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Winterland Arena - San Francisco, CA

Set 1:
Promised Land
Mississippi Half-Step
It's All Over Now
New Minglewood Blues
Scarlet Begonias
Fire On The Mountain

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Brown-Eyed Women
Good Lovin'
Ship Of Fools
Estimated Prophet
Terrapin Station
The Alhambra
Not Fade Away
St. Stephen
Around And Around

Uncle John's Band

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One of the best versions of "Not Fade Away"

I have heard a few (he he) in my time and this one is RAGIN'
Peace yall

The "Sugaree" that all other versions must be measured against. Over 15 minutes long and absolutely hypnotic.


Hey, What about the Terrapin>Alhambra>drums?
These are smokin, especially Alhambra. The Drums also is good, and has a typically awesome ending for that time period. Not to hate, but 76,77,&78 NFA's are so much better than SPACE.
Sorry if your a space cadet, I still love you.

the half step is a classic!! fantastic jamming in the midst of some sloppy lyric lapses by jerry...a very hot hot half step!
one of the sweetest peggy o's!! a very solemn...stark and long version that delivers all the emotion that song deserves!

First Fire. We were so friggin toasted on cid. By that time, the parking lot scene was messed up, man. We had been busted for Posession twice yet we still managed drop some. I fried my brain way too much at this show.

So did I, some cop found my shit but let me in still. I took 8 hits of blotter acid at the entrance

hey alex not hate to you either, but nfa better than space, where would you come up with that idea, i mean come on


This particular Sugaree is probably the very best ever performed, great NFA, St. Stephen and an often overlooked, one of the best Around and Arounds. Fantastic piano playing from Keith.

this is a "nice" sugaree, but by no means the best. listen to 5-22-77--this the solos are timed well and when the take off, they never quit. also jgb 3-8-80 is fantastic. give them a listen and i think you will be able to tell the difference between a "good" sugaree and a mind-blowing fantastic sugaree.

first fire, first scarlet fire

This is a monster version of Sugaree, the 'NFA' is my favorit version, even beating 6-8-77's version. Terrapin is outstanding. The whole show is compared to striking gold.

Best Sugaree is by far 5-19-77 in Hotlanta. Also DP 29. Not one note wasted. IMHO :^))

5/19? Sorry buddy..Doesn't even come close...5/28 flat out SMOKES IT for lunch..w/ 5/22 coming in at an excruciatingly close second.
Without a doubt Both of em blow Hotlanta's Sugaree out of the bay.
Are you just braggin and pumpin 5/19 cause yer frem Jarja? Come on now.. Be honest..

well Sugaree was the flavor of the month but it was a lead up to the 28th. while i am kinda bias to the JARJA shows i will admit that 5/19 was good but it really was a start of this masterpeice which was shown for the world on 5/28. the playing was unreal and the vibe was felt all the way thur. 5/28 is just one of the many monents in dead history in which everything else goes away and you are swept up,up, and away and become part of the music. May 1977 is "a band beyond description". Honestly. Thanks Anonymuos for making me listen to another grateful show. :^))

If anyone has a copy of this show and wants to trade, let me know. It looks pretty sweet.

-gratefuldan (10/10/2008)

Phils bass during sugaree is awesome.

I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be there for the scarlet/fire closing the 1st set.. Still so much more to come.

stuff like this is what its all about.
- (03/18/2011)

I remember before the concert, Uncle Bill erected a volleyball net, then directed and coached impromptu pick up tournament between various deadhead regions at this show. I think Marin County Deadheads won because Bill was the captain of that team.
- (10/01/2011)

These were my first shows ever. Just 18 years old and my eyes busting open wide. That is when I got on the bus and nver got off.
- (10/29/2011)

I went to all three nights. Terrapin was played each night in a different set, second, first, encore. Bill was the umpire of the volleyball game I played in, on the floor in front of the deadheads. Bill donated money to the Clinic team who won the volleyball tourney, which went on all three nights before the show. I remember the deadheads all cheering because the deadhead teams were all underdogs vs the clinic team. Of course, who knew this was the Scarlet>Fire breakout during the show? I didn't know the name of Terrapin Station, either. Was a good run, and I always expected it to be a release.

- (12/30/2011)

Only time they ever tried any other part of Terrapin.
-80s head (01/17/2013)

ok - so this is a great 77 show as are all - but some things I don't understand... one is the raving about this being one of the best 1/2 steps (i'm also talking about the comments left on archives) - its all good... but... actually this rendition of 1/2 step is rather f'd up - in many ways - lyrically, arrangement, chords underneath jers solos, even tuning issues - so it makes me chuckle a bit - and the other thing I don't understand about peoples comments on archives - all the bitchin about "patches", etc - oh man, back in the day we just had cassette tapes and there were all kinds of stuff we put up with (mostly tapes running too fast or slow, hiss, etc) and we loved it all - that's part of gd music to me - this is psychedelic music folks and the recording aberrations are a part of the deal - and endearing part at that - just gotta love it when suddenly the entire sound qual just "changes" to a totally different perspective and then returns - its fun
- (10/03/2014)

So, what the heck is "The Alhambra"?

It's amazing that I can know so much Dead music, and still find gems like this that I didn't know existed.

This show appears to be the only one in which the boys played the more than typical live thing we call "Terrapin Station".

On the album, the song is called "Terrapin Station Part 1". I have a CD from the 80's that gives the timing of the individual parts of this piece. What they played in other concerts was almost always the first *three* parts 'Lady with a Fan', 'Terrapin Station', and 'Terrapin'.

What they played in this concert (and which you can hear if you follow the link above), and which is labeled here 'The Alhambra' is a barely recognizable 'Terrapin Transit', followed by 'At a Siding' up to just before where the lyrics start on the album. Then, what is labeled as 'Drums' includes a jam at the start which is the beginning of 'Terrapin Flyer' on the studio album.

FWIW: It seems like everyone knows this as 'The Alhambra', so I don't regard this post as a correction. Just a clarification.
- (02/25/2016)


Lyrics: Robert Hunter
Music: Mickey Hart

Hunter's "Box Of Rain" says these lyrics were "written to a Moorish setting composed by Mickey Hart that eventually evolved into a worldless melodic segment of Terrapin Station." That segment may be the swooping Jerry Garcia guitar line which forms part of At A Siding on the Terrapin Station CD (starting at 09.20). But this is not confirmed.

The Grateful Dead played "Terrapin Transit">"At A Siding" (instrumental)>"Terrapin Flyer" on 18 March 1977. This is listed (confusingly) in DeadBase and in the Taper's Section as "Alhambra."

-Dave Fadoul (04/20/2017)

Beautiful Peggy O with the usual long solo split in 2.
-Luke (10/29/2021)

Indeed you are right Luke. Never noticed since there are so many other fantastic stuff in this show.
-Kdead (06/20/2022)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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