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The Sportatorium - Pembroke Pines, FL

Set 1:
The Music Never Stopped
El Paso
New Minglewood Blues
Friend Of The Devil
Lazy Lightnin'
Ramble On Rose
Dancin' In The Streets

Set 2:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Samson And Delilah
Brown-Eyed Women
Good Lovin'
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
Wharf Rat
Terrapin Station
Morning Dew

Sugar Magnolia

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Perhaps the most underrated show in dead history. Each song in this show is the best version i have ever heard. The Sugaree defies logical explanation. Lazy Lightning-->Supplication truly smokes. Supplication protrudes high-energy feelings. The Dancin' undoubtedly is their best. It has so much more rhythm and continuity than its 5-8-77 counterpart. The Franklins provides some of the most emotional jams I've heard. I highly suggest attaining a copy of this show if it is at all possible.

Partially show available as Dick's Picks number 3.
-Dew Me

please e-mail if any one has the whole show on disc. the dicks pick is good, but they are smoking this night, and i don't want to miss ANYTHING. have much for trade thanx


anyone know where to get this on the interenet??

Everyone says 5/8/77 is the best, I would say this show is even better. Absolutely amazing , wish Dick's Pick's would put out the whole show.

for those of you interested, a sbd copy of the missing tunes from the dick's picks are being shared on furthur. download and and take the dp and re-burn it with the songs in order.

This show is good,but not even close to 5-8-77,listen to both again, the dews dont compare to each other.

Let's all agree that this show and 5-8-77 are both gems. With that said, I agree with Ant, the Morning Dew from this show is no doubt very good. However, the Morning Dew from 5-8-77 is the better of the two.

solid Help>slip>franklin, beautiful morning dew but no cornell. great show. one of the best Dick's picks to date.
-Billy Sunday

Lest we forget the Sugaree folks? Jerry seemed as if he never wanted the song to end with his solos. Can't think of a better softer Jerry Morning Dew voice that tis one, even better than Barton Hall.

The setlists tells you everything you need to know about this show. Obviously the performance is great (it is May '77), and this might be the best looking setlist ever. Great Music, Sugaree, Dancin', H>S>F, and the end to the second set is an amazing sequence. I don't know why Sunrise was included on the Dick's Picks, as that's the only weak point in the show.
-Mike (05/28/2007)

dancin' in the streets- jerry kicks ass, very funky version (one of my favs)
terrapin dew- love 'em
-smile_smile_smile (05/30/2007)

6 row center for this one. First time I heard Sunrise which she pulled of great. I think I was the only guy who clapped. Would love to hear the tape because you can probably hear my 18 year old squeaky voice at the end. I was a head and dragged my brother along who wasn't into them. Til this day he still never caught the clue. The Dead loved this place like they did Lakeland. Sportatorium was sort of out in the boonies. The section in front must have been for executives not to many people grooved. Behind me though it was rippin. Bob I think still may have had his beard and Jerry was playing the Travis Bean. Best guitar right up there with his sunburst and white strats and of course his Guild starfire.
Cool thing was everybody in the band was listening and it wasn't quite a fight to the death show like some where. Very communal like vibe. Phil always said he liked the Seminole Indians, reference to prior and past shows in the 77 to 79 Florida show. I think Tony Montana was also there Manny and Frank Lopez.
- (02/09/2008)

this is the greatest sugaree ever, hands down. 5/5/77 and 5/28/77 come close, but i honestly have no idea what the hell Jerry must have been thinking during these solos. one of the highwater marks of the dead's entire career is this "Sugaree" and this show. get it.
- (02/05/2010)

Best Lazy Lightnin>Supplication and Sugaree for sure, but not the best Dancin'. Barton Hall is on a whole other level. This is a unique and funky version though. Maybe not the best, but my favorite Help>Slip>Franklin's. This whole show is killer, I even love the Sunrise. 1977 is so tight and powerful. Orchestra Dead...
-Andrew (05/18/2010)

They played the Help>Slip>Franklin's suite too many times for me to say this one is the best, but I am hard pressed to hear it played better than this.
-Andrew (06/03/2010)

The Sugaree makes me cry. It is the best version I have ever heard.
- (01/27/2011)

Yeah the 5-8 Dew is better but that doesn't mean the show is better. What does 5-8 have that's great? Scarlet-Fire, a best of version, Dancin', Dew, and an amzing NFA. This show has a best of version Help-Slip-Frank, a best of Sugaree, great Music opener, great Dancin', great Estimated-Eyes, incredible Wharf Rat-Terrapin-Dew sequence...this show also has better songs throughout, I'm tellin' ya what this show is the best show of 1977 and for those that think 77 is the best year (not me) this show is your best ever.
-Anonymous (05/16/2011)

Four Jerry songs in a row. FOUR! All top shelf versions. This show will feck you up, its that hot.
-Anonymous (05/22/2011)

jerry's lone guitar out of Eyes into wharf rat is breathtaking. Plus the segue into terrapin is so cool. I've not heard them jump into the middle like that before, it works perfectly. All in all a top notch show, i'm taking this one to the grave
-vologases (07/08/2011)

As good as 5-8-77 is, it's overrated because everyone and their mother has had it for ages and has listened to it over and over.

This one is the shit, though. A near perfect show from a near perfect tour. The best Sugaree you'll ever hear. An amazingly sudden turn from Wharf Rat into the middle of Terrapin.

Buy DP 3, then go to archive and download the leftovers (I get the feeling that it's bad form to publicly state how, since they're nominally streaming only, but it's easy to do). Put the leftovers in their proper place in the setlist with DP 3.

You will now be in possession of a complete copy of one of the finest Grateful Dead shows ever. They should erect an historic marker at the site of this concert.
-JasW (04/03/2012)


Wharf Rat > Terrapin > Morning Dew

!!!!! AHHHHH
-Sean (07/11/2012)

it's all subjective. I like this Dew as it's very Jerry, while 5/8 is a great example of a band Dew. Both great, both different.
-schleif (07/16/2012)

This Morning Dew is absolutely beautiful. They transcended far beyond the realm of the 5/8 Dew. Not to take away from the Barton Hall Dew, but Jerry's voice was so profound here. Can't say much more.
-Murphy (03/01/2013)

I have spent 15 years studying the Dead. I am 31, nearly 32, born on July 18th, 1985, and this show is not only one of The Grateful Dead's best shows- but it is one of the Best Of The Best!
In my honest opinion, after all my searching for the Greatest Moments and Finest Shows of The Grateful Dead- well... I must teach you what I have learned and discovered.
May 22nd, 1977 (5-22-77) is tied with Cornell.
..which is tied with September 3rd, 1977 (9-3-77)...
Which is tied with 4-23-77.

"Most Excellent Show of 1977" "The Holy Grail of Grateful Dead concerts"- still, 5-22-77 of all the Grateful Dead performances definitely qualifies as the peak performance in the peak month, peak tour, peak year!!
You are in the Dead Zone now- this is May 1977, The Nexus. Each artist gives it all they got!
Cornell 5-877 or Englishtown 9-3-77 each are tied for first place. And, can any other Grateful Dead concert come close?
Yes. Pembroke 5-22-77 has distinction and edge which can give ground towards the realization that this is The Grateful Dead in a special, shining moment exactly 2 weeks after Cornell.
Pembroke Pines 5-22-77, has all the marks of being one of the top three Grateful Dead cocerts ever.

Here are the marks. Proofs that this is their finest day:

No mistakes.
They are in tune.
Extremely good setlist.
Good recording quality
Musicianship instrumentally alive, awake, empowered, juicy with creativity, skill and mastery.
Contains best versions of songs
...and The X-Factor.

Those things are what makes a Great-Grateful Dead Concert.

5-21-77, 5-22-77, 5-25-77: the Other Peak of 1977.
If you listen, you can feel love coming out the music in rhythmic delight.

5-5-77, 5-7-77, 5-8-77, 5-9-77 is considered the Peak of the Grateful Dead, but Wait!
Englishtown 9-3-77 is like they Really Were The Finest Band in the Land! That show is possibly the Dragon of Grateful Dead shows.
Pembrokes Pines has energy and beauty coming from a band who was being played by the music and fans.

Grateful Dead 1977 best concerts
1. Englishtown 9-3-77
2. Cornell 5-8-77
3. Pembroke Pines 5-22-77

Hey- interchangeable. Those three concerts each hold ground as The Best Of The Best Of The Best Of The Grateful Dead.
- (05/18/2017)

The best Grateful Dead show ever? Certainly the best Dead show ever played on a May 22nd (my birthday), but seriously people, the best shows the Grateful Dead ever played were long past by this time. Back in '69, '70, and "71 these guys were really on a different planet. Miles Davis sat in with them. The Allman Brothers sat in with them. They were at their creative peak and every great musician of the time wanted to hear and be inspired. They painted with every color of the rainbow in the 69-71. After Pigpen passed, deep blue was no longer in the color palate, and roots took a back seat. True, the oranges and yellows were more vivid in the late 1970s, but that doesn't make up for what they lost. Compare a 69-70 Dancin in the Streets to the awful disco-fied 76-77 version and you will understand. Better yet, listen to an April 69 or May 70 show.

- (05/23/2017)

Lol, not this ole argument again. There's always gotta be someone who starts the "Best Show/Era Ever" argument...
-Anonymous (05/24/2017)

Just for kicks, i think we should all agree 1990 is their best year.
-Anonymous (05/24/2017)

This is the holy grail. Much like veneta renaissance faire.
- (12/22/2017)

I'm not one to believe that one show is the absolute best of any year, rather I think there are 10 or more that are 'tied' for the best and this is in that group. This show is SO FUCKING GREAT, and every song has a personality of it's own which is what the very best versions/shows have, they don't just jam but they have a character. the music never stopped, lazy lightning>supplication, sugaree, help>slip>franks, estimated>eyes are all among the best versions ever...This show is up there with 2/26, 5/7*8*9, 6/09 9/03 etc as best of the year...
- (05/02/2019)

Dick's Picks 3

Disc 1

Funiculi Funicula 0:28
The Music Never Stopped 6:45
Sugaree 15:54
Lazy Lightning 3:23
Supplication 5:35
Dancing in the Streets 14:29
Help On The Way 5:24
Slipknot! 6:30
Franklin's Tower 15:32

Disc 2

Samson and Delilah 7:32
Sunrise 4:16
Estimated Prophet 9:01
Eyes of the World 13:39
Wharf Rat 9:14
Terrapin Station 5:58
Morning Dew 14:21

-Bookkeeper (07/21/2019)

Best show of '77 and one of their greatest ever, greatest Sugaree and Dancin' ever played, amazing Help>Slip>Frank, smokin' Estimated and fantastic Dew to close the 2nd set
-Snow the jam man (07/30/2019)

So people said quite a few things about this show in the above comments and I'm just gonna summarize. The 1st comment said that it's "the most under rated show in GD history", um no it's not because it's not under rated, maybe at one point it was but EVERYBODY who is a deadhead knows the enormity of this magnificent show. This is A FIVE STAR GRATEFUL DEAD SHOW!!! I'm not one to say that there is one show or even one version of a particular song that is numero uno, just 'tied for 1st' kinda thing and this is one of those shows. It's so incredibly perfect that it still drops my jaw when I hear any of it. The MNS opener has a personality all it's own and that's what sets a great show apart from other shows, is when the playing overall isn't just spot on, it's when Jerry and the boys are laying down highlight reel licks and the transitions are so effortless and smooth that it sets a precedent of like "O the slipknot transition of 5/22 is the best" etc...but this show is just nuts, insane all time versions of MNS, Sugaree, LL>Supp!!! Dancin, Est>Eyes...I'll listen to this show till I die...
- (03/01/2020)

Help is a bit sloppy for being the best ever.
-Anonymous (05/23/2020)

Regardless how good this show is, the closing Eyes > Wharf Rat > Terrapin >Morning Dew is a Jerry lovers wet dream.
-Anonymous (10/30/2023)

Is this the only Terrapin without Lady with a Fan prelude? You'd think it would be missed but nah... sandwiched between Wharf Rat and Morning Dew, "Inspiration!" to the end ismore than sufficient.
-Anonymous (11/22/2023)

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Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
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