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The Palladium - New York City, NY

Set 1:
The Music Never Stopped
It's All Over Now
Mama Tried
Me And My Uncle
Looks Like Rain
Mississippi Half-Step
Promised Land

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Good Lovin'
Friend Of The Devil
Estimated Prophet
St. Stephen
Not Fade Away
Stella Blue
St. Stephen
One More Saturday Night

Terrapin Station

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This was one great show. Especially in the second set when the crowd kept yelling out for St. Stephen...AND THEY DID IT!!!!!

they had alot of technical problems in the first set but that didn't stop them from performing an absolutely gorgeous and stunning Looks Like Rain!!

a first set for the ages

Mid first set Deal...Peggy O, 2nd set classics Scarlet>Fire and FOTD tucked intot he middle of the 2nd. Estimated>St. Stephen>NFA...

Terrapin encore...enough said huh?

Show for the ages on East 14th Street!

The famous Saturday Night at the Palladium. An Estimated Prophet that actually ends. The band takes a pretty long break onstage with the members discussing what to play. The crowd started to get a little antsy with people yelling out all kinds of songs to play (Did I hear Whippin' Post? Wrong show.) Phil says, "Decisions, Decisions". Then the band breaks into St Stephen, continues with a rocking Not Fade Away and a great, mellow Stella Blue with Phil's bass so loud, it went through the spines of everybody there. What a great show!! Does anybody have a CD of this one.

now part of the download series. go buy it!
-Anonymous (03/08/2009)

Pretty awesome '77; the download series that included this one sounds wonderful. It's that big Scarlet > Fire and Jerry's absolutely insane NFA breakdown that makes this one.
- (04/30/2015)

What an amazing show, I started listening to Dicks Pick's albums when I bought an iTunes unlimited membership about 6 months ago. Of all the shows I have access to, this one in particular stands out. The best tunes are: Estimated profit, Phil drives the song and everyone is tight, the Peggy O is extremely soulful with Jerry just killing the lead, it actually brings tears to my eyes. Friend of the Devil again Jerry brings his A game in the solo which will take your breath away. The Scarlet is amazing, Jerry basically sings the lyrics with his guitar playing - love love love!!

Please please please listen to this show and enjoy!

- (12/29/2015)

St Steve he loves the effects!! Wow first 2 min as good as any but mid/end not close to 6/9 or 5/8 NFA just ripping all the way thru but wait till you hear him at min 6 he is on fire!!
- (03/07/2017)

Very nice laid back show, Keith really shines this whole show especially on LLR and Stella Blue. Love the Half-Step, good Scarlet>Fire, especially Fire, whole second set is smokin' maybe that Good Lovin' wasn't needed but still great set Terrapin closer seals the deal.
-Snow the Jam Man (08/18/2019)

To me, this is where 1977 takes off. I am not too sure why that is, but itís probably because this is the earliest show I have from Ď77. Nevertheless, you hear the band being unbelievably tight all throughout. The Scarlet>Fire combination here is notable, and clearly sets the launching pad for the more adventurous version from 5.8.77.

Truly a highlight in a year filled with plenty of them, 4.30.77 never ceases to amaze.
- (10/14/2019)

First of all, Iím a young Head (27) and this is one of my favorite shows. I donít see a drums section for this show and also not on Download Series Vol. 1... what this one of the few shows where they didnít do a drums/space segment?
Also, where does Sugaree, Scarlet Begonias (2), and GDTRFB come from on DS 1?

Much love fam,
- (02/03/2021)

To Eric Z., the previous commenter...

The band hadn't started the Drums/Space thing at this point, though there would be drum solos. Seems like the real Drums/Space started in 1978 and then were done from that point forward.

The bonus material from Download Series 1 is from the previous night, 4/29/77. If you are wondering what date particular songs came from on official releases, DeadDisc (Grateful Dead Family Discography) is an amazing resource. In particular, you can sort by date so, for example, you could see which releases had songs from 1977 and which dates they came from. I've spent a lot of time on that site!

Long live the Dead!

- (03/04/2021)

Can't believe nobody has mentioned this Mississippi Half Step yet!! It has to be the best one ever played...definitely the best one I have ever heard. Crackling with pure energy. I've turned people into heads just by playing them this version of this song
- (01/16/2023)

Absolutely adore the Good Lovin from this show.
-Jim Beaufort Kensington Ashford-Newberry Upon Thames XVIII (05/01/2023)

Sweet Moses, the St Stephen>NFA>Jam>Stella>St Stephen knocked my socks off. What I'm calling "Jam" in there is definitely distinct from NFA - they sort of mellow out, quiet down, search around a little, then find a groove and build back up. Phish folks would call it a Type 2 jam. That stuff is priceless to me - a jam totally unique to this night. Anyway, as someone else said, this feels like a point at which the tour really started to take off. Just pure Dead magic in that second set. And whoo boy, Terrapin as an encore absolutely rocks too, like they were trying to blow the roof off the place. Amazing, amazing stuff.
-Ricky (06/21/2024)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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