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The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA

Set 1:
Promised Land
Mississippi Half-Step
Looks Like Rain
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Estimated Prophet
Playin' In The Band

Set 2:
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain
Samson And Delilah
It Must Have Been The Roses
Dancin' In The Streets
Dancin' In The Streets
The Wheel

Terrapin Station

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I remember a particularly blistering Wheel with Phil in dominant mode...the band meandered through the latter part of the second set until Phil insisted on fusing them together on the closer - a transcendent & celebratory Terrapin followed as a gleeful exhale of an encore.

This was my first Dead show. It was so different than all the other bands. I asked myself why are there all these hippies in school buses and VW California license plates? They all seem to know one another! Next thing you know I was one of them and never looked back.

WOW! A really nice show. A 5 minute intro til the first words for 'Fire', a great 'Terrapin' closer

Scarlet>Fire>Samson-1st of 44 times this spiffy duo was played.

Samson does not segue from Fire On the Mountain....about 5 minutes of tuning.
-Brianmerrilyn (10/07/2008)

Terrapin was not played as an encore in this show, but rather it came out of The Wheel to end the second set.

It should read
The Wheel >
Terrapin Station
-Bostnfn (12/04/2009)

My first Dead show too. 20th birthday. The image I remember, or seem to remember, is Jerry dancing, or doing something like dancing, shuffling his feet, on Scarlet Begonias.
- (06/15/2010)

This is an okay show. Not ground-breaking or anything.

The PITB to end the first set is awesome though. It gets out there, funky, and LOUD. Absolutely worth the time to listen. Resembles a '74 style Playing.

Terrapin doesn't sound as though it's the encore on my recording. Really seemed to me as though Terrapin came right out of Wheel.
- (05/12/2013)

Terrapin-1st east coast performance
- (01/16/2014)

My first show also. I was 19, over from U Delaware. Spent almost the entire show poking around for Acid (I got burned on a piece of Xerox paper). Next day my dormitory DH buddy asked how the show was. I replied, "yeah... okay." The kid next to me gasped. "What? it was AMAZING!" he cried. Listening to the tape 40 years (wow) later... I can hear he was right, it was a great show.
Always remember- one tape to another can sound very different!
-Beam-R (07/14/2017)

Keith shines!, rare synth work.
this show is my favorite of all time
check out the playin! (and rest;))
also donna is very cute in this show especially in Fire!
wonder if they were tripping this show,
second set gets crazy and they have fun in dancin :)

- (08/16/2017)

First show...remembered barely being able to see the band through the smoky haze & Jerry getting animated in the second set. Terrapin was mesmerizing, stunned at no encore though.
- (09/15/2017)

An early show for me. (I saw a couple in '76, but...)

No encore. They ended with Terrapin, which I had never seen before. I have an image (always possibly wrong…) of Jerry and Bobby, back to back, hitting those big crescendos at the end of Terrapin and me thinking, “This is bullshit. This is no ordinary rock and roll band, and I would expect this sort of nonsense from, I dunno, Foghat or something…” There was no encore, further incurring my wrath.

Not sure why there was no encore – one rumor was that they used to play the Philadelphia Civic Center (before my time) and they hated the Spectrum. Another rumor was that the place had a tight curfew and they were running late. A third theory is that after that big ending, why come back? (I DID remember seeing a few shows down the road that were so spectacular that I thought, “I wouldn’t come back after that. Walk away while you’re on top.” A few of THOSE shows had Johnny B Goode encores, which I always attributed as a nice tip of the hat to good old rock and roll after a night of adventurous music.

But I digress...

(Oh yeah, don't forget kids that tapes lie! How many times have you seen an awesome show and the tape is only just fair... or vice versa! A mediocre show that results in an amazing tape. Go figure.)

- (04/22/2020)

Tapes can prove more reliable than memories... just look at the guy who posted above about spending the whole show looking for drugs and thinking it was only OK. All these years later, the tape tells the truth.

Dancin into Mojo is pretty fun, and nice to have Wheel and Roses and in the second set. I love Half Step early in the show.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (10/16/2020)

Something happened here ...

Incredible performance of Playing In The Band, the best one of the year. One of the deepest post-hiatus versions. No other 77 versions compare ... a sort of patchy time period happened for the song's development when it got squished into the 2nd set jam sequences.

They'd occasionally give adequate attention to PITB, turning out some solid versions on 6/22/76, 6/26/76, 7/16/76, 12/31/76, 2/26/77, 5/28/77 and 10/14/77.

Eventually the spectacular Jan 78 instrumental jamming happens, and PITB gets some love, being elevated by the new sounds and new rhythms they were exploring. 2/3/78 takes things to an even higher peak.
-Luke (11/10/2021)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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