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Auditorium Theater - Chicago, IL

Set 1:
The Music Never Stopped
Ramble On Rose
Brown-Eyed Women
New Minglewood Blues
Friend Of The Devil
El Paso
Looks Like Rain
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Estimated Prophet
The Other One
Stella Blue
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
One More Saturday Night

U.S. Blues

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make this a dick's pick show! amazing, i tripped my ass off at this show, man.. my 76th show i think, i saw more than 300

wow nick, for someone who has seen over 300 shows (this,your 76th), then you sure don't know a lot about the the Good ol'GD if you think this worthy of a dp. that must've been some trip.

-dr. beechwood

this is a decent show...i don't think that they did one bad show during the spring '77 tour...but it is not a DP type show imho...just a solid performance but nothing to make the show extra special...although the ramble on rose is one of my favorite versions thanks to donna's stellar vocals...the bummer on this one is that horrible sound drop out during the jammin GDTRFB...that wrecked one of the best songs of the night...from what i understand all copies have the drop out since they come from the same FM broadcast source.


Dr. sound like a miserable prick...lighten up, would you?

How many El Pasos can you listen to in one lifteime?

Pourik, doc beechwood may be a miserable prick (or not, i don't know him!) but i was thinkin' the exact same thing when i read nicks comments>>>>1. musta been one helluva psychotropic adventure & 2.definitely not worthy of a dicks least not right now...the crazy banter preceeding "music..." could be used as dp filler though!!!!!

Never enough El Paso's out there. Was at Mexican rest other week and asked guitar player to sing it, the Dead live on thanks to Marty Robbins.

Jack a Roe-1st of 118 times played and spiffy first.

Space has calm Jerry noodling that sounds as if it's The Other One five minutes before the official start.
-Perrinswolf (05/11/2007)

so far a great show and I heard the first song or is it the second song cause there is this space jam after some strange bater into music never stopped, maybe that's called a jam intro? ramble on rose is right on so i am enjoying this show for a while
- (06/28/2008)

I think you got it backasswards. Marty Robbins lives on thanks to the GD.
- (09/14/2010)

The solo on Looks Like Rain is absolutely incredible. The whole song is perfect. But the solo is amazing.
-38 and counting (09/24/2011)

I've had this show on repeat for the past couple days. I'm really diggin it right now. I absolutely love the first set. The Ramble on Rose is gorgeous and I really like the slow Jack a Roe. It's definitely a solid show worth listening to.

Plus Bobs banter before Ramble On Rose cracks me up! Haha. "Our drummers pulled an adolescent stunt... And we're gonna take the rest of the evening to get even with them." Hahaha, makes me smile every time.
-Alex (10/10/2011)

Released as a part of the May '77 box set.
- (06/14/2013)

As time passed, it was revealed that Nick gets his wish. Albeit not a Dick's or Dave's pick but a May 1977 box set. And in the "end" Dr. Beechwood must be a proctologist.
- (07/17/2013)

Dr. Beechwood! Dr. Shaw!
- (08/02/2013)

I had the FM source (and various versions) for years. I'm glad they released this as part of the boxed set. I don't think this is overrated at all. The first set has great versions of almost all the songs. Especially Friend of The Devil (Keith!), Looks like Rain (best ever IMHO), Scarlett-Fire (love the little transition by Phil). Second Set has fantastic The Other One (very different version)and a beautiful Stella Blue. The GDTRFB was known to be distorted at the source - apparently even the Dead don't have a clean version. Supposedly, on the boxed set they substituted a June version. OK with me if that's the case. Just glad they put this out.
- (03/16/2014)

El Ass-o
-Anonymous (06/18/2014)

For me this one is all about the 1st set. I am glad this one was released on the May '77 box as I never heard the show before. Worth a listen for set one alone .
-rmd (08/21/2015)

there was a wealthy merchant, in London he did dwell...
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (07/07/2016)

Well, I'm glad they released this elusive show, but it's kind of weird to fill in an unrecorded track with one from a different show. Standard practice for a lesser band, but for the Dead to do it seems....what, blasphemous? Why not just end the thing with Stella?

Anyways, some lovely stuff here - Fire, Other One, Stella - embodies the beauty of '77 perfectly.
- (05/13/2017)

As to how many El Paso's in a life time,,, about 50 less than Mexicali Blues,,but then there's Easy Answers
- (10/25/2017)

... thank you Sirius for playing 5/13/1977 Chicago, IL for us today on the Noon show ...

*** WE LOVE... Dr Beachwood & Dr Shaw ****

<<<< We always traveled with Dr Blunt >>>>

iko iko on & on .......
- (10/29/2020)

Hey I heard this show the other day on Sirius ... completely blew me away. I just wanted to comment on how hilarious it is to see people yelling at each other about what I can only assume is mutually their all time favorite band! It made me reflect on these crazy times where politics is driving people apart. Hey this year my re-invigorated appreciation of the Dead has been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dark time. Hopefully we can all at least agree that whether or not this particular show rates 7, 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 (can't imagine rating it lower than a 7) ... what a great band. Captured during their prime. Enjoy brothers and sisters hope you're well.

- (10/31/2020)

Michael, couldn't agree more. I've also had my love of the Dead (well really, Jerry) recently reinvigorated. It was the three JGB shows a day on Sirius during the "Days Between" Aug 1-9 (Jerry's birth and death). I've been listening almost non-stop since. I took a LONG break from all of it. Jerry's death hit me hard. I can't listen to Dead and Company or any other of the offshoots. I don't care if they have the best lead guitarist(s) alive, it will never equal one Jerry Garcia. Thank goodness we have so many audio and video recordings that include the man.
-Anonymous (10/05/2021)

1/15 times they did Stella > GDTRFB
- (08/10/2022)

I love Jack a Roe and this first one is sublime. Smooth as silk. It sounds a lot like that studio outtake they play on SiriusXM all the time. The one where right after the song ends, you can hear Jerry say "That's getting there. It's getting there. It's getting there." He's 'Jerry Three Times', distant cousin of 'Jimmy Two Times' from GOODFELLAS.

-August West (02/28/2023)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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