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Boston Music Hall - Boston, MA

Set 1:
Cold Rain And Snow
Scarlet Begonias
The Music Never Stopped
Crazy Fingers
Big River
They Love Each Other
Looks Like Rain
Ship Of Fools
Promised Land

Set 2:
St. Stephen
Eyes Of The World
Let It Grow
Brown-Eyed Women
Lazy Lightnin'
High Time
Samson And Delilah
It Must Have Been The Roses
Dancin' In The Streets
Wharf Rat
Around And Around

Franklin's Tower

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first st stephen in 5 years

the franklin's encore cooks!

this wharf rat almost convinced me to sober up, but as soon as I came down from my trip I did 3 lines of coke... and the dead came out with a smokin Franklins!

wow Nick we are quite impressed...thanks for sharing such exciting information!

This show is hot. Im a huge advocate for 77 dead, but since hearing this show i've been convinced it ranks up there with such shows as 5-8-77 and 5-17-77. The energy is intense, and the band is as tight as its ever been. There are many vocal bloopers on behalf of Donnas part, but she still smokes on every song she is a part of. Get this fucking show. Peace

First High Time since 70

How about the 8 minute intro into "Eyes", great show!!

One of the best they ever played, and easily in my top 5 all-time. Check out the Stephen>Eyes>Let it Grow. Absolutely Beautiful!!!!!

Crazy Fingers-4th time played
Lazy Lightening>
Supplication-3rd time played
Samson-3rd as well
Franklin's-6th time played.


The boys return to the east coast. Last show was 8/6/74 Jersey City.
-Brianmerrilyn (03/12/2008)

Let It Grow at 90mph! This rendition is pure magic - super tight and soooo crisp. It's amazing to me to think about how incredible these guys were. This whole show is completely mind blowing.
-AC Dead Head (06/02/2008)

cosmic crazy finger! and im listneing to a stellar mix of soundboard/mic that is truly well done. i cant wait for let it grow at 90mph. what an unusual set list. st stephen to start the second set :) i guess that a beauty of 76. definitely rockin let it grow. what an encore;)
- (08/24/2008)

eyes all the way.... multi-minute intro.
-greenfox (08/08/2009)

shit I almost forgot....eyes ITSELF is 17 and 1/2 minutes... o.o
-greenfox (08/08/2009)

Road Trips Vol. 4 No.5. Stellar show and the official release sounds exactly perfect. Highly recommended. Love the '76 set lists. Very adventurous.
-Anonymous (05/05/2012)

I just discovered this website a few months ago. Is nick a real person or a drug fairy sent to tell people stupid shit? Seriously. and i though i was obsessed with gettin high. Damn.
-Murphy (11/09/2012)

A second set for the ages. Passage to a place as yet unknown in cartography. If one hadn't been there before, this one would get you there.
-ChickieSweet (12/21/2012)

the only Franklin's Tower as an encore
- (09/16/2013)

AUD sounds great to me, goodness only knows who snuck a tape deck into the Boston Music Hall in 1976. Absolutely smoking show, '76 chops and imagination all the way. Let It Grow is taken at breakneck pace with incredible work from Billy and even Keith.
-Just Exactly Perfect Band (03/14/2016)

Excellent show.
Crazy Fingers is tight and delicate.
High Time...where did this come from? And done perfectly after being absent for 6 years.
Eyes is much better than most post 74 versions.
Let it Grow...the boys are on fire
-Mark (05/04/2016)

Road Trips Volume 4 Number 5

Disc 1

Cold Rain and Snow 6:23
Cassidy 5:02
Scarlet Begonias 9:09
The Music Never Stopped 6:00
Crazy Fingers 12:07
Big River 6:09
They Love Each Other 6:52
Looks Like Rain 8:28
Ship of Fools 7:58
Promised Land 3:31

Disc 2

St. Stephen 11:17
Eyes of the World 17:33
Let It Grow 11:08
Brown-Eyed Women 5:12
Lazy Lightning 2:52
Supplication 4:43
High Time 9:20
Samson and Delilah 6:18
It Must Have Been the Roses 7:00

Disc 3

Dancing in the Street 12:29
Wharf Rat 10:52
Around and Around 6:53
Franklin's Tower 9:43

-Bookkeeper (07/22/2019)

Anyone else notice that on 12-2-73 they said they'd see about re-learning St. Stephen before they played there again? Phil said don't promise anything. But the next time they played the Music Hall (June 1976), they actually brought it back for a good 2+ year run! I love those versions!
I don't know why I've never heard of anyone else noticing this. The Boys kept their half-serious promise Precisely!
Saint Stephen!
- (12/09/2019)

Fellow Deadhead Fans, I so wish I could have seen these four Boston shows in June of '76. They tracks on archive are awesome. Keep on Trucking! tyedyetom
- (07/14/2020)

Wow what a tremendous show the band was definitely on their A game that night. Saint Steve>Eyes>LIG what a unique combo not to mention the entire set list is pretty amazing. Rain and Snow all the way to Franklinís Tower, worth the incredible journey so find the time to check this one out sweet peeps!
- (03/04/2021)

just pulled out my cassette from Gans that had the second set. Yeah, i think this is one of the best shows i have ever heard
- (03/15/2021)

WHAT.A.SHOW! Omg what a jammin show! This is just a masterpiece of a show and the St. Stephen jam alone is worth the price of admission! 1st one in 5 years with 10/31/71 being the last. This show will squanch your ponch and ramtustle your big juggle.
- (04/26/2021)

My fellow head said he was not a 76 fan. I turned him on to this show. Changed his mind. Some others I love 6/3 6/29 and 10/15. NFA 65-95!
-Chris (06/09/2021)

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Band Configuration
(10/20/74 - 02/17/79)

Lead Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Rhythm Guitar: Bob Weir
Bass: Phil Lesh
Keyboards: Keith Godchaux
Drums: Bill Kreutzmann
Drums: Mickey Hart
Backup Vocals: Donna Godchaux

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