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Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA

Set 1:
Samson And Delilah
Row Jimmy
The Music Never Stopped
Brown-Eyed Women
Big River
Mission In The Rain
Looks Like Rain
Friend Of The Devil
Lazy Lightnin'
High Time
Promised Land

Set 2:
The Wheel
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow
Wharf Rat
Comes A Time
Dancin' In The Streets
Around And Around

Sugar Magnolia
U.S. Blues
Sunshine Daydream

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i gotta say, the early 'samson' from this show sounds really hot, the 'mission in the rain' is beautiful, and the 'music never stopped' is also a treat. these three tunes are fine examples of the band's sound in '76

Was this the time Jerry had cut his beard?

no steve, jerry was clean shaved in '73

New fan of the GD, I have come across this concert and have it on CD now and was wondering who is the female vocalist with them at that show. So if someone could drop me a line with the name thanks. At first I was thinking maybe Janis, but since she died in 1970 I find it highly unlikely that it was her. Thank ya much.


Her name was Donna Godchaux. Her and her husband Keith were in the band from about 1971 till thier dismissal in early 1979

Steve - Rich is wrong - Jerry had a beard in '76

jerry shaved his beard off for most of 1974...that is the year he toured sans beard...he was quite slim and trim that year actually...i saw the dead in iowa and chicago that summer and they cooked!

Truly a sweet ass fuckin' show. I saw Dark Star Orchestra perform it at Madison Theatre in Covington, Ky. on April 30, '03

dark star orchestra only performed a replication of the setlist, not the show. what is done is done, and dso, although a fine cover/tribute band, is not the dead, and they can not recapture the magic nor the spirit of the dead. yes, the songs are great, but they do not hold the suchness of the band, rather, the songs are only a vehicle in which the suchness of grateful deads music manifests itself. i apologize for this rant, but i see so many people say how great the show was because dso played the setlist. remember, there is a huge difference between playing it, and playing the setlist. every time i put a recording of this show on, i'm playing it. it's suchness.....................

Jerry shaved his beard in 1973 for the 'Eyes' tour. Jerry was interviewed on Boston Radio and said, Well, Bob and I got together and wrote some tunes...

He looked really goofy without his beard, IMHO. But it was before he discovered heroin and the music was great!

Caught three of the four shows on this wonderful small-hall whistlestop. Great venue with good sound.

While I don't like being old, I sure am glad i was around for this stuff...

>Samson "everbody say happy birthday
Billy" Bobby
Row Jimmy-wonderfully melodic
Music-7/225 times played. Phil is on the scene early on!
BE Woman "gone are the days when this song had soul and Jerry played as so"
High Time-2nd in 6/76 >10 yr hiatus

Wheel-2nd time played! //Aud//
Whart Rat-wonderful slow soulful lyrics by Jerry, almost as good as 12/73 BMH shows.
Comes A Time-last played 10.19.72


Ya know?
I really don't care if Dark Star Orchestra performed ANY show....what does that have to do with this recording? Not to be an ass, but I don't see the point!?
-gratefuldan (09/08/2008)

hey, I'm just a kid and I like that the DSO plays old dead setlists. I don't go to their concerts looking for them to part by part replicate a dead show, I just like the songs and the musicianship. Obviously I would have seen the dead if I had been alive at the time. Just because Jerry's dead doesn't mean I can't listen to their recordings. Don't be old farts, just because some kids are having fun with a cover band doesn't mean we're completely out of the loop! Obviously the DSO has gotten people into these old tapes. Is that a bad thing??? Should I feel sorry for myself for being into dead jams despite being born in 88??
-dmonks (04/23/2009)

Decide for yourself...
that's what I'm talkin' bout.

-Anonymous (12/24/2009)

Went to one of the shows at the Boston Music Hall, and then listened to this one on the radio. One of the great underrated Dead shows. Beautifully played from beginning to end. Many wonderful Jerry ballads. Perhaps my favorite FOTD of all time, an heart-wrenching MIssion in the Rain, and a sublime Let it Grow -- check it out! with an elegant transition into Wharf Rat. A lovely, vary listenable show.
- (08/22/2010)

"dark star orchestra only performed a replication of the setlist, not the show... "- if it isn't my old friend Captain Obvious. Wait, it could actually be Buzz Killington instead?
- (10/15/2011)

I don't know about anybody else but I actually prefer to hear DSO over the dead even if just hearing recordings. I think DSO has a much better handle on the music - especially 70s dead that not even jerry can touch.
- (01/14/2012)

I have a CD of this show from something called the "Left in the Vault" series.

Jerry's solo on Comes a Time is by far the most moving/powerful/emotional guitar solo I've heard from any song, any show, any time. It melts you.
- (02/24/2012)

There is a very brief Darkstar tease when fading away from Wharf Rat. The jam quickly moves on and then melts perfectly and unexpectedly (that is if you didn't peek at the set list beforehand!) into a Comes a Time for the ages.
An overall fantastic show.

-Blind Man (03/15/2012)


1. Addition & Correction to Perrinswolf above.
Addition: Mission - 3rd of 5 times played (all in 6/76)
Correction: High Time - 2nd in '76, but I'm not sure about the 10 year comment. Played many times after this, and only ~6 year hiatus before (9/25/70-6/9/76)

2. Billy's Birthday?
What's up with this? Is Bobby just messing with BIlly? He seems to play it straight, and he mentions it more than once in the show, but from what I can tell, Billy's B-Day is May 7th (1946).

3. DSO
I've seen these guys quite a bit - In fact, I use to see them in Chicago at Martyr's (for $4!) where they played a regular Tuesday night gig.
I can see where GDT Rolls is coming from. While I prefer the Dead (warts and all), DSO is amazingly consistent. I have NEVER seen a bad show/performance from them. It's high-energy, and well-executed every time - at least in my experience. Quite impressive, and, imo, a blessing in the post-Jerry world in which we live! Don't be a hater Anonymous! :)
- (06/01/2013)

I would much rather hear the Spin Doctors play an actual replication of the true show than hear the Grateful Dead any day. Besides, by 1976 Jerry's beard had fallen off.
-Jerk E. (11/13/2013)

What is with the comments on this show? You'd rather hear DSO than the Dead?!! I'd rather hear a recording of Jerry pissing into a bedpan than the best goddamn DSO show they ever played.
DSO is nothing like the Grateful Dead, and you know why? Because they're boring. They play it safe and live off the genius of others whereas the Dead were honest and true to themselves and weren't afraid to risk crashing and burning in pursuit of random and entropic brilliance.
-John's Wort (11/13/2013)

DSO??? Really??? You can't even compare DSO to the Grateful Dead. DSO is not even in the same league. They are a cover band not to be taken seriously.
-rmd (02/21/2014)

If DSO was a truly a GD cover band,,they should part ways with Donna by now

- (03/23/2017)

Road Trips Volume 4 Number 5

Disc 3

Mission In the Rain 6:48
The Wheel 4:59
Comes A Time 8:24
Sugar Magnolia 5:36
U.S. Blues 5:16
Sunshine Daydream 3:03

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

Fellow Deadhead Fans, I so wish I could have seen these four shows back in '76. They tracks on archive are awesome. Keep on Trucking! tyedyetom
- (07/14/2020)

Listening to this now on Sirius. I'm bubbling with anticipation for the forthcoming Wharf Rat > Comes A Time. Two Jerry ballads back to back? Are you kidding me? I'm going to be weeping by the time they're done. Slow, soulful Jerry is the best!
-Anonymous (10/06/2021)

(Wiping the tears away)... Yeah it was that good. Into disco Dancin' a bit of a buzz kill but this show is a keeper regardless.
-Anonymous (10/06/2021)

.. thansk Sirius for sharing the 6/12/1976 Boston MA show with us today...

2nd set opener:
The Wheel
& with a 3 song Encore:
Sugar Magnolia
U.S. Blues
Sunshine Daydream

AMAZING Everyday ... Dressed myself in green, I went down unto the sea >>> iko iko
-Anonymous (10/08/2021)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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