's least smooth.

Yeah Phish Sucks Dick for sure. Glad they broke up. Trey is a tool.

have this on tape, performance is spotty relative to this rich shows the band played in this timeframe. Phish is really good. I'm making a statement, not arguing over the internet with a couple of douches

Phish sucks balls!
-Anonymous (04/29/2008)

I think it's funny that some Dead Heads out there hate Phish so much...


Apply your 'philosophy on music' to Phish and at least accept them for the fine and accomplished band they truly are. It's rather silly to hate Phish for some tainted strange 'deadhead/antiphish' reason.

I've seen both bands live. I've listened to 1,000's of hours of both bands on tape & CD. Both Bands are quite amazing if you ask me.

Phish will never be the American rock & roll legends that the Dead were. The Dead also pioneered they way for Phish, but who cares? Even though I'm so much more of a Deadhead and would pick them over Phish in a heart beat, Phish is amazing as well.

-Scott (01/16/2009)

nobody`s perfect!!what else.years of joy!!!!thanks jerry.
- (03/17/2009)

I am not a Phish head, although I have seen them twice and they were great. But for those who hate Phish, just remember this, if it weren't for the Grateful Dead, Phish never would have existed. And as someone said, be big enough to attach your name to a quote and not anonymous.
- (05/19/2010)

Gotta agree...Phish sucks dick
- (12/29/2010)

Haters gonna hate...
-Sgt. Pepper (11/16/2012)

Phish doesn't suck, your just listening to them expecting to hear it sound like the dead. and that's not an opinion, it's a fact, i.e., most heads who hate phish say it's because Trey is a tool and should be a back up guitarist. Hence, your expecting the dead, which is a constant melodic jam over rythmic harmonies. Phish may owe a lot to the dead, but everyone forgets that they are alot more like a zappa style band then a Dead Jam band. Facts are facts. If you don't like Phish, odds are you were never a big zappa fan. The dead and phish are very seperate entities, and one shouldn't be compared with the other, cause the dead will always win.
-Murphy (04/17/2013)

I didn't read any comments here implying that Phish is a bad band. A few folks have said that they suck dick. I have had my dick sucked and GOOD LORD! it felt amazing. Any band compared to that experience must be the objects of great reverence, if you ask me. But don't really--think for yourselves, while you still can!
- (06/10/2013)

Check out the decent video of this show on YouTube. Jerry's guitar is sizzling. Before the junk to his precision.
- Buscameby (03/08/2014)

Happy to..., never thought of it that way. thats a really smart logic.
-Murphy (05/20/2014)

Believe it or not, this is the first time I ever saw The Dead. I snuck in a side door that was accidentally opened early in the second set, they were playing Friend of the Devil, how appropriate. The Capitol Theater is almost impossible to sneak into. I was very fortunate, a buch of use were hanging right near a door that lead into the theater trying to listen to what was being played, when suddenly the door opened right in from of me. I asked my friends whe were right behind me if they also got in, they all said no and they think I was the only one to make it in. Good thing I drove them all there, they had to wait until the show ended. Dont'e remember much but sneaking into the Capitol theater and ending up about 10 rows from the stage was an amazing thing. Next time I saw then was at Radio City Music Hall.
- (07/10/2014)

Yes, it was a King Biscuit Hour. I recorded it on 8-track...played the hell out of it in my '69 Chrysler station wagon in high school..this show more than any other turned me into the fine fellow I am today. :D
- (11/29/2017)

Trey Anastasio is anything but a tool.
-Anonymous (09/24/2018)

Phish is a good jam band my problem is with singing and the Sesame Street lyrics are lame.
-Kdead (04/17/2020)

This site is to comment on the show the Grateful Dead is playing not what other bands or band members you hate. Just one heads oppion. I love the introduction the same guy who did it at the 9/3/77 shows. Crazy to think Keith and Donna would be gone in a little over 3 months. A great sounding show thanks MR Miller.
- (11/24/2020)

I have this on a 3x vinyl bootleg called For Deadheads Only and it is such a pleasant listen. Tracks are out of order, some are missing, and its in questionable cassette sound quality, but it is just such a smooth ride that I find myself revisiting probably once a year.
-Rob (09/15/2022)

Jerry had the flu during this show. Though he toughed it out for this one, their next few shows got cancelled/rescheduled to Early 79.
-Luke (01/09/2023)

If you watch the YouTube video of this show youd never know that Jerry was sick. Aside from his hoarse vocals, hes the most energetic one on stage and his guitar playing is blazing. If anything youd think Bobby was sick.
-Peace Pipe (02/09/2023)

Looking at Rob's comment. I'm listening to my For Deadheads Only right now. Had it forever and haven't listened to it in years. Great show
-Old School (03/19/2023)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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