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McArthur Court (University Of Oregon) - Eugene, OR

Set 1:
New Minglewood Blues
Dire Wolf
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
Row Jimmy
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Good Lovin'
Ship Of Fools
Samson And Delilah
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Close Encounters
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
Around And Around

U.S. Blues

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Is it me, or is this a shit-hot, sick show that truly deserves to be a Dicks Pick some day (if it isn't already.. I don't keep up with the commercial stuff much). Set twoódrums>Other one>Close encounters>St Stephen>Not fade away in particularóblows me away each time I hear it.


I've had the boards of this show for a long time. It's absolutely fantastic and like another listener said, should be a DP!

please pleeze email me re. a trade for this show!

I couldn't stop farting all throughout Peggy-O and part of El Paso. My apologies to those who were sitting anywhere near the 12th row from the front. Tuna and egg sulphur.

Too damn bad there are no soundboards of the first part of set ll. Otherwise, it would be a good "complete" show. Should be a DP.

for this and a shit-load (my treasure chest location) shows please , please visit i promise you WILL be grateful.

if there's one show of which i'm at a loss for words, it's this one....the reason is, word's can't describe it grateful dead show ever???? read my comments about 5-8-77 under the 5-9-77 comments section...well, those 2 shows pale in comparison with 1-22-78...and although rich tonge disagrees, yes, best grateful dead show ever (for me anyway....and it should be for you, too;)

Jerry rips off the roof of "the pit" as it's called on Jack Straw. Whole 1st set is a western theme from the names and lyrics, this Dead fan humbly feels.
Close Encounters-needless to say, only time played.
St. Stephen-7th to last time played.

I have to throw in another vote for 1.22.78 as the best Dead show I have ever heard. Though my coverage is far from complete, it spans 25 years of listening - and this show blows my fucking mind. First set especially has that energy and flow that you can't describe, you just know it when you hear it. Phil and Jerry are on fire, the sound is great, just an epic set. Wow!
- (01/26/2008)

Man, everyone who I talk to has said this is one of the best shows. Anyone know where I can get it???
-Stevie G (02/16/2008)

The Jerry Space is fantastic, and the segue right into Stephen is absolutely out of this world.

I have a copy of this show. Email me if you would like it.
- (12/21/2009)

Simply put, The Holy Grail,
The best, at the end of the Jerry solo, I love the first chords that ring out St Stephan...oh yeah you know you love it!!
- (02/08/2010)

Not Fade Away! Phil's bass rolls, Keith also rolling on piano ... WOW ... then some crunchy rhythm from Bob ... Bob, Jerry and Donna sing SPOT-ON! Add to that Jerry's axe work ... and you have a truly utterly NFA ... never mind the guys had just blown your mind with drums>Other One> CLOSE ENCOUNTERS and an epic, epic Saint Stephen. Agree with all others, this really ought to be in heavy circulation and remaster as a Dick's Picks or other available CD/download.
-HurtsOlds (09/20/2010)

Probably one of the most fired up, full throttle, intense Jack Straw I've ever heard.
- (04/27/2011)

Another vote for the spectacular drums>other one>ce>st stephen BUT in particular this might be the best other one intro ever put down. crank it up then buy some new speakers
-Anonymous (02/29/2012)

my first show...and still with out any doubt the best. this show was a life changer for me and many of my friends. had just read the electric koolaid acid test and was ready to find out what the GD were all about live...whew...the first terrapin station all the way through...had never seen an audience all moving in sync! I get happy feet everytime i hear this epic show...thx Jerry!!
- (04/16/2012)

Returning from the hiatus & having ditched the W-O-S was the best thing for DJ's vocals. Unlike the rest of the Band, she "heard" all that was "wrong" with the system and could not find her harmonic place - the Boys being space cadets, their "harmonies" were unaffected shall we say. Note that despite eventually returning to arena-size venues after the Godchaux departed, the W-O-S did not make a reappearance.
-AudioClaudio (02/01/2013)

this is a top 10 dead show for me, a listener for over 20 years.. hard to believe I started seeing them at 14 in 1991!

Other one > close encounters > St. Stephen is just ripping good.. NFA > A&A is not shabby either.. there has never been another jam like this one.. on fire.. the St. Stephen is nasty good!!!

bertha> good loving also amaze
-stephen (12/28/2015)

Dave's Picks 23 (August 1, 2017)

Disc 1

New Minglewood Blues 6:20
Dire Wolf 4:35
Cassidy 5:08
Peggy-O 7:23
El Paso 5:21
Tennessee Jed 9:06
Jack Straw 6:08
Row Jimmy 10:37
The Music Never Stopped 8:08

Disc 2

Bertha 6:52
Good Lovin' 6:26
Ship of Fools 7:33
Samson and Delilah 7:48

Disc 3

Terrapin Station 11:08
Drums 7:51
The Other One 16:57
Space 3:52
St. Stephen 7:39
Not Fade Away 14:09
Around and Around 8:57
U.S. Blues 5:53

-Pearly Baker (07/24/2017)

This show is good, not as great as I'm reading here. Jack Straw does crank though
-rrw580 (08/01/2017)

So many highlights. Many forget the note perfect and lilting Jerry vocals of the "Terrapin Station" here.
- (01/07/2018)

There is as reason there are so many comments here for this show.
- (01/13/2018)

The reason 1-22-78 is special is the raw power and vicious energy that is emitted in the rhythmic, harmonious, melodic creations of The FINEST BAND IN THE LAND.
This show has a setlist that flows so naturally that the entire show is like one big, indescribable symphony... with two movements (two sets).
Eugene, Oregon was Ken Kesey's gfround, and ken Kesey was leader of the Merry Pranksters and all this is a part of the electric acid kool=aid tests and the LSD movement.
So... You SEE... This show is different than others. It's in the OTHER PEAK of the Dead!
By January of1978 The Grateful Dead had become faster, more raw, but also, more expressive and emotive. The small nuances of their artistry and musicianship became like the details that add up and make a beautiful face or a glowing angel from some other reality.
1-22-78 has always been, ever since its performance, a single night of magic in which the Grateful Dead not only sounded beautiful, and not only made each song expand into living works of imagination but also, Also...

Easily this can be considered a climax of their striving and a special show that is really the last part of the 1977 Grateful Dead.

-Renrael (04/16/2018)

Free Download on
- (08/11/2018)

WAY overrated, 78's a pretty rough year
- (09/12/2019)

ssssso, let me get this right, Mess: because, in your opinion, '78 isn't the greatest year for the band, this show MUST be overrated?!?...that's the same as me saying since '71 isn't the greatest year, the April shows at the Fillmore East MUST be overrated...try listening ti the show, first, before making ridiculous statements, my friend...that is all
- (05/14/2020)

the close encounters was one of a kind & my city Eugene was honored for the only ever play ...
still living the Deadhead life style is a close encounter of the Jerry kind....
iko iko on & on ... tyedyetom
- (08/20/2020)

1978 was a pretty iconic year for the Dead. The Winter tour shows such as this one,the April college swing tour, Red Rocks, Egypt, and the closing of Winterland. The last big year until '87.
- (01/21/2023)

I was there was fantastic show. now daves pick is releasing it. in 10 days 4-28-2023
- (04/18/2023)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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