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Huntington Civic Center - Huntington, WV

Set 1:
Jack Straw
Dire Wolf
Mexicali Blues
Mama Tried
They Love Each Other
New Minglewood Blues
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Ship Of Fools
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
Iko Iko
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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This whole show is wonderful but one of my favorite moments is the Peggy O!!
Jerry takes the guitar jam to an incredible just builds and builds...check it ladies and gentleman!

The best Grateful Dead show I have yet heard. The guys and even Donna all sound beautiful together, not one off key note. Fire on the Mountain is bone chilling, and the seguing of Prophet into Eyes drip into each other. Beautiful show man, just fuckin amazing. Also the best sugar mag. I hav ever heard. Get it today

get it from GD live. Whole show fits perfectly into 2 80 min.'s

YES, I must say this show is the greatest show in Dead history. Everyone on key, Jerry's out of this world noodling and an out of this world Sugar MAgnolia


Midwestern theme with 1st set songs 1-6,7..."i don't know" as Hunter is want to say.
Fire- 1st 1st set combo of 78 and 5th overall. Lakeland 77 is my favorite.
Ship of Fools
Eyes-3rd time this wonderful sequence played!

Iko Iko-starts of sloppy and improves, but I'll take 12.31.81 anyday.

Played on sirius GD channel: 8-3-07 09:00 EST
-Anonymous (08/03/2007)

wow, what a day in history. i just listened to it today for the first time and they are hitting on all cylinders. I can only imagine the scene. WV would be such a great place to see a show.

- (10/03/2007)

last song of set two i hear sunshine daydream on this recording
-Anonymous (10/03/2007)

unheralded but super tight show.....nice iko... beautiful recording area, FAB mix of the vocals....just crispy crispy crisp.....

ONLY, the EYES is WAYYYYYY toooooo fast....someones have too much energy to burn. wonder why?
-raredawg (12/10/2007)

ahh Perrin u never dissapoint, 12/31/81 is a great f'in show
-steve (07/02/2009)

great show from top to bottom. super high energy performance with that unmistakable '78 sound. also, if you're a fan of ms. peggy-o, you won't want to miss this standout version. top 5 over here. maybe 3.
-Anonymous (04/16/2011)

One of my birthday shows.I hope to own good copies of all of them someday. Bought the Stakladen show from the Europe '72 tour earlier year.
- (09/16/2014)

the finest Peggy-O in all the land in this here listener's estimation. Jerry's double solo is, well, beyond description.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (02/18/2016)

Surprised it has #1 in dire wolf and also Pretty Peggy-O. What a hidden gem. In april of '78 the Dead were on their Game!!!!
No mistakes, perfect harmony, and a rugged, old sound distinct from '77, which is why early '78 is the other secret peak of the Dead.
- (01/25/2018)

The 40th anniversary of "the best first set" show... as I think of it.
Such a clear, crisp, tight, beautiful performance.
This recording alone cannot be matched or paralleled by any other band.

-Renrael (04/16/2018)

April 1978 is one of my favorite tours, and this show is a gem among them. One of the best first sets you could ever lay ears on. Jack Straw through Peggy-O is one highlight after another, and that Peggy-O is best ever in my opinion. Jerry takes it for a walk and the fourth time around is pure magic. Bending notes, chromatic walkdowns, just the whole thing, a monument to his skills as a melodic improviser. And then there's a Scarlet -> Fire to close! Unreal, with great, imaginative playing by Bobby.

The second set doesn't match the highs of the first, though Ship and Estimated -> Eyes sizzle, and U.S. Blues closes with authority.

Enjoy this peak '78 vintage gem and pass it along to a friend.
-Ed (07/11/2019)

Just 7 months after what was called the Huntington Civic Center opened The Greatful Dead performed their one and only concert in HTown to a packed house.
This was also one of the first venues to enforce a strict no smoking policy, decades ahead of it's time.
The curtain opened and there was the band all with their backs to us and a cloud of smoke rising up from every member. All over the venue people lit up to roaring cheers only to have a squad of at least 50 policemen march in and start dragging people out. I don't know what became of them but the band smoked on for a good 5 minutes until they were through then turned around and started playing with Jerry shouting "show us your stash". At least a few people tossed cigarette packs and other things up onto the stage.
- (02/02/2021)
- (02/02/2021)

I'm happy to see all the comments giving love to these spring '78 shows. This is another gem. The Betty Board sounds fantastic - everyone is really crisp and clear. The Peggy-O soars and is a great testament to the recording - every individual player comes through beautifully. I love being able to hear Keith like that. The Minglewood has some piss and vinegar to it, I liked that. Bobby uniquely asserts himself towards the end of Fire on the Mountain, almost trying to steal Jerry's thunder. Eyes starts a little fast for my taste, but towards the end, I believe it's after the last verse, Jerry gets everyone into a really great groove. There's a brief but cool "pseudo-Space" before Iko Iko, and then I really liked Iko Iko just as somewhat of a rarity for this particular era. I love Jerry's work after the verses in Sugar Mag - he plays more of a rhythm type thing and it really rocks. Another great one from April '78.
- (07/13/2023)

j dh 400

all second set
-jim (09/26/2023)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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