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Field House (Northern Illinois University) - De Kalb, IL

Set 1:
Might As Well
Jack Straw
Dire Wolf
Looks Like Rain
El Paso
Ramble On Rose
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
Let It Grow

Set 2:
Good Lovin'
Friend Of The Devil
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia
Sunshine Daydream

One More Saturday Night

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one of the all-time great shows

you've gotta be kidding, this ones a shitter. btw there's some mistakes. my tape of this one also has sugaree, mississippi toodles, mama tried, deal, 'franklin and delilah' hehe. and a nice LLR


The second set of this show is just stellar Dead '77 material. The Loser, El Paso, and Ramble on Rose are amongst the greatest versions ever.


I can just barely remember how amazing this show was when I first heard it on 10-29. 77' was just a stellar year and Im glad I was a part of it. This show is just a blast to listen to. Some great versions of great songs are hidden in here. A must have recording for any 77' enthusiast.
-grateful farmer

Best Stephen in my ears...fucking great...had the luck to be at this fine fine show in a very good year

best estimated?!?

A real underrated show, in my opinion. The first set starts off with a smokin' Might As Well, and a real delicate Looks Like Rain. Ramble On Rose rocks like its 1972 all over again, real passionate playing by Jerry, and Phil is droppin' B's all over. Bertha> Good Lovin' starts off the second set, the real strong part of this show. Estimated starts up real laid back, with Phil bombing the stage and Keith funking on the (semi?) clav. This Estimated jam really kicks ass- really stoney, funky, and some spooky sounds coming from Jerry...Billy lays on th hi-hat,and all of a sudden Eyes comes out of nowhere. This is one of my favorite Eyes, Jerry sounds really melodic and organic, and Bobby throws in some really cool chordage at the right moments. It still not over- this Saint Stephen is one of the tightest, most crisp versions I've heard, and a rollin' thunder Not Fade Away> Black Peter> Sugar Mag to top it off. For your own sake...get this show.

I'd just like to mention that this show kicks off with possibly the best ever Might As Well. Jerry sounds like he's about to dive into the audience. Amazing stuff.
-McGanahan Skejellyfetti

Absolutely my favorite Dead show of all time.

Just listen to the beautiful cascade of bass notes Phil drops down in the intro to BERTHA and the insane solo by Jerry in the middle section.
The JACK STRAW contains the best jam leading into the "Witchita" verse the band ever performed.
As someone stated already, the EYES is the best ever. Jerry starts out w/jazzy notes worthy of Wes Montgomery, then blazes across the jams to come.
A brilliant, blues-like version of ST STEPHEN leads into a kick-ass NFA.
Listen for the frenetic impromptu drum duet Mickey and Billy perform at the end of the jamming SUGAR MAGNOLIA, just before the SSDD section. (You can hear Bobby crack up laughing as he tries to sing the opening verses to SSDD as a result).
Other "best of" versions in this spellbinding show: MIGHT AS WELL, BLACK PETER, and a Top 3 LET IT GROW.
This show has passion, precision, a great set list, and is as close to perfection in the Dead's most perfect year as they've ever come.

Get it, play it, love it.
- (08/03/2007)

This was one of my first tapes ever, along with Binhampton. Being from Chicago I always thought it was the perfect gem. NIU, go figure. The Eyes is fantastic.

The Might As Well sent the recording needles off the charts. Must have shocked the taper. What a start!!!

Put those two shows together and how could you not be a dead head for life.

Anyone else enjoying Sirius GD channel as much as I am. They just played St. Stephen last night to celebrate the 30 yr. anniversary. But they talked about the Eyes......
- (10/30/2007)

For fans of best-ever Might As Well's, check out Beacon Theatre 6-15-76. Great cresendo of MIGHT AS WELL MIGHT AS WHELLLLLL. Kick ass '76 show as well!
-Folkhippy (08/23/2009)

Blazing Let It Grow. One of the best, this here listener thinks.
-Ed (08/27/2009)

Jerry tears "let it grow" apart. This version is utterly amazing.
- (11/04/2009)

Along with 9/24/72, the best show i ever saw. Hottest Might As Well. Best--and funkiest--Eyes ever. Gorgeous Space into St. Stephen. Fabulous Phil/Bill/Mickey jam into NFA. Best--and bluesiest--Black Peter ever. Everything was ust exactly perfect.
- (04/28/2011)

Along with 9/24/72, the best show i ever saw. Hottest Might As Well ever. Best--and funkiest--Eyes ever. Gorgeous Space into a great St. Stephen. Fabulous Phil/Bill/Mickey jam into NFA. Best--and bluesiest--Black Peter ever. Everything was just exactly perfect.
- (04/28/2011)

my second show. I was so blown away, I moved to San Francisco 3 weeks later, saw them at Winterland and had the best time living in the Haight.
- (09/23/2012)

First set is well-played, but nothing really stands out until Let it Grow - this closer is played with absolute purpose and power.

Second set, again, starts off solidly but doesn't really take off until that glorious, glorious Eyes. After that we have ourselves a five-star show, kids.
- (10/29/2012)

This show has one of the most incredible Estimated>Eyes of all time. It truly is THAT good. Especially Eyes. I was hoping to see a Perrins review...

-Blind Man (11/09/2012)

I always laugh when people take the Dead way more seriously then they ever took themselves. I don't believe the boys ever said what they thought the best version of any of their jams were. And if they did, i bet you it would be as staggered of an opinion as it is here. But regardless of the best jam nonsense, this show is just incredible. Jerry just lets loose at the close of set 2. Just demolishing that sugarmag. A great show from a stellar year, although, i could never agree with anyone who says there is a difinitive best year.
-Anonymous (03/11/2013)

Hello! I feel you can say there are a lot of top notch versions of many songs during this show. Really it's hard to pick apart, one of the greatest shows ever really considering it's from '77. Coming out jamming hard with might as well and then not letting up for a moment. If you really dig GD tunes the check this whole show out when you get a chance, hopefully doing so while enjoying some CO kind or whatever floats your ship o fools...Keep on rocking!
- (04/07/2014)

Although I was only age 4 in 1977 I can assure you I have been analyzing dead set lists and archiving for over 30 years
And can tell you without a shadow of doubt this specific show is extremely special to me and is one of my top 5 shows of all time!. 1. After living in Dekalb Il for a number of years I was browsing when they were linked to the ftp site... ahhh the good ole days.. 2. Anyways one day I stumbled across this gem on 10/29/97 and about lost it when I looked it up on deadbase and realized it took place 30 years to the day just minutes away from where I lived... and after the Dead played Loser I I was in heaven for the next 96 min!. EPIC SHOW!!!
- (12/12/2014)

Best Saint Stephen!?
-DeadheadEric (07/13/2019)

To be released as Dave's Picks, Vol. 33
-Friend of the Archivist (10/29/2019)

Bynx and I went to about 50 shows together. This one was our favorite. We would always try to guess the opener. For this show I guessed Jack Straw and Bynx picked Might as Well. Only time we picked one and two.
- (01/29/2020)

Dave's Picks 33

Disc 1

Might As Well 6:43
Jack Straw 6:23
Dire Wolf 4:11
Looks Like Rain 8:52
Loser 7:50
El Paso 4:48
Ramble On Rose 8:10
New Minglewood Blues 5:26
It Must Have Been The Roses 7:33
Let It Grow 12:41

Disc 2

Bertha 8:21
Good Lovin' 7:02
Friend of the Devil 9:31

Disc 3

Estimated Prophet 11:22
Eyes of the World 13:10
Space 7:14
St. Stephen 11:12
Not Fade Away 7:37
Black Peter 12:22
Sugar Magnolia 10:06
One More Saturday Night 6:06

-Bookkeeper (02/02/2020)

Ladies and gentlemen... Mr. Phillip Lesh
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (05/31/2020)

-Meh. (06/12/2021)

Black Peter got better after this performance.

I mean the guy not the song.
-Bonaventure (02/07/2022)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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