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Roosevelt Stadium - Jersey City, NJ

Set 1:
New Minglewood Blues
Row Jimmy
Big River
Looks Like Rain
They Love Each Other
The Music Never Stopped
Scarlet Begonias

Set 2:
Help On The Way
Franklin's Tower
Dancin' In The Streets
The Wheel
Samson And Delilah
It Must Have Been The Roses
Not Fade Away
The Other One
Ship Of Fools
Sugar Magnolia

Johnny B. Goode

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I have the first set on video and it is very good. Would love to get a hold of the second set me if you have .shn's of it....

Great crowd, Jerry in fine form - a shame you have no video because Help-Slip-Franklin's was as good as it gets -if my meory serves me well.

This is the last show I saw at Roosevelt Stadium. I think it closed and was torn down after that summer. I sat almost in the exact same spot as I did two years earlier. except for the encore a great show. I remember a great drum solo from the guys that must have lasted close to ten minutes. It was also a beautiful night. Help-slip-franklins was as good as you remember, Eddie. I remember it well... I would love to see the video of the first set.

sweet, sweet pounding phil. . .

This is DEFINITELY the dead at the top of their game. As a previous reviewer wrote, the band (Jerr-Bear especially!) *LOVED* playing this venue. It was a favorite.

Some criticize 76' as being "too mellow"; granted, it doesn't have the spiking ferocity of 68' or 69' (or even 1970 for that matter!), but 1976 is in a LEAGUE of its own. Dead base rates this show as 11th of the year and 508th of all time great (GRATE?) shows. I have to respectfully disagree. I am *not* saying this is the best show of the year, but you Phil lovers are going to be in the zone in this one!

Highlights are DEFINITELY the Help-Slip-Frank combo (c-c-c-c-c-COMBO!)

The 14 minute Sugaree is no slouch either; and although I prefer earlier ("raw-er" sounding "Loser"s,) this one isn't half bad. Hell, it's not even 3/4ths bad! :) The Wheel is always a must in 76'. The only thing this show is missing to make it a TRUE top 5 contender for the year was the "Mission in the Rain", and as many of you true heads know, it was played (by the dead, NOT JGB!) a mere 5 times, all in 76'. The dates this GEM was played were as follows:

06/04/76- Paramount Theater - Portland, OR
06/10/76- Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA
06/12/76- Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA
06/18/76- Capitol Theater - Passaic, NJ
06/29/76- Auditorium Theater - Chicago, IL

In my VERY humble opinion, the 06/29/76 version (last time played by the dead,) was the absolute best version. It was almost like they perfected it to such a degree that there was no reason to ever play it again.


5 star songs:
Help-Slip=Frank!!! *****
Sugaree *****

4 star songs
Loser ****
Wheel ****
It Must Have Been The Roses ****

Everything else is at LEAST a three star song, with the SOLE exception of the encore (Johnny B. Goode to end a show like THIS?!?) I would lean towards five stars if they encored with a Brokedown or something of similar ilk; however, unlike a lot of reviewers on this site, I'll tell you how it really is:


SHOW: 4.5
"Dead" Factor: 4.5
"Jam" Factor (smooth as silk throughout): 5


So, not to be stingy, (I wish they had half star ratings,) the encore killed this show for me, but: bottom line- do you want it?? YES! Do you NEED it??!? YES! Is it a top 10 desert island pick?!? Close, but, sadly... no. :(

-----> Therefore, 4 stars overall. <------
-----> **** STARS (4 stars) **** <------

ps- from now on, I will MIRROR *ALL* my archive reviews at

pps- this is still top ten, despite deadbase's review, if you can get a *CLEAN* SBD of this show, preferably a CM version, then, by all means, DO IT!!!!

-=GREENFoX / aka / Jerryinapouch

(email for kind heads lookin'for this show?):

Get it? Just remove the "(REMOVEFORSPAMROBOTS) part and that's how you reach me. ;) Peace.

- (02/28/2009)

I totally agree Pac401, there is nothing worse than hearing Johnny B. Goode at the end of a killer show! I have tried so hard to enjoy that song but it's impossible. Yeah I have heard some raging versions but the song itself still sucks, no matter what amazing Garcia solo tears through it! 50's rock 'n roll fluff. Just like Around and Around (which I enjoy to a certain degree...but still hate). Out of all the great original songs they could play as an encore, they chose old Johnny one too many times. I saw the Dead in '04 and they even played it then too! Gosh play Casey Jones, UJB, One More Saturday Night, or SOMETHING!

Oh well, anyways this show is great! Check out the Phil Zone the whole way through this show! His playing is just blowing my mind! So precise and punchy. I love the sound of his Alembic 4 strings, much more than the Modulous sound that came in the mid '80's. IMO, Phil did his best bass work in '76, even more than '77. Check out the Dancin's and Scarlets!
-Andrew (12/11/2009)


Johnny Be Goode encore means the boys had a REAL GOOD TIME.

- (04/08/2011)

The Slipknot is fantastic! Phil/Jerry!
-1x1 (11/11/2011)

HSF isn't as great as some say...sounds more like it's turning into a trainwreck the entire way through. Like they don't remember how to play it. Phil is heavy throughout the show, which is the best part about it.
-Anonymous (08/05/2012)

I tend to agree that the HSF is a bit lacking. HSF is a favorite of mine and I think I have a good grasp on the better variants (10/11/77, 5/9/77, 6/9/77, 6/17/75, 3/30/90 etc.). The '76 versions are definitely more mellow. I don't hate on this type of HSF as it still is a HSF, but other danker and more upbeat versions are more fun overall.

-Dave (07/09/2013)

Why hate on Johnny B. Goode? Chuck Berry was at the beginning of rock and roll. The Dead bridge the gap between the old and the new. The Dead honored the roots of rock (and a lot of other music). I agree with starfoxx
-Mark (08/12/2014)
- (06/25/2015)

Bad ASS fuck'n show, once more Jerry is awesomely playin' his ass off. Sweet shit!
- (01/22/2016)

Scarlet-8th to last stand alone version pre Fire coupling on 3-18-77

NFA-Drums-TO1. Phil heavy in intro's through body and pace! leads Jerry entire 2nd half of set.

- (12/02/2017)

The video of this concert, on YouTube, shows a monkey mixing a drink, smoking a cigarette between set 1 and 2. Very funny stuff!!!
-Yo (05/16/2019)

This show has a very unique, slowed down, and chill vube to it. Really reminds me of JGB this same month. Doped out and bluesy.
- (05/04/2020)

My first Dead show, I painted a flag with the Steal Your Face skull on it. On the way home, stuck in traffic, Jerry's limo pulled up along side our car. I hoped out and asked him if he could sign it, he said, 'I'll try' and signed it right next to the skull. I still have it hanging on the wall.
- (05/19/2020)

My first Dead show of many. Drive shaft fell out of station wagon on the way. Never went back for it (was 17 ok ;-) ). Got there at 11am; what a heart-of-gold band scene outside all afternoon. Remember the semi truck full of yellow tennis balls released into the wild? Whole band in the chilled-zone zeitgeist (except during the considerable interstitial magic). Good jumping off point for my second show: 5--8-77 ;-0 ;~] :-)
- (05/31/2020)

I wonder how many times Must've Been the Roses and Ship of Fools appeared in the same set. They are so similar. I can recall more than once listening to a show while only half paying attention and one of those songs started up and I thought it was the other one (not The Other One).
-Anonymous (11/20/2022)

Well, the band as always are great. But as one who was there in the day, the worst places for fans - all considerations, including cops - were Roosevelt Stadium, Nassau Coliseum & Gaelic Park. The band seemed to know this as they played epic shows at all three.
-Queens Logic (01/07/2024)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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