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Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA

Set 1:
Might As Well
Mama Tried
Tennessee Jed
Big River
Scarlet Begonias
Looks Like Rain
It Must Have Been The Roses
Lazy Lightnin'
Brown-Eyed Women
Promised Land

Set 2:
St. Stephen
Dancin' In The Streets
The Music Never Stopped
Ship Of Fools
Samson And Delilah
Sugar Magnolia
Eyes Of The World
Stella Blue
Sunshine Daydream

Johnny B. Goode

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This is a top-notch show... well-played, and a terrific selection of songs. The Dead played this show with a lot of feeling - the Candyman is perhaps the best I've heard, ever.

yah, that Candyman rocked. Jerry's guitar shure had a ghostly quality that I haven't heard before. SPOOooOOooKY. You can pick up some SHN goodies of this show at

Have a good one!

Does anyone have this show and want to make a trade?

Roll thoughs laughin' bones...Listenin' to candy man now, hows that for ghostly!

This gem changed my mind about 76 shows for good.
Promised<>perky and tight version, Chuck should be proud.

II<>What a set huh folks!?
St. Stephen-can't think of better way to start off a 2nd set within first week of post retirement.
Music-Top notch tranistion and great combo of boogie music. Pig would be proud to know there was no "pocket pool" here.
Ship Of Fools-great slow soulful licks
(Sugar Squared!)
Sugar Magnolia-JG up/down fret board

only time that wonderful sequence played. Just whne you think the boys ran out of different configurations, hold off.

This needs to be an official release!

this show must have had the ladies going in the first listening to this show for the first time and so far the first nine songs must have been because there were some rocking hippie chicks rolling in boston...nice sound...seems very inspired and tight...ive been feasting on spring 77 for the last two week and this is very impressive. second set the band is tight but i dont know if i agee with perin cause dancin though they are very tihgt is not my fav song but consider 1976 im sure some people were dancin like carzy and with the music never stopped following with a great segue is very classy i have to admit and the st stephen was very hot...the show is great, seemed short but i'll listen to the next night now
- (02/22/2008)

amazing soundboard from rapidshare - clean...
-Anonymous (12/24/2009)

They sure played a lot of songs that start with S this night.

-tomboy609 (01/15/2012)

"They sure played a lot of songs that start with S this night.

-tomboy609 (01/15/2012)"

This is indeed correct. They played 9 songs beginning with the letter S that night. Behold the following OCD-fueled gathering of data:

B: 1, C: 2, D: 1, E: 1, I: 1, J: 1, L: 2, M: 2, P: 1, S: 9, T: 2
- (06/09/2012)

It was not Kieth's birthday!
-Me (08/30/2016)

Anyone know why this was the only June 11th show between 1969 and 1991? Maybe itís a weird quirk in the calendar but itís strange that June 11th shows happened in:

-JMac (02/21/2018)

Fellow Deadhead Fans, I so wish I could have seen these four Boston shows in June of '76. They tracks on archive are awesome. Keep on Trucking! tyedyetom
- (07/14/2020)

... thank you Sirius/XM for playing 6/11/1976 Boston today at 3 AM..

IKO IKO on & on .......
- (09/23/2020)

This is the 2nd show played in í76, two nights after the 1st show, both at Boston Music Hall.
They played 23 songs night one, 24 on night two.
Out of the 23 songs from June 9th they replayed 15 songs on June 11th.
Not since the early days have I seen so many songs repeated in back to back shows, especially at the same location.
Not that thereís anything wrong with that, but have any of you deadhead aficionados seen so many post í71 back to back show repeats?

- (06/08/2023)

my previous entry is flawed.
not the first two of the tour, but the first two with st. stephen.
none the less 15 repeats 2 days apart is alot of repeats.
- (06/12/2023)

This show was officially released as part of the "June 1976" box set. The box set was released in June 2020 and has since sold out.
- (12/25/2023)

nivoldog. it's like that they were working up new songs, and due to the hiatus they had a lot. I experienced a lesser version of the same thing 12/15-17/86. Push Comes to Shove 3 nights in a row.
-Anonymous (02/06/2024)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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