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War Memorial Auditorium - Rochester, NY

Set 1:
New Minglewood Blues
Mississippi Half-Step
Looks Like Rain
Dire Wolf
Mama Tried
Big River
Jack Straw

Set 2:
Eyes Of The World
Samson And Delilah
It Must Have Been The Roses
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
The Other One
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

One More Saturday Night

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this show is one of the finest ever!!
the half step is absolutely amaaaazing!!
the eyes is beautiful. Check this one out kids!

phil has a nice solo right before they go into drums
-Rob Kane

Dicks Picks 34!

Certainly one of the best performances of LL Rain between Bobby and Donna. The whole show rocks.

Mississippi Halfstep?
Mississippi Wholestep!!!
-Crazy Fingers

the entire place was tripping for this show

All things considered, the 1/2 Step is PERFECT. It might be the best song you should introduce a future dead head to.
- (10/15/2007)

One of the few shows where there were 3, count 'em, 3 bass solos during the show.

Anyone recollecting this show should remember the scene getting in. My friends and I were near the front when the doors opened, and mere weeks after a fatal incident at a Who show in Cincinnati, many folks still had that fresh in mind as the tension built to opening the doors for a G.A. show. Well the glass doors got broken and several folks got pushed through. Don't know how badly hurt the folks who went through the broken glass were, but that was a harbinger of the weird vibe of the night.

To us at the time, the band seemed plugged into the vibe as well, and to this day I still hear an edge to the band's performance that sets this show apart from all others. One of, if not the, best live show I attended.
- (02/06/2008)

>LLRain, Jerry goes "it's hard for us to get off when people in front of us are being smashed into each other..."
-Perrinswolf (03/26/2008)

Re: Bob Page's comment above:

There was a huge crush when the doors were opened resulting in doors getting ripped off the hinges, broken glass, etc...

I got in without having to take out my ticket and I still have the intact ticket. I was a little sore that I could have gotten in free instead of coughting up the exhorbitant sum of $7.50!

But Bob has got the chronology wrong as far as the tragic Who concert in Cincinnati was concerned. That concert didn't occur until December of 1979, but when I heard of it my mind immediately flashed back to the mob scenes I witnessed at this show as well as the one at Cornell where it might have not been as bad as Rochester, but I was in a much worse mental state as far as coping with it was concerned. At least in Rochester I was fairly sober and that might have saved me from getting hurt!

Anyhow, the music was great and it's narvelous that we can go and listen to it again. The next night in Binghamton was similarly brilliant, eveven more so, IMHO!
- (01/18/2013)


Thats 'marvelous' NOT 'narvelous'

or perhaps both! :)

- (01/18/2013)

My second show, road trip coming in from Buffalo with college friends. I got to move all over the space and spent time right in the front row by the stage and later just sat in the back and relaxed and took it all in. I swear I can see myself in one of the photos in the Dick's Picks CD, but who knows.
- (08/06/2015)

Before the show, the crowd outside the building was so densely packed that movement was limited. The crowd swayed back and forth, and at times we were almost lifted off our feet, wi people beneath and on top of you. When the pressure from the crowd burst the doors open, it was like a dam opened, and people poured into the building. The concert, ultimately, was great, but the scene beforehand was just nuts. It was a crazy and memorable night!
- (07/10/2016)

Listened to this for the first time in almost 10 years. Still good but doesn't hold up like it once did.
-Anny Nona Mous (02/24/2017)

Bob Page the Who incident was in 79 not 77. I saw the last Who show of that tour at the Capitol Centre in Md,
-Anonymous (01/19/2018)

The Dead always shredded Rochester.
- (09/25/2020)

... growing up in the Rockin Chester, I was able to see 12 if the 15 Rochester NY shows 1976 to 1988. We also traveled thru New England, NYC, Philly, Baltimore & DC... those were the good ole IKO IKO days. Sure do miss Jerry & Brent ...

IKO IKJO on & on .......
-Anonymous (10/10/2020)

... growing up in the Rockin Chester, I was able to see 12 if the 15 Rochester NY shows 1976 to 1988. We also traveled thru New England, NYC, Philly, Baltimore & DC... those were the good ole IKO IKO days. Sure do miss Jerry & Brent ...

IKO IKO on & on .......
- (10/10/2020)

To follow up on Bob Pages insightful comments above, this was the best live dead show I attended. Better than the Cornell show. What made it better was the vibe in the crowd! There was a lot of purple microdot in the bathrooms and it was flowing. I also seem to remember beer being sold--that could be my imagination playing a trick on me! The sound quality was excellent and I remember watching the crowd on the floor moving like an amoeba. An incredible band/audience connection that was never duplicated for me! Sit back with a glass of wine or beer or whatever your relaxation choice is and give this a listen! Enjoy!
- (11/10/2020)

My first show. We rode up from Erie, PA with a bunch of new college friends during freshman year. The evening was crisp and cool and the crowd was tense. As the temps started dropping and we all were bouncing around tensely waiting for the doors to open, the crowd started to get restless finally crashing through the glass doors of the RWM. I was one of the people pushed through the glass doors (I had my whole unscanned ticket for years) . The scene up front was surreal, I think Bobby and Jerry were very concerned about the crowd in front of them being crushed. But the music, ... the music was emotional and raw, it captured an energy of youth and the spirit of the times. The band was feeding off of the emotion of the crowd, and we loved it. Lastly, I remember the drive back to Erie that night, I was the only one in the car who hadnít dropped that night so they gave me the keys for the four hour drive home through a Lake Erie snowstorm. Been to scores and scores of shows since, none as memorable as this first show.

- (02/02/2021)

Dick's Picks 34

Disc 1

New Minglewood Blues 5:52
Mississippi Half-Step 12:08
Looks Like Rain 8:26
Dire Wolf 4:23
Mama Tried 2:24
Big River 7:22
Candyman 7:54
Jack Straw 6:28
Deal 6:45

Disc 2

Phil Solo 2:06
Take A Step Back 1:06
Eyes of the World 14:42
Samson and Delilah 8:43
It Must Have Been the Roses 7:16

Disc 3

Estimated Prophet 11:13
He's Gone 12:00
Rhythm Devils 2:15
The Other One 12:23
Black Peter 11:02
Sugar Magnolia 10:54
One More Saturday Night 5:04

-Bookkeeper (10/30/2021)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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