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Red Rocks Amphitheater - Morrison, CO

Set 1:
Good Lovin'
Dire Wolf
El Paso
It Must Have Been The Roses
New Minglewood Blues
Ramble On Rose
Promised Land

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Ship Of Fools
Estimated Prophet
The Other One
Eyes Of The World
Wharf Rat
Franklin's Tower
Sugar Magnolia

Terrapin Station
One More Saturday Night
Werewolves Of London

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WOW . . . if you're taking a long trip and need some sensational music to pass the time . . . with a particularly inspired Estimated-->Other One-->Eyes that leaves even Jerry breathless at the end!!

Great show from beginning to end, peak Dead at one of the best venues anywhere.Huge encore, as well as the aforementioned, Estimated>OtherOne>Eyes.


yo, u gotta dig the bertha opener and the friggin amazing encore.. Werewolves of london. wahooo!!!

I've only listened to Bertha through Dire Wolf and Samson through Other One and the intricacy and complexity of Jerry and Phil's playing with Bobby shouting the classic lyrics; you can tell the whole band is on at what seems like the peak of an incredible run from May'77 that is the best period post hiatus

This show is almost too good for '78. Keith's playing is much better than anything else I've heard from that year.

this show is great, the band in their prime. i can't figure out who sings Werewolves, it doesn't sound too much like bobby or jerry. anyone know?

Dan, come on now, you should know who sings "Werewolves" with an email like terrapinstation17 you can't be asking questions like that.....

In case you still don't know - Jerry

On Werewolves there's no question who is playing the slide. Somebody make Bobby stop.


As I recall, we really didn't get going until set two - I mean, the first set was good, and there was some good dancing, but then "Samson", and we just went nuts.

what a show..set i was just grate, and bertha opener just set the stage for what would be one those shows..jerry lead us down the road driving the bus.set ii opens and i got on for the ride.what can i say. i love this WILL get played alot. in my top 10...get this and u will pop out of your turtle shell..:)
-Ga - Deadhead

hey another saturday, hey another saturday, one more saturday night.. everybody gettin' right yeah. ooooooohhhhhhh.. thank you

my favorite Sugar Mags. Maybe even the best of all time.

Best show comment.....No words 2 eyes,best bertha, ABSOLUTLY BEST WHARF RAT BEST OTHER ONE!!!!! you can just feel the energy burst throughout the entire show. right from the beginning. I highly reccommend if you don't have this show...GET IT!!! and crank it up as loud as possible.


C'mon now Dan. You know better than that.

This was an excellent show at an excellent venue. Bobby was on fire from start to finish, especially during Minglewood. Very nice Ramble too. A great show for us Bobby fans.

i am an OTHER ONE conniseur and this is not even close to the best version of the song....possibly not even in the top fact, i was listening to this show yesterday and during the jam between verses they sound so indecisive that i thought they already sang verse 2 and couldn't decide on what song to play next...please, don't get me wrong, this is a very well played, trippily agressive show but this VERSION of O1 seems out of place in it's complacency...the 2 best from '78 are 2-5 from cedar falls, ia (dixpix 18) and 10-21 from egypt with love....on both versions garcia explodes @ the high crescendo rattling of a repeated piercing note on the highest fret of his axe squeezing every last drop out of it until the entire band CRASHES on the resolving D chord>>>>>pure mind altering execution

-August West

ridiculous show, get this one


Good Lovin-2nd song 1st set?!!! wow!

Samson>Ship Of Fools>Estimated>T01>Eyes
Only time this fabulous sequence performed.
Whart Rat>Franklins>Sugar Magnolia
2nd of 2 times this set ending sequence gem was performed. The Franklin's is the new part.

E: Triple...your right August...the best!


hey august,
i would agree that this is ONE of the best, but THE best?

for my money, ill take "dark star" from the greek in '84.
only "dark star" that year, and the only time its EVER been played as an encore.
whaddya think?
-gdjake (02/23/2008)

that 84 greek theatre dark star encore is great too and is a special one-time occurance, but so is this encore. I think this encore is slightly better for these reasons: it is a triple encore by a band who usually played only one short song and sometimes played no encore at all; werewolves of london!!!!!--great and rare cover and one of the best versions by the dead; it has great versions of terrapin and staurday night before werewolves--these two songs are a great sample of the dead's music, terrapin gives you a great spacy jam/jerry ballad and OMSN is the quintesential Bobby rocker; finally, in total time this encore is longer (22min) than the '84 dark star (14min). Both are great and should be in every head's collection, but I give this show the edge as the greatest encore ever. (of course this doesn't count set 3s of new years shows or the 6-10-73 set 3 with members of the allman brothers).
-August West (04/14/2010)

This Eyes is the best thing Jerry ever played, in my opinion.
-Nick (06/30/2010)

Sorry- but this is NOT the best Bertha opener ever. The lyrics are hosed up thru the first few verses (dropped and switched lines) and the musical performance is fair at best. I will give the band credit for keeping the harmony together better than usual, and for an excellent transition to Good Lovin'. Final Grade: B
-DavidCyrus (08/26/2010)

Wharf Rat-during the initial can hear Phil "shooing" the crowd to ensure you can hear the juicy Jerry vocals!
- (06/15/2011)

very interesting bertha good loving , lots of energy. Ramble on rose great , deal , another kinda beat . second set classic samson ship opener from that era , but this hip realy rocked, etin>other .eyes , agreed not the best other one , check out 11/5/77 rochester, and 5/10/78 new haven both different , agreed sugar great, also check out 11/5/77 rochester . Bertha> Good lovin' 4/6/78 curtis dixon , best I have seen . all in all a great show , yet also check out 7/7/78 great biodtl, and cold rain .

- (03/26/2012)

This is one of my new favorite shows. I wish I would have been there. And we had just moved to Colorado 2 weeks before, just up the road in Evergreen. Of course I was but nine years old, but imagine what an experience that must have been to any kids who were there that day.
- (07/22/2013)

This is a fuck'n awesome,show, loved Eyes>Other One>Eyes and I really fuck'n dug the Dead doin' Werewolves of London!
- (12/23/2015)

I knew this was a good one, but I never had it. I am listening to it for the first time right now.

And I've got to add to the list that "Dire Wolf" is very tight, with an excellent solo by Jerry towards the end.
- (11/15/2016)

Officially release as part of July 1978 box set (and as a stand alone release) along with: 7 1 78, 7 3 78, 7 5 78, and 7 7 78.
-Anonymous (02/23/2017)


Disc 1

Bertha 6:43
Good Lovin' 6:40
Dire Wolf 4:07
El Paso 4:24
It Must Have Been The Roses 7:16
New Minglewood Blues 6:09
Ramble On Rose 8:34
Promised Land 4:37
Deal 6:26
Samson and Delilah 7:44
Ship of Fools 7:29

Disc 2

Estimated Prophet 13:08
The Other One 8:51
Eyes of the World 10:34
Rhythm Devils 10:29
Space 5:03
Wharf Rat 8:43
Franklin's Tower 10:38
Sugar Magnolia 9:31

Disc 3

Terrapin Station 10:54
One More Saturday Night 5:13
Werewolves of London 6:44

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

Oh this is definitely my favorite Sugar. Just mind blowing.
-Phil (09/10/2019)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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