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The Palladium - New York City, NY

Set 1:
Mississippi Half-Step
Big River
They Love Each Other
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
Looks Like Rain
Brown-Eyed Women
Dancin' In The Streets

Set 2:
Estimated Prophet
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Terrapin Station
Playin' In The Band
Comes A Time
Playin' In The Band

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I highly recomend getting your hands on this show, especially the second set.....

Obie is right about the second is incredible but the first set is wonderful too...that half step>big river opener is smokin'...beautiful versions of roses and looks like rain too...a fine show dear don't walk to your friendly neighborhood tape trader and get yourself a copy...

Probably the best of the Palladium run IMHO. And a good beginning to the amazing slew of shows through the legendary month of May 77'.

real name no gimmicks

set ii is where it is at..(as is most cases) the whole show just flows and i just love it..get it and u will see why...PITB sounded to me like i was in 72 again.i am not complaining..jams in it made me think about all the long jams and great work for the greatest year of them all..1972..IMHO..:^))

this show just flows. no peaks like 5/8, but very enjoyable. great set list, could not ask for better. just very laid back in its jamming. took me a while to get into, but sometimes thats makes it very satisfying.

Top notch Dancin' ends the 1st set. Lost Sailor vibes in the 2nd set tune up before Estimated; very Interesting considering its '77. One of the finest 2nd sets. Incredible. China Cat licks in Scarlet and a show stopping Comes a Time (only to be topped 5 days later). Oh and there is a Fire, Terrapin and Playing' somewhere in between. Monster May 1977 show.
-Blind Man (04/13/2012)

Indeed a phenomenal PITB > Comes a Time > Playin' ...
- (04/17/2017)

Comes A Time ,,Indeed

- (11/13/2017)

comes a time. indeed indeed. also Chicago 1971 ? or 1970 a beauty
-jim (03/19/2019)

comes a time is my newly discovered song. so dang good
-jim (03/19/2019)

Estimated, Terrapin, Scarlet > Fire a 20+ minute Playin' with a Comes a Time sandwiched between in one set... Why the hell isn't this show talked about more?
-Snow the Jam Man (10/20/2019)

i went to alot showsin 1977 and ab bunch at the palladium. i was on the bus. at set break the hells angel left his post at the fire exit that was stage left row d . this door led from the orchestra to the stage. so i scampered to the stage.poof boom i was on the fuckin stage. i was 16 it was my 10th dead show .a tour friend "red" had a squirt gun of "Osleys newest ",,he gave me a big squrt and said ," what ever you do is cool, but dont hug jerry ." i went and joined a group of 4 people talking to JERRY .After a few minutes he smiled and looked at me and said," lets do this thing." i followed to him to his position [stage right then]. i was behind the stack about 5 feet from him . it was soo beautiful to hear the music go out in stead of at me. to this moment i can hear the " comes a time when the blind ....." i can see the music fill the hall .ican see the music go up .it was beautiful some point i thought man Jerry could use a hug ,,lucky Red said." dont HUG JERRY",, in my head . so i DID NOT... After they finished playing show i was still tripping on stage and Ramrod finally chased me out to the street .my friends Danny and norman found me wondering around the 14st train station .lost looking for the Diamante D train to Brooklyn .Which did not stop there AT UNION station .you have to get to w4th st .in my condition it would be hours before i could figure that out my self they took me with them. my friends talked gibberish to mess with me and at some point they took my shoes or i gave them to them so i would not run away .we made it back to sheepshead bay.we got begals and yoohoos then took a shower went to school....
- (01/09/2020)

Top notch show, pretty underrated. This show may be a bit "smaller" than the ones that follow, but to my ears this is an extra energetic performance in the context of may 77. Closing night in NYC! Of course they brought it.

totally hoppin Dancin - Phil is groovin hard
- (03/21/2020)

That second set is something else (like a meal - wait for it, I'll get there).

Only six total songs with no drums/space (other than the Playin jam). But if you had to create a second set with just six songs, that setlist is about as perfect as you could get. All original GD songs and all among the best of the best.

The desert came before the meal in this one (here comes the metaphor). I mean a triple Jerry sweet treat of Scarlet>Fire> Terrapin preceding a delicious Comes A Time sandwich on some fresh baked Playin in the Band bread. Oh and Estimated which was still brand spanking new and the perfect appetizer for the mouth watering delights to follow. Tastiest band in all the land.
-August West (04/30/2022)

Damn it! Dessert not desert. I hate spelling errors and I know the difference. I also know the difference between your and you're. And its and it's.
-August West (04/30/2022)

I've had the 2nd set for just about forever. I put this set just a notch, just a notch now above 5/8/77
-Old School (10/29/2022)

The second set will be the bonus disc for Daves pick vol 50 5/3 1977 is the main course.
-Kdead (12/14/2023)

The Half-Step>Big River is one of the slickest Set I opening segues i've ever heard.
- (04/29/2024)

Dave's Picks 50

Disc 2

Mississippi Half-Step 10:21
Big River 7:31
They Love Each Other 7:34
It Must Have Been the Roses 7:05

Disc 3

Dancing in the Street 18:55

Bonus Disc

Estimated Prophet 9:41
Scarlet Begonias 9:16
Fire on the Mountain 11:38
Terrapin Station 9:38
Playing in the Band 17:58
Comes A Time 11:24
Playing in the Band 7:54

-Bookkeeper (04/29/2024)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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