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Swing Auditorium - San Bernardino, CA

Set 1:
Terrapin Station
New Minglewood Blues
They Love Each Other
Estimated Prophet
Mama Tried
Playin' In The Band
The Wheel
Playin' In The Band

Set 2:
Samson And Delilah
Tennessee Jed
The Music Never Stopped
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Promised Land
Eyes Of The World
Dancin' In The Streets
Around And Around

U.S. Blues

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Absolutely the best show I have ever heard. They never sounded so tight. Hearing this show made me weep for being born to late to see them at this show. "San Bernandino 77" as we refer to it, has always been me and friend's favorite show since we first were turned on to the Dead. I particularly love this version of Eyes. Jerry's intro sends chills up my spine. This show definitely showcases Phil expert bass work as well. Especially on Estimated, TLEO, and his bass solo between Eyes and Dancin. Even Donna is relatively in key. A rare instance in my opinion. Sorry Donna fans. I resent the fact that her screaming off key voice always clouded out Jerry and Bob's sweet tones. There is one version of Scarlet that she sang with Jerry that I enjoyed. My favorite version of the song actually. She had nothing to do with it though.

uh.......... 1st terrapin and estimated.

Of course, one the legendary shows that goes down in the books, but one question, where the hell did that promised land come from??????


Jerry didn't write the lyrics for Terrapin

jerry did not write the lyrics for Wharfrat either

hahaahaha! I have a feeling Hunter did. The man with a guitar. Freedom

this show rocks

It's not just the obvious jams that rock here (Playin'>Wheel>Playin', Eyes>Dancin') or the incredible firsts (Terrapin and Estimated) that make this show great. Even the first set songs that sometimes sound just standard are impressive. An amazing show. One of my favourite Terrapins, by the way.
-Adam j

I was there. The Swing was a dump, it reminded me of a large high school gym with half the bleachers down, and the other side the stage. This was the best Dead show I ever saw. The only other show that rivaled it was a JGB show at the Santa Monica Civic around the same time.

The Swing show was pure energy, from start to finish.

This is one of the greatest shows i've ever heard along with the '77 show at barton hall (cornell) and the june 14th show at the beacon...the sugaree is unbelievable, the scarlet fire is so smooth with phil beatin out the bassline and jerry is on fire the whole night...easily top 5 greatest shows ever

This Terrapin Station is one of my favorites, and it being the first is also quite a feat. This show is amazing from start to finish. Every song is great, and every song is played really well. Playin > Wheel > Playin!!!!!

This Playin' sandwich is the proverbial shit, with the exception of Donna. She tends to be quite a buzzkill. Keith is on, Phil is on, and Bobby keeps it going with razor-sharp rhythm. If you don't have this show...shame is your name.

My first show at 17 years old. I sure wish I remembered it better! Waaay to much Colombian reefer for any one man. I had been to the Swing once before to see Robin Trower, that show I remember well. What a hot, stuffy dump that place was. I do remember Keith's grand with a huge SYF banner draped over it and a smokin' hot young hippie chick that acted like she knew me all her life. Man...the good old days. I didn't have a clue.

This show - whoa. The Playin is just simply magical and takes you away with a vigor of a strong tide taking out water to the sea. Then it gets into Wheel. Man oh Man.

Anytime I want to listen to a great Playin' I come to this show or 8/21/72. I just can't get enough.

There are times I wished I smoked dope because perhaps this trifecta of songs would be so much better.


Dan mentions a smooth Scarlet Fire, but it's not from this show, however. He may have the same version of the show I do with Scarlet Fire and a Good Lovin' from 5-5-77, I believe. It IS a great Scarlet Fire though. Makes a superb show even better.
-Adam j

The swing was a dump... I remember the dead opening with a long strage song I had never heard. Of course Terripan went on to become a Favorite. Seeing Mickey with the Band for the first time was a real treat...Slipnot/franklins was fantastic! loved the show,remember hanging at the gate all day with the tribe...Great vibe. Those were days long ago. Fil
- (08/23/2007)

Jerry wrote the melody to Terrapin on one side of the Golden Gate Bridge and Hunter wrote the lyrics on the other side at the same time during a thunderstorm. It was not done intentionally and yes, this is the first T. Station ever performed.

One of my all time fav. shows.
- (11/04/2008)

iPhone users can now download the grateful dead app idonawannadonna. This brilliant little app matches Donnas flat note squeals with the corresponding sharp tones and effectively removes her from the mix. No more nightmare wailing at the end of the playin' jam, no more ear splitting "harmonies" in Dancin. Available at the app store.
- (01/14/2009)

I would also just like to comment that this is probably the best show I've ever heard. IMO the best terrapin ever.

The intensity when they go into the wheel is great. It's turning and you can't hold on.

Even Deal, the last few crescendoes bobby and donna are just SCREAMING
- (02/13/2011)

they love each other = keith on fire
-Anonymous (05/16/2011)

jerry didnt write the lyrics to terrapin or to wharf rat, both are hunter songs.

or could that be a clever troll?

-doug (07/13/2011)

This was one helluva show! I believe the first or one of the first that Jerry used a MUTRON,it really changed his playing forever! 1st Estimated if this old brain of mine is firing on all eight. My buddy Ted's birthday that nite and it was one for the ages. I use to live for shows where they busted out new material.
Almost 35 years later and it still puts a chill up my spine just thinking about that night!!
- (08/20/2011)

Great Terrapin!!!!!
-Steven (11/18/2012)

Was dead center, right up front for this one; seems like it was both a 25th anniversary of the San Berdoo! Hell's Angel's Chapter (anyone else remember some real scary looking dudes in greasy denim and colors hanging on/off stage?) and also I have a hazy recollection of Bobbie calling Keith back to the stage after the 1st set with a reference to Keith's birthday.
Someone passed a jug of OJ around the front during the early part of Set One and while swigging the OJ, I noticed some tablets floating and dissolving in it, which is exactly what happened to my senses a bit later in the show.
Pure magic from Terrapin to US Blues!
- (12/11/2012)

Very solid, my favorite New Minglewood and Playin > Wheel > Playin all time. The little disco jam after terrapin is super 70s dyno-mite!
-80s head (01/10/2013)

Show was 7 PM start. At 6:45 the band came out and played Terrapin (WTF) What was this great new song? Then it was gone and it was 7 PM, the band played Minglewood (as if that was the start of the show!) I wondered if they were giving us a special treat that night. What fun. They are so tight.
- (07/23/2014)

Englishtown, Barton Hall and Pembroke Pines... and Swing Auditorium still will stun you and leave you breathless...I love this show!!! This was when the Grateful Dead entered superior waters... only...
4-23-77 has to be in the top 4 of '77. Then this...
- (01/25/2018)

The anti-Donna herd continues to disrespect a irreplaceable part of the Dead's finest era, 1971-1979. If the band, including Weir and Garcia, thought that her parts were clouding or lessening the music, they would have rearranged the tunes like Scarlet Begonias and PITB. Moreover, Garcia took her out as part of the JGB for many years and her singing and harmonies were prominent. Doubt Garcia would have done that if Donna was a poor vocalist. I trust JG's musical judgment, not anyone on these boards.
- (02/26/2018)

Just announced...This will be Dave's Picks No. 29 released 2/1/19. Get your subscription now!!!!
- (10/25/2018)

St Stephen tease just before Eyes. Terrific show but you already knew that.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (02/03/2019)

As arranged on Dave's Picks 29

Disc 1

1. Terrapin Station 12:27
2. New Minglewood Blues 5:27
3. They Love Each Other 7:12
4. Estimated Prophet 7:46
5. Sugaree 11:44
6. Mama Tried 3:04
7. Deal 6:07
8. Playing in the Band 13:46
9. The Wheel 5:29
10. Playing in the Band 5:10

Disc 2

1. Samson and Delilah 7:23
2. Tennessee Jed 9:12
3. The Music Never Stopped 6:58
4. Help On The Way 5:44
5. Slipknot! 7:31
6. Franklin's Tower 13:37
7. Promised Land 5:03

Disc 3

1. Eyes of the World 12:09
2. Dancing in the Street 9:46
3. Around and Around 7:50
4. U.S. Blues 6:17

2/27/77 Robertson Gym UC-Santa Barbara

5. Morning Dew 13:58
6. Sugar Magnolia 9:45
7. Johnny B. Goode 4:23

-Bookkeeper (02/15/2019)

The Eyes absolutely smokes

-Anonymous (02/18/2019)

I was so glad to be there with a group of 8 of my friends. I got a Wake of the Flood T shirt. The show was so tight, it was magical and the mushrooms guided me though the music
- (06/15/2019)

+1 for the Eyes.

This is a transitional show that somehow captures some of the best qualities of '76 and '77 in one package.
- (09/19/2019)

How has no one mentioned the Help > Slip > Franklin's, which is the best one they ever did imo
-Snow the Jam Man (10/20/2019)

A couple of days after the 44 anniversary and listen to a new download of Betty boards by Delbert and Noel. L love this show from the first tape I got in 87 man so powerful and beautiful! God bless Mrs Cantor- Jackson Grateful Dead and road crew. NFA65-95!!! PS and as well ☮️
- (03/01/2021)

Best Wheel ever.
-Anonymous (03/03/2021)

I thought that Jerry did indeed write the lyrics to Wharf Rat...
- (06/08/2021)

-Bookkeeper (09/20/2021)

We all had it in high school. I wore my bootleg out in like 3 months. A thousand years later it is still good. Also, nice playing by Keith, gotta be one of the last shows before he went catatonic on the china white.
-Anonymous (10/22/2021)

Check out the "Just Tom Thumbs Blues" Phil play just before Eyes jam fades into Dancin'
- (01/21/2022)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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