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Boston Garden - Boston, MA

Set 1:
Jack Straw
New Minglewood Blues
Mississippi Half-Step
Big River
Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped

Set 2:
Terrapin Station
Samson And Delilah
Friend Of The Devil
Estimated Prophet
Eyes Of The World
The Wheel
Wharf Rat
Around And Around

U.S. Blues

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My favorite Eyes ever!

incredible show!! the half step is one of the all time greats...rates right up there with the half steps from 11/5/77, 9/3/77 and 4/8/78...wonderful eyes too!


best music never stopped hands down.
-joe head

listening to this show on headphones @ work as I type... this is a smokin one. I forgot just how "on" it is... highly recommend.

A great performance of 'Eyes', but what makes this an outstanding version is how the song opens. Its a thing of beauty. Another stellar '77' 'Terrapin'.

whole show proves why I started listening to the boys play in the first place. Awesome setlist, with great keys work throughout, especially on FOTD, wharf rat is incredible, oh yeah, and Terrapin, Estimated, Eyes, The Wheel, just incredible.

Always liked this minglewood.....
-If I had my way

this is a damn good show..peggy-o is one the very best i have heard..half-step is just unbeleviable. the jams in it a real good and long. best half-step i have heard yet..:) tenn. jed is just smokin with tasty licks from jerry. and the music never stopped is the kind that just rocks the house and closes the first set. open second with terrapin and you are under way for the complete mind melt. FOTD is just exactly perfect. Eyes will have you spinning and Wharf Rat just drips with goo. Nutshell: get this show for the excellent sound, playing, and just top-notch may 1977 you can get.. :^) some people like the next night better but i like this one... haha

lots of "best of" versions this night; Peggy-O, MNS, Half-Step, Terrapin, Wheel, Wharf Rat. The first set is flawless. Sometimes I beat off to this version of Peggy-O.
-Art Glass

favorite part of the show is the wonderful space coming out of the Wheel...into the most beautiful and fully jammed Wharf Rat ever. Jerry's playing throughout the segue is stunning.

Rxcellent Peggy-O. I thought my head was gonna roll off my neck! Beautiful keys.

Estimated>Eyes. The inception of this blockbuster combo!

The feedback during Bertha with everyone laughing is priceless!! Wheeewwww!

Don't you love it when Brent flies off the hook during his solo in Eyes Of The World? Completely off the hook. He is such a superstar.
-TonyG (08/01/2008)

Ahhh...TonyG, Brent joined the band in 79. But, it is nice to hear Keith, cause that is rare :)
-Anonymous (09/29/2008)

the 1st set kind of suffers from some equipment issues. During bertha there is a loud feedback squeel where you hear bobby and donna both laugh it off. kind of neat, It didnt seem like the band really got in the groove until peggy-o. MNS really is one of the best.

its amazing to me how every terrapin i've ever heard sounds pretty different. this one is a little more fast paced/rused then most IMO.

samson and delilah punches hard.they are playing VERY tight. one of the best.

- (04/02/2011)

friend of the devil is kind of in a weird spot for me, but they deffinatley came through with some energy.

from 2:00-4:00 during estimated prophet is magic. the harmonies are on. the solo is awesome.

- (04/02/2011)

Great show nice sound on the board. The 1/2 Step rocks so does the MNS!

Killer Estimated in the second and pretty Eyes!
- (06/20/2013)

Funny Bobby at the start "You can't imagine how surprised I am that some of our equipment isn't working...our speakers are being obstinant"
- (09/07/2013)

One of the best 1/2 steps ever.
- (03/10/2014)

Man that post-Wheel space IS dandy... Felt like I was in a Dark Star for a minute, WOOO!
-Lintman (11/10/2014)

Bobby: "Billy's 18 today... you ladies out there may not think that's very old, but watch out because he's world wise..."
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (02/18/2015)

first Estimated>Eyes
- (08/16/2015)

Official Release: May 1977 Get Shown the Light
-Anonymous (02/20/2017)

randall - it was actually not estimated>eyes. it was estimated, then eyes
-Anonymous (06/08/2019)

Get Shown the Light

Disc 1

Bertha 8:06
Cassidy 5:08
Deal 6:09
Jack Straw 5:29
Peggy-O 8:20
New Minglewood Blues 6:55
Mississippi Half-Step 12:30
Big River 7:25
Tennessee Jed 8:11
The Music Never Stopped 7:48

Disc 2

Terrapin Station 11:04
Samson and Delilah 7:38
Friend of the Devil 8:18
Estimated Prophet 8:24

Disc 3

Eyes of the World 11:21
Drums 3:16
The Wheel 10:35
Wharf Rat 14:20
Around and Around 8:47
U.S. Blues 5:40

-Bookkeeper (07/21/2019)

What a bunch of shitty ass deadhead friends i have .. you are all pretty week ..

been a dead head since 79 .. bunch of deadhead friends .. bunch of fair weather friends

i may have heard this was a good show ... but nobody every told me this thing is off the fucking rails .. jesus h christ .. puts barton all to shame .. sorry .. 1/2 step - best .. at least tied with englishtown .. music never stopped .. off the rails .. jack straw - peggy o ..

i expect my friends to give me the good stuff ... keep in close .. stumble across this one in 2019? what the fuck
- (09/21/2019)

This beauty was my first Dead show at 16.
Took a Greyhound bus from NYC that afternoon dropped LSD walked around Boston commons and was in heaven with pure joy to finally see these guys live. Eyes, Wheel and Estimated we’re my highlights but I could list every song and say that.
1977 was a special time to enter into seeing
Dead shows. Englishtown 4 months later 9/3/77 was a mind blowing experience and for the next 18 years I enjoyed every one of them.
Nothing beats your first Dead show!!
- (04/09/2021)

Wrong setlist
-Mack (03/15/2022)

Finish 5/7 around 11p. Load out. Drive 4 hours to Ithaca. Load in. Sound check. Show at 7:00. Load out. Drive 4 hours to Buffalo. Load in. Sound check. Show at 7:00. WTF?
- (02/08/2023)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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